20 Places with (Almost) Zero Crime

Everyone hopes to live in a low-crime area where homes are secure and residents feel at ease visiting local businesses, parks, and schools. So if you’re thinking of relocating—whether for career opportunities, to raise a family, or simply get a fresh start with a change of scene—make safety a priority in your search for a new town. Check out our nationwide list of 20 top cities, culled from the annual SafeWise analysis of FBI crime statistics and other data from all 50 states, for those that ranked high in public safety, public health, and educational offerings.

  1. Lewisboro, New York

    Lewisboro, New York

    In 2018, this town of 13,000 ranked as the number one Safest City in America for the third year in a row! Located in Westchester County (a quick commute to New York City), Lewisboro boasts a crime rate of practically zero, with no violent assaults or burglaries. A plus for seniors? A public safety campaign that calls to check in on older folks who live alone.

    flickr.com via Reinaldo Aguilar

  2. Weston, Massachusetts

    Weston, Massachusetts

    This Boston suburb of 12,000 boasts a crime index score of 94 (100 being the safest) on Neighborhood Scout, thanks to a combo of cops and citizens. Townsfolk here are eager to volunteer for an active emergency reserve corps that offers free education and training on emergency management, personal safety, sheltering, and more.

    Wikimedia Commons via John Phelan

  3. Hazen, North Dakota

    Hazen, North Dakota

    The tiny town of Hazen, population 2,500, ranks second on SafeWise's 100 Safest Cities in America 2018 list and has an A+ rating for crime and safety on Niche.com. In the past year no violent crimes were reported. The police department uses Facebook to inform citizens about driving conditions, lost pets, and other town matters. 

    flickr.com via Andrew Filer/everydot.com

  4. River Vale, New Jersey

    River Vale, New Jersey

    A town that reported exactly zero violent crime, River Vale is a handsome haven about an hour’s drive from New York City that’s been dubbed the “Garden Spot” of the Pascack Valley. It keeps its 10,000 citizens healthy as well as safe via a wellness program to combat obesity and foster healthy eating and exercise.

    Wikimedia Commons via Jerrye & Roy Klotz, M.D.

  5. Norfolk, Massachusetts

    Norfolk, Massachusetts

    Situated on the periphery of Boston, in the Charles River valley, Norfolk has been going strong for safety since its founding in 1870. Not only do healthy folks feel at ease in the town of some 15,000, a volunteer program looks out for the wellbeing of those with illnesses that make them prone to wandering. It's sixth on the National Council for Home Safety and Security's Top 100 Safest Cities in America list for 2018. 

    Wikimedia Commons via John Phelan

  6. Western Springs, Illinois

    Western Springs, Illinois

    A Chicago suburb of some 13,000 citizens, Western Springs is renowned for numerous outdoor recreational spaces that are as safe as they are beautiful. It reported next to no violent crimes, and property crimes are minimal too. Western Springs also initiated a no-soliciting program to protect people’s privacy and keep unwanted strangers from knocking on doors.

    Wikimedia Commons via MrHarman

  7. Imperial, California

    Imperial, California

    This desert town of 17,000, about two hours east of San Diego, is known for its wildlife—but not it’s wild life! Imperial reported very few violent crimes and a low property crime rate too. And should a home be vandalized by graffiti, the city is so committed to cleanliness, it will fix the damage for free!

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  8. Penn Township, Pennsylvania

    Penn Township, Pennsylvania

    Peace has pretty much reigned in this town since the Pontiac's Rebellion Battle of Bushy Run in 1763! Located in lovely western Westmoreland County, Penn Township keeps its nearly 20,000 citizens safe, thanks to a tough-but-tender police force that reinforces community stability—and even operates a program to give back to needy families during the holiday season.

    flickr.com via R'lyeh Imaging

  9. Grosse Ile Township, Michigan

    Grosse Ile Township, Michigan

    This scenic spot comprised of several islands in the Detroit River (just a 29-mile commute for those who work in Detroit) earns super high marks for safety. Home values here average about $264,000 and are going up, but Grosse Ile Township isn’t only attractive to people—its animal control department is committed to educating the community on safe pet and wildlife practices.

    flickr.com via James Marvin Phelps

  10. Ocean Pines, Maryland

    Ocean Pines, Maryland

    Though eight miles in from the resort town of Ocean City, Ocean Pines is also on the water and a lot more laid back! It was founded in 1968 as a leisure community for aging adults but grew into a thriving town of 12,000. To complement its vital police and fire department, Ocean Pines established a program to battle drug and alcohol abuse and offers various free classes and workshops through its community center.

