10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Realtor

The best listing agents serve as coaches and copilots, helping home sellers navigate a market that can be lucrative and treacherous in equal amounts. It’s wise to invest some time in choosing the best person for the job. To begin, ask around for recommendations and search real estate sites and ads to find your area’s top sellers. Next, set up some meetings. Finally, pose the following questions, designed to lead you to the perfect agent for a dynamite deal.

By Debra Immergut | Published Jun 20, 2016 11:18 PM

How many homes have you sold in this neighborhood?

Ask a Realtor About Your Neighborhood

Every part of town—and sometimes every street or even every block—has its own market conditions. You’re looking for assurance that this agent knows the nitty-gritty details in your neck of the woods so he can negotiate the best price, answer buyers’ questions, and tout all the advantages (while playing down any disadvantages) of your home’s location.

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How has the market changed in the last five years?

Ask a Realtor About Market Changes

Sure, you can ask how many years he’s been in the business, but this question will actually tell you much more. His answers should reveal that he’s kept up with local trends, technological developments, and selling strategies that work in fast-changing markets. He should be fully immersed in the job, too—avoid half-hearted part-timers.

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What’s your most effective marketing tool?

Ask a Realtor About Marketing Tools

This query will help you determine how creative a selling agent will be when it comes to creating buzz. She should be a master of the obvious sites and outlets, but also understand which tactics work best in your town—whether it’s a local publication that hits the perfect demographic or a photographer who knows how to make it shine in online listings.

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How did your last three sales go?

Ask a Realtor About Recent Sales

Hearing an agent’s stories will reveal much about his working relationships with clients. Does he complain about them, or make excuses for sales that didn’t go so well? Did his most recent sale happen two years ago? You might want to steer clear. On the other hand, don’t buy into exaggerated tales of glory, either. Check references to confirm the facts.

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Who is the target market?

Ask a Realtor About the Target Market

Not only will a skillful agent be able to paint a fully realized picture of your home’s next owner—whether it’s a family with young children or a downsizing baby boomer—she’ll be able to tell you exactly how she’ll reach those folks, and how you can present your home in a way that addresses their needs and desires.

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How would you price my home?

Ask a Realtor to Price Your Home

Here’s the heart of the matter. Of course you’ll ask the potential agent to estimate your home’s price, but also ask him exactly how he arrived at this number. He should supply solid comparables and other data on the local market. Beware an agent who gives you a number that’s much higher than the norm—he may be trying to land your business by giving you false hope of riches that won’t materialize.

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How would you advise me to get my home ready?

Ask a Realtor How to Get Your House Read to Sell

Of course, you think your home is perfect, but a good selling agent will spot potential problems that you might overlook. She should be able to point out repairs or upgrades that could lead to a higher sales price, and also refer you to reliable handymen or staging companies that can help you get the place into the best shape possible.

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What does your contract entail?

Ask a Realtor About the Contract

Quiz the listing agent on the ins and outs of the contract you’d be asked to sign. He should tell you precisely how long would it last (three to six months is typical in hot markets), what the listing fee will be, and what other clauses can you expect to see.

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How often can I expect to hear from you?

Ask a Realtor How Often You'll Speak

Steer clear of an agent, no matter how reputable, who seems to be handling too many clients at once. Find out how much interaction you can expect, what kind of back-up the agent has if she isn’t available, and also discuss how you’ll be kept informed of showings and offers. Look for an agent who’s going to lavish you with attention—you deserve it!

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Can you provide references?

Ask a Realtor for References

It’s fine to ask a realtor for the names of recent clients. Ask to talk to the seller in recent deals. Then be sure to contact them! First-hand reports from folks who’ve been in the trenches should go a long way toward helping you choose the best partner for a successful sale.

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