Installing a Water-Cooled HVAC System

Bob and Jeff Akers of The Air Authority review the water-cooled HVAC system, granting focus to its ingenious mechanical design and up-to-code energy efficiency.

Clip Summary

Jeff Akers of The Air Authority explains how heat is recovered from the water that flows into the apartment and fuels the condo's heat pump.

The HVAC unit is housed in a utility closet to be concealed by a louver door. The ductwork in the building must be fiberglass or metal, not flex, and all seams must covered with mastic to prevent leakage (as mandated by Florida energy policy).

Akers then shows Bob the Energy Star thermostat, which poperates without wires or mercury. And all settings can be locked to avoid tampering-- a feature that is critical for a vacation getaway that is frequently unoccupied.