Reviewing the Penthouse Bedroom & Office

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 13, Part 3

Bob tours the entire building to review the warehouse rehab. Before entire, Bob and project manager Chris Vila talk about the preparations underway for the new ground-floor commercial storefront.

Al Henriquez and the crew from Two Trees Development are hard at work installing the doorjamb and cement stairs. Meanwhile, Dave Andersen from Pasvalco, a New Jersey-based stone company, explains the creation of the unique stone steps leading into the building.

To everyone's delight, celebrity chef Jacques Torres makes a quick cameo, when he delivers some treats from his neighborhood chocolate shop.

Inside, Bob points out the finished Toto USA bathroom suite on the second floor and the Owens Corning QuietZone Solserene Acoustical Ceiling on the third floor.

On the fourth floor, Bob looks around the finished space with the designers, Jonathan Adler and Darren Brown. Lighting designer Markus Earley also joins Bob, before he completes his tour by appreciating the state-of-the-art Dacor kitchen appliances.
Part 1: Finishing the Façade & Touring the Completed Apartments
Part 2: Reviewing the Penthouse Living Area & Kitchen
Part 3: Reviewing the Penthouse Bedroom & Office
Bob walks back to the bedroom, where Jonathan Adler and Darren Brown summarize their design of the room, introducing space-saving choices, calming elements, and improbable touches. In the office, Adler and Brown have taken their cue from David Hicks, the famous British decorator, and have painted the walls a dark color, leaving the trime white. The room pronounces a counterbalance of sumptuous materials and a pop art sensibility, Adler says.