The 28 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers All Dedicated Plant Parents Will Love

Wow the green-thumb enthusiast in your life with a meaningful or helpful gift that appeals to their love for plants. Our curated list of gifts for plant lovers has something for everyone.

By Brie Greenhalgh | Updated Dec 30, 2021 5:01 PM

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The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option


Plants are nature’s great gift to us. We enjoy the lush greenery (when it’s taken care of), vibrant colors, and fresh aromas of flowers, all while they provide us with fresh oxygen that ensures our own survival. These are just some of the reasons plant lovers can’t get enough of their houseplants. If you have a plant lover in your life, chances are you’ve wondered if they would appreciate yet another plant as a gift. There’s a high probability they would, but you could also consider less common—but unique—ideas like moss picture frames, glass misters, microgreen planting kits, DIY macrame plant hangers, vintage flower artwork, and many other ideas. Gifts for plant lovers can be traditional or unexpected, but they’re always appreciated as thoughtful gestures. Our list of gifts for plant lovers is sure to help solve your conundrum as you decide how to express your appreciation for a friend or loved one with a meaningful gift.

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The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option



The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

True plant lovers find joy in receiving gifts that take their passion into account. From pots and plants to artwork and moisture testers, keep reading to find the best gifts for plant lovers.

Gifts Under $25

Vintage Statement

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Vintage Flower Print 1909 Adolphe Millot Poster

For a wow-worthy gift at a great value, opt for this special digitized recreation of an Adolphe Millot illustration of common flowers and their names. The artwork is printed on special matte paper from a studio in France. This type of paper helps prevent shiny reflections, boosts color saturation, and gives a little texture to the print that you don’t get with regular paper. You can choose between several sizes ranging from 8 inches by 10 inches to 20 inches by 30 inches. Starting at $9.43 on Etsy.

Perfect for Small Plants

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Fiskars Micro-Tip Pruner

Plant lovers don’t have to own bonsai plants to need a good pair of pruning shears. If they own any indoor plants with flowers or that need occasional trimming to maintain their size, then a pair of pruning shears is a great gift to consider. The blades are better suited to pruning and deadheading plants than regular kitchen scissors, and they can double for outside use as well. We like this pair of pruners for their smaller blades that work well with small plants. $11.24 on Amazon.

Tech Upgrade

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: AcuRite Digital Hygrometer & Indoor Thermometer

A hygrometer and a thermometer make for a unique product with two possible recipients: plant lovers who are trying to maintain the correct humidity in a greenhouse or sunroom, and plant lovers who have never considered checking humidity levels in their house but would find it fascinating. With this tool, they can check humidity, current temperature, and the day’s high and low temperature at a glance. $13.22 on Amazon.

Set-and-Forget Tool

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Sonkir Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Tester Gardening Tool

Get a high-tech but easy-to-use gift for a plant lover who owns some finicky growers. Some plants require more special care than others, so having a tool to show some data about the health and condition of the plant’s soil can be quite helpful. Opt for this handy three-in-one tool that measures water, soil pH, and light for a particular plant. It will come in handy for a new plant or a plant that can’t make up its mind about whether it wants to thrive or not. $14.99 on Amazon.

Start Your Starts

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Pomeat Plant Propagation Stations Glass Planter Bulb

True green-thumb enthusiasts relish the idea of growing new starts from existing plants. It’s a low-cost way to help them add more plants to their own indoor garden. Those plants can even become gifts for their own friends! For these plant lovers, you’ll hit the mark with this glass bulb plant propagation station. It’s stylish and functional so new plants can get off to a good start. Alternatively, you could also fill the vases with silk flowers for chic, permanent decor. $16.95 on Amazon.

Plant Starter Pack

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Hirt's House Plant Collection

This House Plant Collection from Hirt’s Gardens makes a fabulous housewarming gift for a plant lover who just moved to their first house. It includes a parlor palm, spider plant, and snake plant. All of these plants are low maintenance and are air purifiers, so they’re three of the most popular houseplants available. They come in small 4-inch pots, which is just the right size to thrive in their new home. $18.99 on Amazon.

