11 Selfish Reasons to Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Creating a desirable neighborhood requires commitment and participation from the people who reside there. When you get to know your neighbors, you’ll not only feel more comfortable around them, you’ll also be able to help one another improve the community. Click through to learn the 11 biggest advantages of being a friendly neighbor.

You Can Borrow Stuff

Borrow Materials from Neighbors

Everyone’s heard of neighbors coming over to borrow a cup of sugar. Take sharing to the next level by lending tools, yard equipment, or a helping hand to those in need. If you're generous with your neighbors, they're likely to return the favor in the future.

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You'll Stay Safer

Neighborhood Safety

Are you worried about burglars breaking into your home? Ask friendly neighbors to watch for suspicious activity when you’re away, and encourage them to call the police if they notice any lurking strangers. To cultivate an even safer environment, consider organizing a neighborhood watch or installing security cameras on the streets. 

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You'll Learn Neighborhood Lore

How to Learn the History of Your House

Do you want to know the history of your home? Long-term neighborhood residents can provide valuable information about your property. For example, they may remember when the addition was built on your house, or how the sidewalks and easements have changed over the years.

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You'll Be Able to Find Helpers

Find Helpers in Your Neighborhood

Every parent knows the importance of a reliable babysitter, and if you're plugged into the neighborhood, you'll have the inside track on local teenagers with babysitting potential. Additionally, many teens are eager to mow lawns, shovel driveways, and walk dogs for a few extra bucks.

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You Can Participate in Events

Neighborhood Event Ideas

From garage sales to block parties, neighborhood events instill a sense of community in local residents. If you want to bring neighbors together, consider hosting a charity event, starting a newsletter, or projecting a movie in your backyard and inviting everyone to watch.

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You Can Improve the Landscape

Neighborhood Landscaping

It takes a group of committed neighbors to turn a vacant lot into a luscious lawn. Homeowners who are acquainted with their neighbors can more easily tackle beautification projects ranging from reclaiming a derelict lot to maintaining communal flower beds. As a bonus, attractive neighborhoods can enjoy higher home values.

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You Can Recruit Vacation Helpers

Neighbors Help with Vacations

If you're like most pet owners, you probably feel guilty taking Fluffy or Fido to the boarding kennel when you go on vacation. But if you're friendly with your neighbors, you can always ask them to feed your pets or walk the dog while you’re away. Neighbors can also retrieve mail, water plants, and even move the car, if necessary, until you return—just be sure to help out when they're away, too!

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You'll Ensure Peace and Quiet

Dealing with Loud Neighbors

When people know and respect one another, they’re more likely to be accommodating. For example, friendly neighbors will think twice before revving up a chain saw at 7 a.m., blasting loud music, or letting their dog bark all night long. The result of this increased consideration is more peace and quiet for everyone!

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You'll Build a Community

How to Get Along with Neighbors

Do you always grow too many tomatoes in your garden? Neighbors will be thrilled to see you walking over with a basket of fresh produce, and they may be inspired to respond with a homemade pie or some other goody. This sort of sharing isn't limited to food, either—consider taking turns babysitting, hosting holiday parties, and more!

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You'll Expand Your Social Circle

How to Make Friends With Neighbors

Who says you can’t be friends with your neighbors? By chatting over the fence while you're raking leaves, or sharing a cup of coffee on the front porch, you can make lifelong friends and strengthen your connection to the community.

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You Can Store Spare Keys

Where to Store Spare Keys

Let’s face it: Storing a key underneath a rock or doormat is an invitation to burglars.They know all the best hiding places. Don't risk it! Leave spare keys with trusted neighbors instead, and notify them if you're sending someone to retrieve a key.

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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Moving to the right neighborhood can make all the difference between knowing your neighbors versus not even recognizing them. The friendliest cities in America is a good place to start for finding the right connection. Of course, if you’re someone who prefers some privacy you might want to check out these homes in the middle of nowhere.


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