The Best Spray Bottles for Water, Cleaners, and More

With the right spray bottle, storing and spritzing water, cleaners, fresheners, and more is a cinch. 

By Brittany Varano | Updated Mar 31, 2021 9:06 AM

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Best Spray Bottle


Choosing the best spray bottle for household needs comes down to a few essential shopping considerations: the bottle’s material, how it sprays, and how much it can hold. It’s also necessary to consider whether a bottle is heavy-duty enough to store chemicals or cleaners when the need arises. This shopping guide highlights some of the best spray bottles for a variety of household uses.

Our Top Picks

Whether you’re searching for the best spray bottle that can tackle cleaning, professional, beauty, or gardening needs, here are the most reliable (even versatile) options on the market.

Best Overall

Best Spray Bottle Chemical

From the Chemical Guys, this heavy-duty three-pack is an excellent option if you need a set of quality bottles that can meet various needs. Each bottle is constructed with durable plastic that’s resistant to chemicals and equipped with a high-output, adjustable sprayer head. Able to hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, the bottle is clear and has printed liquid measurements. It also has a space on the exterior where you can add a custom label, so you can keep track of your spray bottles and essential safety precautions regarding the contents.

Runner Up

Best Spary Bottle Uineko

Uineko’s plastic spray bottles are made to hold 24 ounces and feature leak-proof, adjustable nozzles with three trigger settings. You can choose a spray that’s a mist, a stream, or neither. The bottle is clear and has measurements in both ounces and milliliters printed on the side. There’s also a contents checklist for clear ingredient labeling. Best of all, these all-purpose spray bottles are available at an affordable price.

Best Misting Spray

Best Spray Bottle Beautiful

If you’re looking for a spray bottle to deliver a continuous, ultra-fine mist, consider this clear bottle with an ergonomic spout. It’s designed without aerosols yet sprays water just like an aerosol can. The spray reaches 360 degrees and can sustain a mist for up to 1.2 seconds. This spray bottle is well suited for household chores like ironing clothes, misting plants, or styling hair. It can also hold chemical cleaners if needed. Note that the bottle is transparent but does not feature printed measurements.

Best Glass Option

Best Spray Bottle Amber

Sally’s Organics has produced a quality set of spray bottles made with amber glass to protects against harmful UV rays that can damage the bottle’s contents. Each bottle can hold 16 ounces of nearly any liquid and comes with both a leak-free cap and a trigger sprayer. The trigger sprayers have three settings—off, stream, and mist—and are BPA- and lead-free. A set of four sticker labels are included.

Best Assortment

Best Spray Bottle Glass

This multi-pack of glass spray bottles covers many bases. You receive two 16-ounce glass spray bottles, three black trigger sprayers, two caps, five 4-ounce spray bottles, five 2-ounce sprayers, and a dozen 10-millimeter roller bottles. This kit also comes with accessories such as chalk labels, a roll-on bottle opener for easy refilling, a cleaning bottle brush, a plastic dropper, and an essential oil funnel. These bottles are made from glass, which means they can hold chemical cleaners, beauty products, essential oils, and more. The trigger sprayers can be adjusted to mist, stream, or off.

Best for Plants

Best Spray Bottle driew

driew’s plant mister is an attractive green bottle made of PET- and BPA- free glass for plant and family health. Its threaded, leak-proof sprayer dispenses an ultra-fine mist that’s ideal for household plants and indoor gardening. The spray bottle can hold up to 10 ounces but does not feature measurements or labeling.

Also Consider

Best Spray Bottle Zep

For professional needs or tough jobs around your home, check out Zep’s heavy-duty sprayer bottles. These bottles can withstand chemicals, pesticides, and more. Each comes with a bright yellow nozzle sprayer that can spray a high output of liquid, reaching a distance of up to 30 feet away. There’s also a misting feature, as well as the ability to close off the nozzle for leak-free storage when needed. The transparent bottles in this set have measurement marks on the size, as well as an area where you can add a label to clearly identify what’s inside.