11 Handy Uses for a Lint Roller

The modest lint roller may seem like a uni-tasker, but it's actually a pretty versatile tool that can make many daily chores a little easier. Check out our list of handy alternative uses for that lint roller stashed in your bedroom drawer.

  1. Clean Up Crafts

    Clean Up Crafts

    Picking up tiny bits of paper, thread, or glitter can be a headache after a big craft project. A lint roller can make cleanup a lot easier.


  2. Prep Paint Rollers

    Prep Paint Rollers

    To make sure you don’t get lint or hair in your painting project, give your paint rollers a once-over with a lint roller first to catch and remove any loose fibers.

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  3. Dust Stuffed Animals

    Dust Stuffed Animals

    All that synthetic fur can collect a serious amount of dust, but most stuffed animals and other soft children’s toys can't go through a washing machine. Keep plush toys from getting too dirty by running a lint roller over them once a month.


  4. Clean Textured Ceilings

    Clean Textured Ceilings

    Textured ceilings, with their three-dimensional surface, can hide a lot of flaws. But they can also trap dust and dirt, and they're difficult to clean. Use a lint roller to grab that grime off those textured surfaces and keep those ceilings looking pristine.


  5. Freshen Up Drapes

    Freshen Up Drapes

    Cleaning drapes can be expensive and logistically challenging. To avoid having to take them down and bring them to the cleaners, regularly roll over drapes with a lint roller to remove dust and dirt.


  6. Pick Up Glass Shards

    Pick Up Glass Shards  Uses for the Lint Roller

    Sometimes when a glass or a piece of china breaks, it explodes into tiny shards that can be difficult to pick up. Use a lint roller for good measure to grab any tiny pieces that may have eluded the rag, broom, or vacuum. 


  7. Clean Lamp Shades

    Clean Lamp Shades

    Fabric lamp shades are awkward to clean and can be surprisingly delicate. Use a lint roller to dust them, and you won't even have to take them off the lamp. Easy.


  8. Quickly Clean Up Pet Hair

    Quickly Clean Up Pet Hair

    If guests are coming over at the last minute and you don’t have time to drag out the vacuum, a lint roller can lift off all that pet hair from the furniture in no time.

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  9. Tidy Up Under the Tree

    Tidy Up Under the Tree

    Once the packages are under the Christmas tree, fallen needles are tricky to clean up. Go over everything lightly with a lint roller each day, and you’ll keep the festive display looking neat and tidy.

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  10. Keep Track of Tiny Pieces

    Keep Track of Tiny Pieces

    Small screws and other parts can be a challenge to keep track of when you’re working on the finer details of a project or repair job. Snag those little bits and pieces onto a lint roller to keep them from skittering away.


  11. Paint Your Walls Creatively

    Paint Your Walls Creatively

    The action of a lint roller makes it ideal for serving as a customized paint roller. Cover one with bubble wrap or another material to paint a textured surface on your walls.


  12. Your Secret Cleaning Weapon

    Your Secret Cleaning Weapon

    It's worth keeping a lint roller handy around the house.


  13. Don't Miss!


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