13 Brands That Are Changing the Way We Clean

Learn about the homegrown brands and family-inspired businesses that are transforming how we clean – from the inside out.

  1. A Better Way to Clean

    sustainable cleaning brands

    Where cleaning is concerned, we know that harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances can be toxic for our bodies and the planet. But some companies have a bad reputation for “greenwashing” their products—adding eco-friendly language to their marketing without changing their business practices for the better. Fortunately, a handful of brands are bringing science and conscience together to create sustainable cleaning products that will impact our health and our future for the better.


  2. Grove Collaborative

    Grove Collaborative

    The cleaning aisle in your local grocery store can be downright confusing. Grove Collaborative aims to change that. The company, which started as a conversation between three friends, operates on the belief that simple products—good for you and the environment—should be easy to find and use. The result is the ultimate online pantry, stocked with healthy essentials for cleaning, laundry, pest control, kitchen, and bath.


  3. Dropps


    You’ve probably heard the saying “We’re all connected.” Dropps is putting that wisdom into action. With an estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic entering our water systems each year, we all need to reduce disposable plastic waste. As the inventors of the laundry detergent pod, Dropps uses plant-based ingredients and recyclable, compostable cardboard packaging. Gentle on clothes and tough on waste, Dropps offers a range of products, from its namesake pods to softeners, dish detergents, laundry bags and dryer balls.


  4. Branch Basics

    Branch Basics

    Marilee Nelson, Allison Evans, and Kelly Love are three women on a mission. After suffering from chronic illnesses due to chemical sensitivity, Nelson, Evans and Love set out to change the way we clean our homes. Branch Basics is their brainchild: a single concentrate for all cleaning purposes. Simply dilute with water and voila. The ultimate solution for surfaces, laundry, and more.


  5. BlueLand


    BlueLand believes we need to deep clean our cleaning methods. Step one is phasing out toxic chemicals. Step two is phasing out single use plastic containers. BlueLand’s Clean Up Kit uses three color-coded tablets that dissolve in water: blue for glass and mirrors; pink for tub and tiles; yellow for all other surfaces. Affordably priced and a viral sensation, BlueLand will help shrink your plastic footprint and reduce your reliance on disposable goods.


  6. Truman's


    Another champion of reusable bottles and concentrated formula is Truman’s. The brand aims to secure your business with a monthly subscription. Or you can simply purchase the starter kit, which consists of four reusable bottles and four cartridges, specially formulated for all your cleaning needs. Refills are affordable and ingredients are transparently listed on the Truman’s website.


  7. Force of Nature

    Force of Nature

    Electrolyzed water is the secret ingredient in Force of Nature’s products. What’s so special about their water technology? The electric current creates potent cleaning agents: hypochlorous acid (which also kills germs in our immune systems) and sodium hydroxide (a cosmetic-grade detergent). If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting cleaning solution for household and pet messes, Force of Nature has you covered.


  8. Grow Fragrance

    Grow Fragrance

    Artificial fragrance headache? Eliminate odors in your home that can aggravate allergies and cause respiratory damage. Choose Grow Fragrance instead. This alternative to air fresheners laced with petrochemicals and laboratory-made scents, Grow Fragrance is a unique blend of essential oils and other naturally-occurring compounds. Their line of air + fabric fresheners are nothing if not delectable (and healthy).


  9. Counter Culture

    Counter Culture Cleaner

    We generally consider “cleanliness” a virtue. But what if our obsession with clean is actually a harmful myth, destroying helpful bacteria? Counter Culture wants to redefine clean by rejecting the “kill bacteria” mantra, and replacing it with the science of good bacteria. Counter Culture’s probiotic formulas target messes, destroy dirt, and are less likely to cause skin irritations than traditional cleaning products.


  10. Everspring


    Even corporate America wants to be green. Target is listening and responding to customer concerns with its new Everspring line of eco-friendly home essentials. While the products continue to be packaged in disposable containers, they boost their green cred with recycled plastic, natural fibers, and bio-based ingredients. Plus, at ultra-affordable prices, Everspring is a superstore purchase you can feel good about.


  11. Full Circle

    Full Circle Cleaner

    Good design can eliminate waste and bring beauty and functionality into our homes. This is Full Circle’s philosophy. The company pledges to extend the life cycle of home goods by making products that last. Materials like bamboo, glass, recycled plastic, organic cotton, and cellulose combine to create brushes and organizers you’ll want to pass on to your kids.


  12. cleancult


    “Greenwashing” is widespread in the cleaning industry. Even so-called “eco-friendly” cleaners aren’t always so good for your health or the environment. CleanCult wants to rethink, redefine, and restore our confidence in the cleaning products we use every day. To do this, the brand uses a coconut-powered formula, glass reusable bottles, and sustainable, carbon-neutral shipping.



    ATTITUDE living

    From our neighbors up north comes ATTITUDE, a Canadian company that is now available in 44 countries and counting. More than a name, the brand wants to help us adopt a conscious attitude toward consumption. To prove that it practices what it preaches, ATTITUDE has had hundreds of its products vetted by the independent Environmental Working Group (EWG), an industry watchdog, driven by research and education.


  14. Ecover


    Ecover was one of the first companies to champion green living, back in the 1970s. Since then, these pioneers have introduced the first phosphate-free laundry detergent, “plant plastic” packaging derived from sugarcane, and LEED Platinum-certified manufacturing standards. Uplift your own cleaning standards with Ecover’s laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and fragrance-free cleaners.


  15. Game Changers

    eco friendly cleaning products

    When we know better, we can do better.


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