For the Bookworm

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy House Plants

Plant lovers aren’t born with an ingrained understanding of how to care for every houseplant available. Whether you know a budding plant lover or an experienced one who’s looking to add to their collection, this book is a helpful tool. The author includes easy-to-follow instructions for how to care for over 100 common houseplants from palms to cacti and provides information on topics from soil to sunlight. $19.54 on Amazon.

For the Cat Lover

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: The Cat Lady's Store Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit

Is your plant lover also a cat lover? Then this cat grass growing kit is the one to buy. The plant is edible so cats can enjoy nibbling on a healthy plant rather than a potentially toxic one. It’s formulated with nutrients for healthy digestion, too. It’s formulated with nutrients for healthy digestion, too, and it’s great at preventing hairballs. A healthy cat is a happy cat, and cats will also enjoy rubbing on this soft grass that’s also great at preventing hairballs from forming. $19.95 on Amazon.

Elegant Accessory

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Cut Glass Plant Mister

Just as humans enjoy a little moisturizer from time to time, plants do, too. While they shouldn’t be sprayed with lotion, misting them with a little water can be the pick-me-up they need on a hot afternoon. This gorgeous cut-glass mister is eye-catching enough to double as decor. Update a tired old spray bottle with this elegant little accessory that makes a great gift for plant lovers. $20 on Terrain.

Midcentury Stand

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Mkono Plant Stand Mid Century Wood Flower Pot Holder

For another upgrade, this Mkono plant stand makes a great choice. Plant lovers will appreciate this sleek, trendy plant holder that quickly dresses up their pots. If two are purchased, one can be flipped over to offset two plants at different height settings for an asymmetrical design. This wooden pot holder works for 10-inch pots, which is a standard size. $21.99 on Amazon.

For the Crafty Diyer

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Stillness Crafts Store Macrame Kits for Plant Hanger

We love this plant lover gift: It’s crafty and useful all in one. Macrame is a popular activity that has long been used for making hanging plant holders. This kit gives your plant lover the chance to make their own plant hanger, which is helpful if they wish they had more floor space. Following the instructions, they can make one large plant hanger or two mini ones. It makes for a great activity to do with kids or for kids to do on their own. $22.99 on Amazon.

Gifts $25 to $50

Plant Growth Booster

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: EZORKAS LED Grow Light

Plants need sunlight, but their growing environment might not provide them with sufficient light. Solve this challenge for your favorite plant lover with this dimmable plant grow light. With four adjustable lights and numerous settings, the plant light will allow their plants to thrive under the extra light. Grow lights are especially helpful for seedlings, hydroponic plants, and greenhouses that receive less light in winter. $27.99 on Amazon.

Desert Distinction

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Mixed Tillandsia on Grapewood

For a distinctive wall piece, this tillandsia on grapewood makes a great gift for plant lovers. This evergreen desert plant survives with occasional water and a bit of misting. The fact that it grows on a piece of grapewood is just a bonus that plant lovers will love since it reuses a natural element that could have been tossed away. Choose this special living art for the plant lover who seems to have everything else they need for their hobby. $28 on Terrain.

Climate Controlled

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifier

With the exception of desert plants, most plants benefit from a little extra humidity, so consider choosing this humidifier that will hydrate plants and humans alike. The increased moisture content in the air will keep plants looking fresh and healthy so they can keep doing their job to promote fresh oxygen in the house. $28.49 on Amazon.

The Ultimate Challenge

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: HOME GROWN Bonsai Tree Kit

Growing a bonsai tree is a lesson in patience and an opportunity for zen at the same time. Gift your plant lover with this distinctive plant kit that includes everything needed to plant and nourish four kinds of bonsai plants. They’ll get to watch these traditional plants grow from a seedling into a magnificent specimen. A digital guide for tending bonsai plants is included with each purchase, so they’ll feel confident that they can tackle this fun challenge. $35 on Home Grown.

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Self-Sustaining Option

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Lechuza Yula Self-Watering Double Planter

Just because a plant lover enjoys tending their plants doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate a gift that lightens the burden. With this double planter, all they have to do is place two 4.5-inch potted plants in the box and fill the reservoir with water. The plants get all the water they need for up to 12 weeks. It’s great for adding a pop of color to any room. This sleek planter could work well in an office, too. $35.95 on The Grommet.

