11 Crazy Jack-o’-Lanterns to Really Give You the Creeps

Sculpted into notorious villains, ghastly creatures, and macabre scenes, these 11 pumpkins are cut out to be terrifying this Halloween!

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The Predator


Ray Villafane, the master pumpkin carver behind Villafane Studios, brought his skills to bear in creating this frightfully realistic copy of the Predator, from the film of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Run for Your Life


Beginning with two 1,800-pound pumpkins, Ray Villafane then transformed the behemoth vegetables into a life-size Halloween sculpture of ruin and terror. Good luck sleeping.

What Big Teeth You Have

Pinterest.com; Jessica Webster

You don’t have to be a professional pumpkin artist to carve a seriously scary work of art. With a little patience, the right tools, and a twisted imagination, you too can create a fanged jack-o’-lantern that will make the little kiddies scream.

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The Joker


Andy Bergholtz—an accomplished sculptor behind many well-known collectibles for Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers, Lucasfilm, and Hasbro—spent eight hours creating a replica of the Joker so realistic it seems physically threatening.

Extreme Pumpkin


The winner of ExtremePumpkins.com’s annual Pumpkin Carving Contest, this jack-o’-lantern is particularly creepy. Just look at the hand reaching painfully out of the pumpkin’s cheek! Ouch!



Ray Villafane’s Medusa showcases his fascination with myth, while providing ample material for nightmares of epic proportions. Leave the lights on when you go to bed tonight.



Flesh-eating zombies have overtaken the flesh of this squash…and they’re coming for you next.

Spiked Pumpkins


This unique pumpkin arrangement presents an unfortunate Halloween whodunnit and proves that some people shouldn’t be trusted near sharp objects.

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Fans of Marvel Comics recognize this alien warrior as a Skrull, an extraterrestrial shape-shifter and bane of the Fantastic Four. This face was sculpted from one pumpkin, without any added pieces, by the professionals at Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.

Falling Off the Ladder


Had this pumpkin-head considered safety first, his home improvement project might have had a happier ending. 

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Pumpkin Brains


Don’t flip your lid over this exposed brain, a clever construction from the Skulladay blog. The smaller white pumpkin “cranium” is housed inside a larger orange pumpkin. 

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