The Best Plant Misters of 2023

Keep your houseplants happy and well irrigated with one of these top misters.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Jun 27, 2022 5:45 PM

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Best Plant Misters


Regular watering with a good plant mister is one of the best ways to keep houseplants happy and healthy. Standard watering cans simply moisten the soil of a plant with a stream of water. Misters create atomized water particles that wet the plant’s leaves and temporarily alter the humidity to mimic the tropical climate from where many houseplants originate.

Misters come in a surprisingly wide variety of styles. Classic metal misters look beautiful displayed alongside plants. Larger compression sprayers help quench the thirst of larger tropical houseplants. Ahead, learn about important features to consider when shopping for the best plant mister, and find out why the misters below are some of the best on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Beautify Beauties Hair Spray Bottle
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Bar5F Plastic Spray Bottles
  3. BEST METAL: Sustainable Village Blumat Plant Spray Mister
  4. BEST ELECTRIC: T TOVIA Electric Plant Mister Spray Bottle
  5. BEST GLASS: OFFIDIX Glass Watering Spray Bottle
  6. BEST LARGE MISTER: HDX Handheld Sprayer
  7. BEST COMPRESSION MISTER: Scotts Multi-Use Sprayer
  8. BEST STYLISH: LianShi Brass Golden Plant Spray Bottle
Best Plant Mister


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Plant Misters

A number of factors should figure into your buying decision, including construction materials, volume, and design. Ahead, learn more about these and other important attributes of watering misters.


The best material for a plant mister largely depends on the intended use of the device. For misters that will sit in a cabinet when they’re not in use, it’s best to go with a plastic mister. Plastic misters are more affordable than other materials and won’t corrode if left with water in them.

Those who plan to display their misters with their plants should select a material that is better suited for display such as metal or glass. While these materials may not have the durability of plastic, they look great on a plant stand or windowsill.


Misters come in a wide range of capacities. Smaller decorative misters hold about 10 ounces of water, which is enough for a small collection of houseplants. Plastic bottle misters hold 16 ounces of water. Larger models with compression pumps hold a gallon or more. When selecting a sprayer, consider the number and size of the plants the mister will serve. While a 10-ounce mister is adequate for a couple of smaller plants, a larger pump-style sprayer may make a better choice for a larger collection.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Some misting spray bottles are easier and more comfortable to use than others. A standard spray bottle releases a spurt of water or mist every time the user squeezes its trigger. While this style works well for a few plants, using one to mist a sunroom full of tropical plants can wear out one’s hand. No one wants to get carpal tunnel syndrome from watering their plants! Misters that use compression to emit a steady mist when the user squeezes the trigger are easier to use. For taller plants or hanging plants, consider purchasing a compression mister that comes with a long wand that extends the reach of the user, eliminating the need to drag out a step stool.


Houseplants enhance and brighten up a room. Don’t purchase a plant mister that will detract from that. If the plant mister will live in a closet when not in use, then it doesn’t matter what it looks like. If the mister will be on display, select a pretty one. Classic plant misters come in attractive metal finishes, and a glass plant mister may provide a more modern look.

Our Top Picks

The list below includes some of the best plant misters to suit different needs. These top picks consist of classic metal misters that one can proudly display with their plants as well as large compression misters that hold a gallon or more of water.

Best Overall

Best Plant Misters Option: Beautify Beauties Hair Spray Bottle

One of the best spray bottles for plants also happens to be one of the best options for your hair. The same design qualities that make it such an attractive bottle for hairstylists make it a great pick for plant lovers, too.

