Baby Safety Gates and Healthy Organic Sleeping Products

Project: Babyproofing the House, Episode 4

In Melrose, MA, finishing touches are in progress in the master bath, and childproofing is in full swing throughout the home. Jay Martel of the International Association for Child Safety shows Bob an adjustable child safety gate for wide spaces that is removable and configures to varying angles, as well as the critical safety gate for the top of the stairs. Other child safety measures include latching kitchen appliances and cabinet doors and covering stove dials and electrical outlets. Ginny Turner, from Ecobaby Organics and Pure Rest, shows Bob healthy alternatives such as organic baby bedding products and clothing. In the master bath, Grant Garcia and Chris Dada of Sterling Surfaces install the Corian tub surround that was fabricated off site using digital-photo templating. The custom installation accommodates the tub wall, a tile cove, and a water dam to prevent water intrusion behind the solid surface. Upstairs, a completed nursery awaits the newborn.

Part 1: Baby Safety Gates and Healthy Organic Sleeping Products

Bob talks with Jay Martel from the International Association for Child Safety about the Configure Gate product from KidCo. This baby gate differs from older gates in its safety features and expandability. The gate is a three-piece model that blocks off a wide opening and completely secures the room. The gate is affixed to wall mounts and is easily removable by adults. It is made of metal and plastic, does not have any sharp edges, and is configurable and expandable to fit hallways, entryways, or spaces with odd angles. Bob talks with Ginny Turner of Ecobaby Organics and Pure Rest organic baby bedding products. Turner explains that many bedding products are made from synthetic materials, which are cheaper, but may negatively affect our health. She explains that flame retardants known as PBDEs were used in manufacturing mattresses but have since been recalled and banned by states as their negative effects on health become more widely known. She then reviews a baby mattress developed by her company that can accommodate a child from birth to six years old. The mattress cover is made of organic wool, organic cotton, and natural rubber. Turner also shows Bob accessories, an organic crib bumper, and reviews other products such as sheets, crib ruffles, and baby clothes – all of which are made of organic cotton.


Part 2: Finishing Touch: Master Bath Custom Corian Tub Surround
Part 3: Finishing Touches: Childproofing a Kitchen and Stairs and Completing the Nursery
In Melrose, MA, Bob Vila helps a young couple expecting their first child to prepare their home. The focus is on creating a safe place with a strong emphasis on indoor air quality and a healthy living environment. Bob reviews child safety products with industry specialists, as they outfit the home from top to bottom in preparation for the new baby.