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30 Coffee Bars to Put Pep in Your Home Design

The explosion in popularity of single-serve coffeemakers like the Keurig has given rise to a new home design trend: the coffee bar. Making a cup of coffee now requires minimal effort, and many of us feel free to indulge in our favorite hot beverage throughout the day, as opposed to just in the morning. There's no need to venture out to the coffee shop on the corner when it’s easier than ever to enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee at home—a convenience especially appreciated by telecommuters. Coffee is such a fixture in our lives, it seems natural to set aside a special place for the satisfying ritual of making it. Here are some of our favorite examples of home coffee bars from around the Web.

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Built-In Convenience

Coffee bars have become so popular that some people incorporate them into the design plan during construction or renovation. Case in point, Erin Spain refashioned her outdated wet bar as a sophisticated space for all her java needs.

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Super Storage

Storage is the key for creating a well-stocked coffee bar, and finding a piece of furniture with enough space to accommodate all your essentials can be a challenge. This sideboard from Houseful of Handmade rises to the occasion with multiple levels of cubbies, drawers, and shelves. 

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Coffee To Go

A coffee tote, like this one from Knick Of Time, puts a convenient twist on the DIY coffee bar. The compact dimensions keep things tidy on your counter, and make it even easier to transport the mugs, creamers, and napkins during a dinner party.

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Coffee Lover

A home coffee bar is a wonderful DIY project, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to use reclaimed objects, you can really make it your own. The centerpiece of this coffee bar is a heart-shaped sign made from salvage wood—perfect for adding hooks to hang your mugs!

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Coffee House

Put your favorite mugs out on display on this whimsical shelf. A Beautiful Mess shares the tutorial for the straightforward-to-build house-shaped unit. 

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A Sip at the Sideboard

A cabinet with enough surface area can easily enough be crafted into a DIY coffee bar, like this from My Repurposed Life. This small buffet has the added bonus of drawers and cabinets that provide ample storage. The DIY sign is a fun added detail, and doubles as a handy spot to hang your mugs.

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Mount It

Mugs can take up a lot of precious cabinet space in the kitchen. To free up storage, replicate this modern mounted rack from Jen Woodhouse. Place it above a counter or sideboard and you’ve got yourself a clutter-free coffee bar. 

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Copper and Black

A homemade cup rack gets a classy upgrade with glossy black wood boards and metallic spray painted dowels and S-hooks. When recreating the look for your DIY coffee bar, choose S-hooks that are the appropriate height for your rack—too short and it will look awkward, too long and your cups won’t fit.

Branch Out

Keep your mugs on display and out of the way with this simple coffee mug tree. Not too big or bulky, it’s great for the kitchen counter or even, the buffet in the dining room, or wherever you choose to set up your coffee bar.

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Handmade & Vintage

A handmade sign and a vintage ironing board quickly come together to make this sweet DIY coffee bar. Mounting the reclaimed boards with a small gap between them makes room for S-hooks to hang mugs. A stencil that emulates crate markings brings it all together. One lump, or two?

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Bookcase Brew

Tuck a coffee bar into the corner of a room with a simple two-shelf bookcase. The top is the perfect height for serving up a cup, while the shelves beneath store mugs and dishes for your favorite coffee accompaniments.

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Countertop Coffee Bar

You don’t necessarily need a stand-alone piece of furniture to house your coffee bar. Add a shelf and a mug rack to the section of kitchen counter where your coffee maker lives and you instantly have your own “Coffee Central.”

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Just Like the Cafe

Inspired by the quirky decor at trendy cafes, the bloggers at Gray House Studio transformed an off-the-kitchen corner of the house into an at-home coffee shop. Complete with chalkboard, decor elements, and a stand of bakery-fresh muffins (yes, please), this DIY coffee bar looks like the real deal.

Repainted Dresser

A bedroom dresser is easily transformed into a coffee bar with a coat of paint. The once-attached mirror, repainted with chalkboard paint, even provides inspiration for the day. A couple of bracketed shelves to store mugs and other accoutrement rounds out this coffee corner and makes it a daily destination.

