10 Trendy Ways to Use Glass Block in Your Home Design

From plain to pristal, glass block injects surprising style into interiors and exteriors alike. Check out these 10 glass block blockbusters.

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Dress Up Your Deck

Sections of glass block pavers can visually break up dark decking material and make a space feel lighter. Glass pavers are different from glass blocks used in vertical applications, and they must be installed in a special grid apparatus—but they achieve the same stunning design.

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Display Pretty Flowers

Some crafty glass blocks are hollow with a removable insert for closure. Pop out that insert, fill the block with water, and voilà—you have a square, modern vase that makes any flower arrangement look fresh and vibrant!

Define Your Garden

Create a striking tableau by using glass blocks to define a patio space. Mixing sizes adds to the architectural beauty of the blocks’ form. They will enhance the surrounding stonework while providing a visual counterpoint to the verdant landscape.

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Belly Up to the Bar

Cap a short glass block wall with a countertop, and you have yourself a bar. Glass blocks are typically joined together with mortar, much like a brick wall. Alternatively, many glass block manufacturers offer a mortarless system, which lets DIYers achieve a professional look without professional masonry skills. 

Divide a Room

Erect a wall of glass blocks to serve as a room divider. The glass block not only provides an interesting design element, it also allows light to filter through to interior spaces.

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Build a Backsplash


A single row of glass block makes a smart backsplash for a kitchen island. Install according to manufacturer’s instructions and trim with a piece of wood or countertop. Here, the glass blocks add the perfect finishing touch to a cooktop, delineating the food prep space and separating it from the rest of the kitchen.

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Enhance an Entryway

Embed glass blocks in an entryway for a modern twist on traditional sidelights. The blocks’ textured finish provides privacy while still admitting light into the foyer.

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Save Your Pennies

A hollow glass block makes a perfect piggy bank. What better way to motivate saving than to watch that block fill up with cash? Personalize it with a name or a savings goal, and you’ll be swimming in dough in no time.

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Enclose a Shower

Glass blocks work especially well in the bathroom, because they provide privacy while still letting light pass through. A bonus: They are easy to clean! A solution of warm water and mild dish soap does the trick; clean the grout the same way you clean any other grout in the bathroom.

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Light Up the Dark

Transform a glass block into a night light by painting or gluing a graphic onto it and then inserting a light or a strand of twinkle lights. (Drill a hole in the back of an architectural block to thread the cord; for a craft block, simply remove the insert.) Now you’re ready to light up the night.

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