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12 Inexpensive Ideas to Make Your New House Feel Like Home Fast

Balance the purchase of a new home with budget-friendly decorating ideas.

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It’s a Hot Seller’s Market

The current hot seller’s market means you may have paid more than you’d hoped for, but it doesn’t take away the fact that buying a new home is an exciting endeavor. It’s a clean slate to renovate, design, and decorate. However, transforming a house into a home that speaks to your taste can rack up a pretty bill. As the adventure begins, finding quick, inexpensive ideas to make the house flourish with personality is key. Check out these 12 ideas new homeowners can use to inspire home decoration and customization without breaking the bank after the big purchase.

Dress Up the Front Door Area

A new paint job may be out of the question for now, but smaller upgrades at the front door will feel like a personal accomplishment. Upgrade the house numbers to something sleek and modern and add a door knocker that matches your style. A clean, new door mat says “welcome” to all who visit.

Install Contact Paper

Not a fan of the kitchen countertops? Using peel-and-stick wallpaper-type products, you can inexpensively achieve the look of marble countertops or subway tile backsplash while you save for a bigger overhaul. Installation is quick and painless, and the outcome will provide a quick upgrade to an outdated kitchen that will give the space a refreshed look and feel.

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Change Overhead Lighting

An easy upgrade that will add elegance, new overhead lighting transforms the home. Swap out current light fixtures with pieces that speak more to your aesthetic. Add a luxurious chandelier over the dining table, and new flush-mount lighting in the hallways.

Add Window Treatments

Bare windows can make a house feel stark. To quickly warm up the space and make it feel more like a home, install window treatments. Curtains in the bedroom create coziness, while window treatments in the living room are great for adding grandeur.

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Change Hardware

New cabinetry is spendy. Before going big with a renovation, try swapping out old hardware for new pieces that represent your personal style. If the hardware is in good condition, consider spray painting the knobs, pulls, and hinges instead. Black paint provides a modern touch, while gorgeous gold paint adds a look of luxury.

Upgrade Faucets

Ripping out a bath, shower, or sink is a project that may need to be tackled at some point after purchasing a new home. In the meantime, new faucets will do the trick. New, shiny, and high-tech faucets in the kitchen and bathroom complement that new home feeling you’re so excited about.

Decorate with Rugs

Rugs blanket floors with warmth. Their designs add dimension, while pops of color provide personality. Take a look around, and the possibilities to ground the home with rugs are endless! Put a runner in the kitchen, add a large rug that covers the living room floor for comfort, and be sure to place a stylish one beneath the dining table.

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Swap out Switch Plate Covers

Outdated switch plate covers can make a house feel drab. Discoloration, old designs, and rust are unsightly. Upgrade switch plate covers with those that match your style, be it modern or traditional. Consider swapping out old toggle switches for the new rocker switch, as well.

Install New Door Knobs

Outdated door knobs throughout the home are an easy fix. Gold door knobs add elegance. Glass knobs offer an antique touch for homes with that aesthetic. Or choose a simple, streamlined design for a modern approach.

Decorate Open Shelving

Open shelving adds character to a house to make it feel lived-in. Install shelves in the kitchen or living room and place small plants, beautiful ceramics and glassware, or books and framed photos to combine function and decoration.

Add Throw Pillows and Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets add coziness to a house to make it feel like a home. Drape throw blankets casually over a chair or side of the couch for a relaxed yet stylish look. Decorate the couch with a collection of throw pillows in complementing materials, hues, and patterns for an eclectic look.

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Add an Aroma

Every home has a unique smell. Guests and residents alike familiarize themselves with it as they walk through the doors. A new home needs time to find that special scent, but the process can be kickstarted by placing candles in a signature scent throughout the home, burning sage, or using an essential oil diffuser.