With its 10-ounce capacity, this small, lightweight fine-mist spray bottle creates a steady stream of mist that doesn’t require repetitive pull and release of the trigger. This makes it simple to wet plants evenly with its easy-to-grip handle. The bottle also produces significantly smaller droplets than one would get from a standard spray bottle, which is key to properly misting a plant. Green thumbs can reach plants at any angle as this misting spray bottle works right side up or upside down. This plant mister’s simple, sleek shape makes it an attractive bottle to keep out in the sunroom next to the houseplants.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Size: 9 inches high by 3 inches in diameter
  • Material: Plastic


  • Produces a continuous fine mist with each pull
  • Lightweight
  • Works upside down
  • Sleek look


  • Nozzle is not adjustable

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Best Bang For The Buck


Bar5F’s plastic spray bottles make for simple and inexpensive plant misters that gets the job done. Similar in design to those of many household cleaners, the bottles work with a large, comfortable-to-hold trigger. A rotatable nozzle on the head of the bottle allows the user to adjust the spray pattern from a broad fan to a narrow stream.

Each with their 16-ounce volume, these bottles offers ample capacity, reducing the need for constant refilling. Impact-resistant plastic and a leak-free connection between the bottle and nozzle mean these misters will stand up to heavy use. Keep in mind, these misters produce more of a spray than a fine mist, so they may not be suitable for more delicate plants.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 16 ounces each
  • Size: 10.4 inches high by 2.75 inches in diameter
  • Material: Plastic


  • Low price
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Large capacity


  • High-velocity spray versus a mist

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Best Metal

Best Plant Misters Option: Sustainable Village Blumat Plant Spray Mister

Some of the best sprayers are those that can live in close proximity to the plants for convenient regular misting. For that, the mister needs to look nice enough for display like this model from Sustainable Village. With its stainless steel and polished copper finish, the metal spray mister holds its own next to a prized orchid or bonsai tree.

To use the metal mister, gardeners hold the small loop handle with the fingers then depress the top with the thumb to release a fine mist. The 10-ounce spray mister comes in copper, brass, or nickel. One gripe: The mister does not work well when low on water.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Size: 5.6 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel


  • Offers both form and function
  • Creates a fine mist
  • Stylish object


  • Must be at least partially full to work
  • Pricey compared to other plant misters

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Best Electric

Best Plant Misters Option: T TOVIA Electric Plant Mister Spray Bottle

The ease of use of this plant mister makes it a great option for the serious houseplant enthusiast. At the press of a button, the battery-operated spray head releases a steady mist for up to 2 seconds. This design creates a uniform spray and reduces hand fatigue as there’s no need to repeatedly pump a trigger. One battery provides about 8 hours of continuous use.

With its adjustable nozzle, the electric plant mister produces spray patterns ranging from a stream to a fine mist. A convenient water meter on the side of the ample 34-ounce bottle lets the user know exactly how much water remains. This sleek modern mister with chrome metal highlights comes in white, blue, and lime green.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 34 ounces
  • Size: 10 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter
  • Material: Plastic


  • Produces a steady mist
  • Stylish look
  • Ample capacity


  • Expensive compared to other misters
  • Requires batteries

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Best Glass

Best Plant Misters Option: Offidix Glass Watering Spray Bottle

Offidix’s translucent glass plant mister adds flair to a sunroom, plant stand, or windowsill. The classic design of a metal plant mister combines with pretty colored glass to create an appealing spray bottle that earns its place among the plants.

Translucent glass does more than decorate the plant space; users easily see the water level at all times. That helps since this mister, which holds a modest 7 ounces, must be at least half full to function properly.

Offidix’s glass plant mister comes in green, purple, yellow, blue, and clear and features a plastic sprayer with a metallic finish that won’t rust or corrode.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 7 ounces
  • Size: 6.3 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter
  • Material: Glass


  • Attractive glass look
  • Color options
  • Fine spray mister


  • Fragile
  • Must be partially full to work

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Best Large Mister

Best Plant Misters Option: HDX Handheld Spray Bottle

Smaller misters simply won’t do for patios or sunrooms filled with potted plants. The Home Depot’s whopping 56-ounce sprayer keeps larger plant collections well hydrated.

