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10 Inventive Ways to Display Family Photos

In this age of endless photo-snapping, we all have a backlog of lovely and meaningful images languishing on hard drives or drifting unseen in the cloud. It’s time to rescue a few of these beauties and let them bring happiness to your home as part of a thoughtful display. Here's our collection of 10 intriguing ways to let your digital shots shine.

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All Down the Line

Show off your pics in a charmingly unfussy fashion with this simple photo-hanging system from Umbra. The clothespin-style clips make it easy to switch out photos as often as you like. Try it over a desk—it’s also perfect for hanging reminders and mementos. Available on Amazon; $19.99.

Branch Out

This inventive photo display relies on a slender branch held up by cup hooks. Polaroid-style printed photos (several free photo-editing programs and apps can do this) backed with card stock were then suspended from the wood using craft store jewelry rings and twine. Fabulous!

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Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

If you love the look of vintage Polaroids, these witty magnetic frames are for you. Place the frames over any ordinary snapshot to turn it into an old-school instant photo, then add a caption just like back in the day (the frames come with a dry-erase marker). Available on Amazon; $16.

Simple Geometry

To add some rustic industrial texture to your photo display, consider using simple square wood boards equipped with old-fashioned bulldog clips. These “frames,” which hold eight-inch-square images, are ideal for hanging and switching up your favorite Instagram shots. Available on Etsy; $55.

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A Happier Hallway

Shanna at Freckled Fawn

This blogger dreamed up an incredibly appealing photo gallery as a way to feature her favorite washi tape. After painting a hallway with chalkboard paint, she drew frames with white chalk and hung up photos using colorful washi tape (this crafty tape is perfect for photo displays, because it doesn’t damage walls or photo paper).

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Clipboard Calendar

Upload a year’s worth of stand-out snaps, then enjoy them in the months to come with this custom calendar. The pine clipboard lends a note of casual cool, and a magnetic backing lets the wood adhere to a metal surface. No need to wait until next year, either. Order yours today and start using your calendar next month. Available at Artifact Uprising; $29.99.

Picture Window

Pick up an old window at a yard sale or recycling center, and repurpose it into a joyful DIY project. After enlarging a favorite family photo, this blogger affixed her print to a piece of cardboard, attached it to the window frame using a staple gun, and then proudly put the vintage-look finished product on display. 

String Theory

For a minimalist approach, check out this idea from Photojojo. Pics are suspended by magnets on a slender metal rope, which is offered in a few different colors. The system is easy on walls too—the whole thing can be hung with just a single pushpin. Available at Amazon; $12.

Shelf Life

A bland bookcase becomes a home’s sentimental centerpiece in this accessible project. To replicate it in your house, simply collect old family shots, then print them at various sizes to fit the shelf compartments, and secure each one with double-sided tape.

Creative Coasters

Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

Let your photos play a starring role on your coffee table. Thanks to a simple but very cool wax paper transfer technique, ordinary digital prints are transformed into vintage-look images and affixed to wooden squares. Varnish protects the coasters from moisture and keeps your photo memories bright and beautiful. Click through for the full tutorial.

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