12 Backyard Greenhouses You Can Assemble All By Yourself

A die-hard gardener’s ultimate dream is having a greenhouse in the backyard. If this is your dream, it’s not as far away as you might think. You don’t necessarily have to enlist a contractor and pull together plans. You don’t need to be a billionaire. DIY greenhouse kits have brought the cost way down, and make it easy to build a backyard greenhouse in the space that you have. Designs range from simple to elaborate, from cheap to extravagant. So, whether you have a small patio space, or a big backyard, you can find a DIY greenhouse that is right for you. Some use very modest materials, like PVC, while others use heavy gauge aluminum. You can find sophisticated models, with vents that automatically open when the temperature gets too hot. And some models are so small and simple, they are actually portable. Take a look at some of the DIY greenhouse kits that are available for purchase online or from your local home center. Dreams can come true.

  1. Tiered Tower

    Tiered Tower

    This 4-tier miniature greenhouse is the perfect size to fit a narrow side yard, small patio, or balcony. Cover the shelves with a roll-up cover when the weather is frigid, and remove the plastic when warm weather reigns. Available on Amazon; $59.99.

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  2. Ready to Assemble

    Ready to Assemble

    Whether the plot is big or small, in the country or in the city, virtually every gardener covets a small greenhouse to start seedlings, protect delicate flowers or grow out-of-season herbs and vegetables. Fortunately, enough backyard greenhouse kits are on the market to meet almost every requirement and budget. Here are some of our favorite DIY greenhouses, starting with this beauty from BC Greenhouse. Available from bcgreenhouses.com; prices vary.

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  3. DIY or Do It For Me

    DIY or Do It For Me

    Offering 54 square feet of floor space, the German-made Riga II is a great greenhouse for the home gardener, including those who prefer to have someone else install their growing space for them. If you buy your own, you can ask a pro to come out to your site to unpack and install the greenhouse, and haul away any packaging and trash. Available at Amazon; $2,599.

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  4. Grand Gardener

    Grand Gardener

    Measuring at 8' x 12', this barn-shaped greenhouse has ample growing space for any avid backyard gardener to start seeds, force bulbs, or overwinter perennials. For maximum stability, the greenhouse should be affixed to a concrete or timber base, or attached to the Rion base kit, sold separately. Available on Amazon; $2,459.

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  5. Defend Raised Beds

    Defend Raised Beds

    Who says your backyard is too small for a greenhouse? This zippered covering functions much as a greenhouse or cold frame would, and yet is compact and completely portable. Stake it over a raised bed in spring to protect germinating plants or move it over a vegetable patch in fall to protect crops from icy rains. Wherever you choose to place it, it promises to extend your growing season and keep plants healthy. Available on Amazon; $36.24.

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  6. Clear Cover

    Clear Cover

    This snap-together greenhouse can be entirely assembled without the use of tools. Simply connect the rods, anchor the fixture to the ground with included stakes, and slip the plastic cover over the frame. The sturdy structure is best for use in climates that don't get much snowfall, as harsh winter storms may damage the plastic cover. Still, what this small greenhouse lacks in all-weather durability, it makes up for with its low price. Available on Amazon; $79.99.

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  7. Sunny Oasis

    Sunny Oasis

    This simple 7' x 8' greenhouse combines the power of the sun with the abundance of rain to create a doubly functional growing space. The wall panels allow for 90% light transmission to help seedlings grow while an integrated gutter system allows for rainwater collection for keeping plants hydrated. A side louvre window vents to the outdoors to help control the humidity levels while keeping the doors securely fastened. Available on Amazon; $1,280.

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  8. Tall and Slender

    Tall and Slender

    This small-scale Wood Mini Greenhouse kit by Leisure Solutions is perfect for patios, balconies and decks where space is at a premium. Measuring 16" L x 30" W x 43" H, it features a wood frame finished with a protective, moisture-resistant acrylic coating and polycarbonate safety glazing. The top window and double bottom doors provide easy access. Available on Amazon; $190.92.

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  9. The Sun Garden

    The Sun Garden

    Featuring a heavy aluminum frame and unbreakable 6-mm twin wall polycarbonate glazing, the 8' x 8' Sun Garden greenhouse is designed to withstand heavy snow and high winds. With 5 ½ foot side walls and a premium, lockable hinged storm door, this unit is available in white, green or brown and comes with step-by-step video instructions. Available at bcgreenhouse.com; prices vary.

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  10. Grow and Go

    Grow and Go

    This portable Springhouse Clear greenhouse requires only minimal assembly and is compact and lightweight enough for easy transport, setup, and take down. Measuring 78"H x 72" W x 72" D, the fiberglass frame is covered with a Waterproof Clear Gro-Tec™ material that is UV-resistant. Available at Amazon; $290.

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  11. Classic Design

    Classic Design

    This 6' x 12' Mt. Hood Sunshine Gardenhouse comes with pre-assembled panels of natural redwood framing and 4.5-mm thick polycarbonate glazing. The backyard greenhouse kit includes two vents that open automatically when the temperature is too warm, Dutch doors and a Trex base (no foundation required). Available on Amazon; $3,306.86.

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  12. Stunning Sunshed

    Stunning Sunshed

    This 8' x 12' Outdoor Living Today Sunshed kit is constructed from durable Western red cedar with a 6-mm thick twin wall polycarbonate roof and wall panels. The unit includes two heat-activated roof vent openings, two lower wall vents, a Dutch door, and an L-shaped full-wall workbench (no foundation included). Available at The Home Depot; $4,055.

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  13. Great Greenhouses

    Great Greenhouses

    It's not hard or expensive to have your own greenhouse.


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    With a pinch of effort and almost no upkeep, you can have the lush, beautiful garden of your dreams. The secret is to choose plant varieties that enjoy a little hardship. We’ve compiled the essential list of hardy flora, with tips for care and maintenance. Go now!