Crafting Custom Countertops

Bob assists Princeton Custom Cabinetry as the crew crafts custom countertops on-site for the Miami Beach condo remodel.

Clip Summary

Too big for the elevators in the Miami high-rise, the kitchen counters need to be joined together on-site. The installers make a field joint to bring the two main sections together, first by applying contact cement to the edges, then by angling the edges together so the Formica seam forms tightly.

Next, the crew takes on the round dining center. For this specialty rounded counter, Princeton Custom Cabinetry uses a Verola plywood from South America. Once in place, a stainless steel post goes beneath to give the rounded counter some extra support.

The plywood is covered with contact cement, before spacers are laid across the face of the plywood so the crew can position the Formica correctly. When the last spacer is removed, a tight and consistent seam is created.

Once the Formica surface is completely set, the excess is trimmed from the edges of the counter using a straight trim router bit. The edges are trimmed with a funky, retro-looking material resembling chrome.