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12 DIY Step Stool Designs You Can Make

A step stool is the perfect tool for helping the short and tall alike to access those hard-to-reach places like the highest shelf of the kitchen cabinet, the top of the refrigerator, or the pull cord for the attic door. Step stools can also help kiddos reach the sink in the bathroom to brush their teeth at night or help out with the dishes after dinner (well, we can dream about that can’t we?). But before you head out to the big box store to pick up any old humdrum step stool, why not make your own? Check out these 12 DIY step stool designs from around the web that can give you a much-needed boost in and around the house.

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A Single Step

This simple wood step stool is classic in its construction and gives shorter folks a bit of a boost wherever it’s needed. All you need to complete this easy project are a few pre-cut boards (or a miter saw to make your own cuts) and a jigsaw, if you desire to make the decorative triangular cut in the sides.

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A Step Stool for the Kids

When you’re little it seems like everything is slightly out of reach. Instead of watching your kids constantly stand on their tippie toes to grab for the toothpaste, you can build them this DIY farmhouse-style step stool. All it takes is one board, which works out to about $9 in materials.

A Scrappy Step Stool via good_apollo

This sturdy step stool (which weighs approximately 36 pounds when finished) is made of scrap wood and shiplap, which lends a rustic appearance that’s perfect for inside the home or out. Oval-shaped cutout handles are located on each side of the step stool to make it easy for the hefty step to be lifted from location to location as needed.

Stripey Steps via andrea biffi

Who says your step stool has to be boring? You can infuse a little personality into your step stool, like the DIYer behind this project did. Line up different colored wooden rods and join them in a vise before you assemble the rest of the stool.

A Step into the Past

This DIY step stool project has a vintage vibe thanks to the unique cutout design of the footer and a distressed paint job that makes it look like it’s straight out of a quaint antique store. The project only requires a few boards to complete and can be whipped up in a mere afternoon.

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A Kid-Friendly Design via canuckinjapan

When you need a no-fuss step stool to help your kids climb into bed, reach the sink, or grab a book from the shelf, this simple DIY project fits the bill. All you need to recreate this sweet one-tier step stool is one piece of reclaimed cedar and some wood screws.

A Concrete Step

This stylish DIY step stool is reminiscent of a wooden crate with cutouts in the front that make it look like wooden slats. A concrete slab tops off the stool to give it a slick appearance and added stability.

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A One Board Stepper

One board is all it takes to make this tapered leg step stool that will help you reach the upper heights of the pantry or allow you to zap those cobwebs in the corners of the ceilings. To give the piece a weathered look, apply a coat of crackle paint or use an antiquing technique to distress the finish.

Cross Step

An X marks the spot on the back of this country chic step stool, which can help your kiddos reach new heights or help you grab all of the Christmas decorations from the back of the closet.

A Sleek Stepper

This simple step stool is lightweight and easy to cart around wherever you may need a little more height. The design is simple yet classic and could be stained to match any style of decor.

A Stair-Chair Hybrid

This wooden step stool doubles as a chair for little ones. The rounded, elongated sides on this untraditional step stool create a comfortable seat for kids to read in their rooms or watch yet another episode of Paw Patrol.

A Splashy Step Chair

This colorful step stool (and chair!) serves as perfect place for kiddos to plop down and read a book or step on up to grab something off the counter. A few boards and a selection of rainbow of paint samples is all you need to build this adorable piece of furniture.