10 Stylish Pellet Stoves to Warm Up Your Home

Practical and eco-friendly, pellet stoves are the perfect solution to a variety of home heating challenges.


best pellet stoves

Similar in appearance to traditional wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves burn compact, one-inch-long "pellets" made from recycled sawdust and wood shavings. Shown here, the Quadra Fire Castile Pellet Stove can heat a 1,700-square-foot area, while its EPA-certified design keeps carbon emissions low. Available at Fireside Hearth & Home; from $3,269.

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Better Burn

best pellet stoves lopi

Because pellets are higher in density and lower in moisture than wood, they burn more efficiently and with less smoke and ash. A large drawer in the base of Lopi's AGP Pellet Stove, shown here in rust patina, collects ash for easy removal. Learn more at LopiStoves.com .

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best pellet stoves us stove company

Fans in pellet stoves circulate warm air around the room. The fan on U.S. Stove Company's 5660 Bay Front is located just above the glass-enclosed burn chamber. Available on Amazon; $2,099.

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Petite but Powerful

best pellet stoves harman

The warm glow of Harman Stove's P43 Pellet Stove would be a welcome sight for anyone coming in from the cold. It also features one of the most compact and powerful auto-ignition systems. Available at Fireside Hearth & Home; from $3,269.

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Automatic Heat

Automatic Heat

Pellet stoves heat your home without requiring the maintenance that a wood-burning fireplace demands. Take the Hampton® Greenfire® GCI60 pellet insert, for instance, which can turn a traditional fireplace into a no-hassle heater. Simply set the included thermometer to your preferred temperature, and let the stove do the rest. Learn more at Regency-Fire.com .

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Old World Style

Old World Style

About the size of an end table, the Enviro Empress pellet stove can heat a space of up to 1600 square feet. Modern technology meets traditional looks in this powerful little heater. Available from Fine's Gas; from $3491.

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Freestanding Hearth

Freestanding Hearth

If you've ever wished that your favorite room in the house had a fireplace to help maximize your warmth and coziness, you may enjoy this stand-alone fireplace from Pleasant Hearth. You don't need to build a chimney to make it work; simply place it next to an outlet, plug it in, and bask in the warm and soothing glow. Available from The Home Depot; $1389.

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Contemporary Looks

best pellet stoves bosca

While the design of many pellet stoves is touched with nostalgia, models from Bosca like the Spirit 500 boast clean lines and modern silhouettes. Available at WoodStovePro.com; $2,399.

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Traditional Style

best pellet stoves englander

Replacing a drafty fireplace with a pellet insert boosts your home's heat efficiency. The Englander 25-EPI, seen here, completes a traditional hearth setting and turns an underused fireplace into a functional asset. Available at The Home Depot; $1,999.

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Design Options

best pellet stoves breckwell

Pellet stoves come in two basic styles—as fireplace inserts set into a home’s existing fireplace (utilizing the same chimney and flue) or as freestanding units. Some designs, like Breckwell's SP23 Sonoma Series shown here, are available as both inserts and freestanding stoves. Available on Amazon; $2,649.

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