Cherry Cabinet Installation

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 8, Part 1

Nick Tagios from Tagios Tile and Marble is on hand to perform the installation of marble tile. Tagios uses a dry mortar bed to level the floor before laying down the individual tiles.

In the kitchen, Gam Danziger from Craftline Cabinets is installing new cabinets and setting up the center island. Danziger demonstrates his technique for securing the island to the floor. A three-quarter-inch spacer and a two-by-four block are both involved.

Next, a trip to downtown Brooklyn takes Bob to the historic Brooklyn Academy of Music. The main building, which dates back to 1908, is in the midst of an enormous $8,000,000 renovation.
Part 1: Installing a Marble Tile Floor
Part 2: Cherry Cabinet Installation
Gam Danziger from Craftline Cabinets reviews the assembly of the contemporary Cherry kitchen cabinets being installed in the penthouse apartment.

The doors and drawers are solid Cherry, while the sides and back are furniture-grade plywood with Cherry veneers. All of the joints in this model cabinet are doweled with eight-millimeter dowels to increase rigidity and strength.

Danzinger demonstrates how to securely attach the cabinets of the kitchen's center island to the floor, using two-by-fours and spacers.
Part 3: Restoration of the Brooklyn Academy of Music