Kitchenware for Easy Living and Stylish Outdoor Furniture and Grill

Bob tours the open-plan family room and meets with Cecile to discuss cookware and accessories. Then he meets Meg Tarvin they move to the poolside lanai and the furnishings that bring indoor living outside.

Clip Summary

The open-plan family room of the Punta Gorda house overlooks the canal on one side and opens onto the living area and kitchen on the other. Cecile Hemphill of Oh Cecile in San Francisco shows Bob the cookware and accessories that now fill the cupboards. Starting with Chantal cookware in bright colors, a teapot with a whistle, a Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet, and a Joyce Chen wok, Hemphill has completely outfitted the kitchen for cooking and entertaining. The drawers are filled with Oxo ergonomically designed cooking utensils. Ironwood Gourmet's Acacia wood cutting boards stand ready on the counters, as does bright-colored Chantal ceramic ware that goes from the freezer to the oven to the table. Bob also remarks on the Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator-freezer that measures and dispenses water. All of the appliances are from Whirlpool, including the dishwasher and front-loading washer and dryer. Bob and Hemphill remark on the overall design of the kitchen, the openess and the size of the elements, which are perfectly scaled and large enough for easy living and frequent entertaining. Meg Tarvin from Frontgate is with Teresa Fogolini and Bob as they move to the poolside lanai and the furnishings that bring indoor living outside. The Estate Plantation chair they have chosen is sturdy, durable, and designed to live outdoors. It sits on a rug that is polypropolene, woven in Belgium, waterproof, and UV protected. Even the clock-thermometer is like indoor wall art, yet it is meant to live outdoors. The buffet has all-weather wicker baskets, stainless steel hardware, and finishes meant to withstand the weather. Even the glassware is elegant, perfect for outdoor living. Fogolini explains that she and Jim Minardi live outdoors most of the time, so the cast aluminum chairs and table designed for outdoors are perfect for them. The stainless-steel cooler bowl with cast aluminum base is loaded with drinks for a party. Minardi is already at the grill with steaks for the upcoming housewarming.