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Coffee Tray

Hosting guests just got easier. Create a coffee station either in the guest room or a convenient spot in the kitchen with this DIY tray from Just a Girl. She tosses all the coffee essentials in painted flower pots and bowls, so your company doesn’t have to go digging around your drawers and cabinets to find spoons or sugar.

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On the Job

The creative headquarters of the team at A Beautiful Mess is graced with this fabulous coffee cart. Espresso and drip coffee machines preside over a slew of mugs and accoutrement made for mixing up a perfect cup. 

Another Spin on a Classic

Styled a different way, this ABM coffee cart is fit for those who take meetings in their home office or entertain in close friends in the kitchen. Stocked with different options for brewing, flavoring, and drinking coffee, it’s a coffee bar that will satisfy a crowd of different tastes.

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Time to Unwind

The blogger at My Repurposed Life is no stranger to the concept of upcycling—the art of turning old junk into new creations—so it seems appropriate that she would feature a guest post from a blogger with similar passions. Here, Knick of Time blogger shares how she turned an old cable spool into a small coffee station. All you need are a few cup hooks and some rustic accents to recreate the look.

Top Tier

Rummage sale cake pans might be too rusty to bake a cake, but they’re just right for making a tiered stand to store coffee essentials like creamer, napkins, and sugars. The whole thing comes together around an old dowel.

Refined Pallet

Shipping pallets have long been a popular construction material among bloggers, and they can certainly look stylish, provided you know how to use them. The blogger at My Repurposed Home salvaged wood from old pallets to give her most of the materials needed to make this table, then filled in with new lumber from the hardware store. When DIYing with pallets, check the boards for a stamp that indicates the boards are heat-treated—not chemical-treated, which are not safe for your average DIY projects. 

Wooden Bins

Proof that you don’t have to put all elements on display to make a big impact, the blogger at Sew Many Ways chooses to conceal coffee and tea in wooden bins. Clearly mark all tins and boxes to help guests help themselves.

Concrete Coffee Bar

You can DIY a concrete top, like this one from The Merry Thought, to give any coffee bar a modern and earthy look. Whether you’re building a table from scratch, or putting a new top on something repurposed, gathering all your coffee paraphernalia into one spot will make brewing that morning cup of joe an extra-satisfying ritual.

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Coffee Cabinet

Part door, part bookshelf, all caffeine-friendly. This little coffee station can go anywhere you want a little pick-me-up. Place the station near an outlet if you want to plug in a coffee machine, or cut a hole in the back panel in order to thread a plug through, thereby concealing the cables that are necessary for making your essential brew.

Reclaimed Cabinets

This coffee bar sideboard began life as upper kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed from the dumpster, and outfitted with barn-styled doors from actual reclaimed barnwood, it makes both a stunning and practical addition to this dining room.

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Countertop Corner

You can create a coffee bar with even the smallest patch of countertop real estate. Borrow inspiration from Beyond the Picket Fence who uses a polished old drawer as a crate to store her coffee staples that she keeps in mason jars.

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Portable Feast

A bar cart can make a superb coffee bar. Perfectly proportioned and portable, it’s easy to move from room to room (or even outside) when you’re entertaining a crowd.

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Creative Cart

Designate a small portion of your kitchen to be your coffee corner—always ready to serve up a hot cup of happiness. The Inspired Room offers inspiration for a makeshift coffee bar, with a floating shelf for coffee grounds and sugar, and a cart for all the fixings. 

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Dress It Up

Reclaim a dresser for use as a coffee bar. Within the Grove brought an old dresser into her family’s breakfast nook, and with just a few embellishments, created a neat and tidy coffee corner. A dresser provides plenty of surface space for the coffee machine, and mugs, plus extra storage in the drawers.

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Industrial Style

Industrial pipe fittings and 2×4 wood boards come together in a stylish shelf that can function as a rustic coffee bar. Although the blogger at Funky Junk Interiors
primarily uses this shelf as a phone stand, she acknowledges the surface has great potential as a caffeine fueling station. 

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Bar on a Budget

A utility or bar cart makes for a great coffee bar area. They’re not too bulky and can easily be moved around when hosting a party or rearranging a room. Within the Grove daydreams about her ideas for styling a coffee bar cart from IKEA. 

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Caffeine Boost

You need to create your own coffee station if you can’t start your day without a cup of joe.