    Wikimedia Commons via Famartin

  11. Shoreview, Minnesota

    Shoreview, Minnesota

    This thriving town of 26,000, a suburb of St. Paul, boasts low violent and property crime rates thanks to such local safety education initiatives as the annual Night to Unite. Shoreview also maintains a free citizens’ leadership program designed to get residents involved in community operations, such as 911 services and cleanup activities.

    Wikimedia Commons via Aaron Fulkerson

  12. Johnstown, Colorado

    Johnstown, Colorado

    About an hour north of Denver and close to mountain recreation, this lovely locale, home to 14,000, is nicknamed the Community That Cares. It launched a communication service for residents to stay on top of local news and emergencies, and regularly runs free, fun events to bring folks together. Plus, when you leave town, you can ask the police department to check up on your property while you’re away.

    Wikimedia Commons via Jeffrey Beall

  13. Chester Township, Ohio

    Chester Township, Ohio

    Some 10,000 residents are happy to call Chester Township home. Located about 30 miles east of Cleveland and close to the shores of Lake Erie, it boasts no violent crimes and is 97% safer than the average Ohio city. Plus, driver, cyclist, and pedestrian safety are a big priority here, thanks to a well-equipped, conscientious road safety department.

    Wikimedia Commons

  14. Trophy Club, Texas

    Trophy Club, Texas

    Could a place called Trophy Club not be something special? This affluent suburb of Fort Worth, home to about 12,000, deserves a prize for its low rates of violent and property crime. And residents show their appreciation during a yearly event, during which they place blue lights in outdoor fixtures to cheer on the town’s police and first responders.

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  15. Wilton, Connecticut

    Wilton, Connecticut

    A handsome hamlet in southeastern Fairfield County, Wilton was first settled in 1651 and is rich in New England history. The town of nearly 19,000 typically reports virtually no violent crime and only minimal property offenses. One of its latest claims to fame is its commitment to environmental and sustainability education and efforts.

    Wikimedia Commons via Noroton

  16. Zionsville, Indiana

    Zionsville, Indiana

    This quaint burg about 18 miles northwest of Indianapolis was one of Abraham Lincoln’s speaking stops prior to his 1861 inauguration. Today it’s home to some 26,000 residents who take an active part in their town’s safety—including crime prevention programs that let citizens customize security plans according to their needs.

    Wikimedia Commons via Huw Williams

  17. Petal, Mississippi

    Petal, Mississippi

    Starting a family? Petal, a safe and pretty town of 10,000 that sits just outside of Hattiesburg, was voted Best Town in Mississippi for Young Families by Nerdwallet.com. In addition to low crime, Petal boasts exceptional outdoor sporting facilities and affordable housing (median home value: $164,000).

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  18. Oregon, Wisconsin

    Oregon, Wisconsin

    This peaceful town of 10,000 is nestled in the heart of farm country yet lies less than 15 miles from capital city Madison. Oregon secures its citizens via such compassionate campaigns as free “Slow Down Watch for Kids” signs. There’s also a drug drop box for unwanted medication to thwart the scourge of addiction.

    Wikimedia Commons via James Steakley

  19. Waterloo, Illinois

    Waterloo, Illinois

    Maintaining safety in this Midwestern town of 10,000, some 20 miles from St. Louis, Missouri, is all about a partnership between police and the community. Programs to curb domestic violence and illegal drug sales are a priority, and Waterloo’s quarterly Good Neighbor Award makes a point of recognizing citizens who do good deeds.

    Wikimedia Commons via Nyttend

  20. Bernards Township, New Jersey

    Bernards Township, New Jersey

    It's quite the impressive feat to have over 27,00 citizens in a town with zero violent crimes and less than 100 property crimes, so there's no question that Bernards Township, NJ is included on our list. In fact, the bustling town keeps improving in the area of safety, jumping from 21 on SafeWise's 100 Safest Cities 2017 list to 12 on their 100 Safest Cities 2018 list. Not only does the local police force keep violent and property crime to a minimum, a popular replanting program is helping to restore the15,000 trees lost in Hurricane Sandy.

    Wikimedia Commons via Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD

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