This model’s translucent plastic tank lets users keep track of the water level. A hand pump pressurizes the tank. Once pressurized, a thumb trigger opens the nozzle, releasing a consistent spray. With an adjustable nozzle that allows the user to set a fan pattern ranging from a broad mist to a narrow stream, this sprayer ranks as one of the more versatile models on the market.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 56 ounces
  • Size: 12 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter
  • Material: Plastic


  • Large capacity
  • Continuous stream application
  • Adjustable nozzle


  • Utilitarian look makes it unsuitable for display

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Best Compression Mister

Best Plant Misters Option: Scotts Multi-Use Sprayer

A mister with a little extra reach comes in handy for watering larger, corner-sitting plants and hanging planters. Scotts’ multi-use sprayer meets those needs with a wand that extends about 12 inches from the grip.

This sprayer works through a compression pump that creates pressure in the basin and forces the water out. At the squeeze of a trigger, the nozzle releases a continuous spray for even application across larger plants or many plants grouped together. And the 1-gallon capacity can stand up to such jobs, too. An adjustable nozzle offers stream, cone, and fan settings.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Size: 16.5 inches tall by 8 inches in diameter
  • Material: Plastic


  • Wand extends reach
  • Large capacity
  • Continuous spray design


  • Requires two hands to use
  • Not suitable for display

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Best Stylish

Best Plant Misters Option: LianShi Brass Golden Plant Spray Bottle

LianShi’s 10-ounce plant sprayer delivers on both form and function, which makes it a great choice for display among the plants. The classic design and shiny brass finish complement a variety of tropical plants. Solid brass and copper construction make for an exceptionally durable mister, although it will require periodic cleaning to remove oxidation.

To operate the sprayer, simply press the plunger to release a fine mist. The adjustable nozzle releases a thin stream or a mist. This mister comes in a brass or silver finish.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Size: 6 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter
  • Material: Metal


  • Offers both form and function
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Solid brass and copper components


  • Copper and brass are prone to oxidation

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Our Verdict

With a design that makes it ideal for misting plants and a sleek look, the Beautify Beauties Hair Spray Bottle is one of the best misters for keeping tropical houseplants well-irrigated (in addition to styling hair).

If you’re looking for a mister that offers more in the way of aesthetics, the LianShi Brass Golden Plant Spray Bottle should suit your needs.

How We Chose the Best Plant Misters

In making our selections for the best plant misters on the market, we considered various factors to suit different needs. First and foremost, a good plant mister must create a fine mist to perform its job. We also considered functionality. While misters that use triggers or pumps to spray are perfectly fine, we leaned toward those that didn’t require the user to repeatedly pull a trigger to get the job done. We also favored versatile misters with adjustable nozzles that allow the user to alter the spray pattern. While function is important, we also considered that many plant enthusiasts prefer to display their sprayer with their plants. With that in mind, we also included misters that could perform their duties and look good doing it.


If you have lingering questions about why you should use a plant mister or whether a mister is right for your plants, then read on for answers to these and other concerns.

Q: What is a plant mister?

A plant mister is a small spray bottle that sprays out water in particles that are so tiny that some remain in the air, increasing humidity.

Q: Why should I use a plant mister?

Misting a plant accomplishes two things. It increases the humidity around the plant, which is vital for tropical plants that are used to humid environments, and misting also helps prevent overwatering.

Q: Do I need a plant mister?

While misting may not be necessary for all plants, it is a useful practice for some, especially those that normally grow in a tropical environment and are therefore used to high humidity.

Q: How often should I mist my plants?

In general, you should mist houseplants about one to two times per week. Look at the thickness of the leaves. Plants with thinner leaves can dry out more quickly, so they require more humidity than those with thicker foliage.

Q: Should I mist succulents?

Succulents do not like to be misted. It can cause the roots to dry out and the leaves to become moldy.

Q: Should I mist my snake plant?

Snake plants are succulents and therefore prefer to stay dry and instead take their water in through the roots. Misting a snake plant can damage its foliage.