Healthy and Sustainable

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Hamama Home Microgreens Growing Kit

Is the plant lover in your life also a health-conscious foodie? Then surprise them with their own microgreens growing kit. Microgreens grow well even in low-light areas, so as long as they are watered once, they should sprout in no time. The seed quilts come with non-GMO spicy daikon radish seeds and a super salad mix. And best of all, the seed quilt is compostable after use, which makes this an environmentally responsible choice as well. $39 on The Grommet.

A Reimagined Classic

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Fiber Jar Planter

Though it might sound as if this is a planter to grow fiber-rich foods, it simply refers to the kind of material the jar is made of. This planter is handcrafted with durable fiber cement and tapered at the top to mimic vintage-style planters. Use this planter indoors or outdoors for small- to medium-size plants. For an added touch of flair, plant lovers can mix and match colors and sizes to make a fun arrangement of pots and plants. $48 on Terrain.

Gifts $50 to $100

Fake but Fabulous

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Vickerman Everyday 4' Artificial Ficus Bush

Artificial plants are worthy of a mention on this list of gifts for plant lovers. If your favorite plant lover travels a lot, then a fake plant can satisfy the need for greenery in the home—without dying from neglect. They’re also great for offices without adequate lighting. This ficus tree is perfectly sized at 4 feet tall and is built with a real wood trunk and silk leaves. This pop of greenery can be added almost anywhere that needs a little interest. $51.35 on Amazon.

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Geometric Gems

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Set of 4 Small Indoor Planters

The set of 4 small indoor planters is a beautiful addition for plant lovers with a modern aesthetic who want to add a handmade touch to their homes. Made for succulents or cacti, these planters are made of recycled wood and bioplastic made from corn, so they’re an excellent gift for the eco-conscious homeowner. Each planter is 5.5 centimeters tall with an inside diameter of 5.5 centimeters to fit smaller plants and still pack a punch. $59.07 on Etsy.

Natural Air Purification

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Emeritus Gardens Plants Four Best Clean Air Plants

This collection of air-purifying plants is a great starter kit for plant lovers who are just getting the hang of taking care of their own plants. Included in this set are a peace lily, parlor palm, snake plant, and golden pothos. One of the plants’ best features is their ability to purify the air by removing allergens and promoting oxygen. Each plant has the ability to grow and expand by several feet, so they’re best for large spaces. $80 on Amazon.

Eliminates Mess

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: COSTWAY Bamboo Shelf Plant Stand

The plant lover in your life might really appreciate a way to organize their smaller plants, flowers, and terrariums. Surprise them with this bamboo plant stand that can hold up to 12 small potted plants. This plant stand organizer has open wooden slats for shelves that upgrade a traditional shelf. With this gift, their plants will go from an unorganized mess to an eye-catching statement. $95.99 on Amazon.

Smart Hydroponic Pods

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Click and Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden

Herb gardening has never been easier with this smart indoor herb garden growing pod. Even a plant lover with a black thumb can try growing herbs with this growing pod that includes an LED growing light, a water reservoir, and 50 pre-seeded pods. Plant lovers of all kinds will love growing their own strawberries, basil, thyme, chili peppers, and more. With this smart herb garden, they’ll be good to grow. $99.95 on Amazon.

Gifts $100 to $250

Inside Job

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

With the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3, plant lovers can grow herbs and other small plants from the comfort of their kitchen or other indoor space. Regardless of whether they live in rainy Seattle or sunny California, the smart garden’s energy-efficient LED grow lights enable plants to grow no matter the weather. Users can simply drop in the included plant pods, fill the reservoir with water, and plug the self-watering planter in for a garden that maintains itself. Plant lovers can grow everything from mint and thyme to fresh strawberries and chili peppers. $139.95 on Amazon.

Bright Light

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Monstera Leaf LED Neon Sign

For a fun piece of decor that will brighten any room, you can give the plant lover in your life the Monstera Leaf LED Neon Sign. Made from acrylic and vinyl, this sign looks like the popular Monstera plant without the need to water or repot it. You can choose among a variety of colors for the pot and the plant, including white, green, red, purple, orange, and blue, in addition to several others. Size options range from 12 inches by 16 inches to 16 inches by 22 inches. The sign can also be customized if you want to make it a truly unique gift. Starting at $102 on Etsy.

Sweet Indulgence

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: Brighter Blooms – Meyer Lemon Tree

Give the gift that keeps on giving. If your favorite plant lover has a house with plenty of sun in the winter, this indoor and outdoor Meyer lemon tree is worth considering. Plant lovers will rave about the chance to grow their own Meyer lemon tree. These lemons are uniquely sweet and acidic, which makes them a coveted ingredient in many recipes. This lemon tree arrives between 3 and 4 feet tall, eager to produce its first fruits within a year. $119.99 on Amazon.

Vibrant, Stunning Art

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: ArtBotanicaMoss Preserved Moss Art Framed

If you love getting truly unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for people, this preserved moss art will do the trick. The artist carefully preserves moss and ferns on a board and frames the piece so it can be placed on a wall or shelf. With rich, vibrant green colors and absolutely no maintenance needed, this work of art can elevate any room in an instant. Opt for this stand-out gift for plant lovers when you’re still not sure what to purchase. They’re sure to be surprised at how thoughtful and unique it is. Starting at $168 on Etsy.

Gifts $250 and Over

Urban Gardening Solution

The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers Option: The Farmstand

There’s a solution to every problem, and the Farmstand is one of them. This clever product is a self-standing garden grower so your plant lover can grow their own food without needing a traditional dirt garden bed. It’s perfect if your plant lover wishes they could grow a garden but doesn’t have a yard to do so. They can grow over 100 kinds of non-GMO seeds as long as they add water, nourishment, and light. Urban gardening has never been easier. Starting at $348 at Lettuce Grow.

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Even if you don’t know exactly which plants the plant lover you’re purchasing for already owns, you probably have a good idea of their personal style. Some like large plants with expansive branches and leaves, and others love simple succulent plants—or everything in between. Ask yourself these questions to help you narrow down your choice.

  • Does your gift recipient live in a warm, sunny climate, or a cool, cloudy climate? Houseplants have different needs, so if you opt for an actual plant, choose one that can tolerate your gift recipient’s climate zone or living situation. If you know their house has limited sunlight, you could look for a plant light that helps boost growth.
  • Do they have small plants stacked on every available surface, taking up needed space? This plant lover may be in need of a stylish shelf organizer that allows each plant to have its own space with room to grow—or perhaps a hanging plant holder. Selecting a gift that solves a problem they may have (even if they don’t realize it’s a problem) can be a great way to narrow down gift options.
  • Are they new to growing their own plants, or are they a green-thumb pro? Perhaps a book on successfully growing houseplants might intrigue them. Otherwise, they might appreciate some handmade or vintage plant artwork as a nice change from receiving actual plants.
  • Is their living space small, or is it a full-size house? If you want to buy a plant, choose one that suits the size of their space. Some plants (such as the peace lily, snake plant, parlor palm, and English ivy) also do well in low-light areas, which makes them easy to tend. Alternatively, artificial plants are a great option for a plant lover who loves greenery but lacks the time to tend to living plants.
  • Does your gift recipient have pets or children? If you are looking for a plant to add to their collection, you may want to consider purchasing one that won’t potentially pose a danger to their family.

How to Get the Best Deals on Gifts for Plant Lovers 

Houseplants are always in season, though you may find more options available in the spring as nurseries start selling more plants for indoor and outdoor spaces. Plants are also sold online more frequently now since they can be packed carefully for transport. Opting for an accessory like a plant mister or a houseplant guide is easy to do year-round with the convenience of online shopping. Online browser extensions such as Honey will search the internet for coupons and apply them for you, and CouponCabin will help you with coupons and cash back if you search through their site or install their browser extension. Always check for deals around holidays when stores and websites offer lower prices. Gifts for plant lovers are popular all through the year, so bookmark your favorite item and watch for the item to go on sale.

Prices listed here were accurate at the time of publication on 8/24/2021.