20 Ways to Decorate for Halloween on a $10 Budget

Get your house Halloween ready with these affordable—and sometimes frightfully spooky—decorations.

Spook-tacular Savings

Spook-tacular Savings

Get in the spirit this Halloween season and deck your house with ghosts, goblins, ghouls and more. With these affordable buys—all $10 or less—you don’t have to spend a ton on once-a-year decor. For the inside and out, check out our favorite cheap Halloween decoration ideas to get into the spirit of this spooky season.


Ghoulish Garland

Cheap Halloween Garland

Paper garlands certainly don’t stand the test of time, but for a quick, low-cost jolt of Halloween spirit, there may be no better option. This colorful web banner, which stretches across 72 inches, adds stylish festive flair with little effort or work needed from you. Available at Target; $3.

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Boo-tiful Print

Halloween Print

To add instant spook for Halloween, download this festive printable from RosaLillaPrints on Etsy. One purchase gives you JPG and PDF versions of the print in two font colors: black and orange. Print the digital download instantly, then pop the artwork in a frame for a touch of autumnal charm. It’s the perfect accent for any Halloween-themed festivity! Available on Etsy; $6.60.

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Cobweb Cover

Spiderweb Tablecloth

If you’re planning a Halloween party, don’t let your kitchen table get covered with melted chocolate, sticky apple cider, or messy crumbs. Instead, create a protective barrier with this black tablecloth from Hyde and Eek! Boutique™. The spiderweb pattern contributes to spooky holiday-themed decor, and it can be draped on top of another tablecloth for extra protection. Available at Target; $10.

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Bare Bones Decor

halloween gel cling

No time to carve a creative message into your hollowed-out pumpkin this Halloween? Decorating your front porch for visiting costumed Trick-or-Treaters can't get cheaper—or easier—than this set of gel clings that presses to your window in seconds. Since you'll apply them to the glass pane from inside the house, just make sure to adhere each three-inch black letters so that they appear backwards when viewed from inside in order to be legible to all who approach your door. Available at Amazon; $5.96.

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Animated Eyeball Doorbell

Animated Eyeball Doorbell

This year, you could find yourself living in a haunted house—or, at least, one that appears to be guarded by a glowing green eyeball. Hang this hair-raising animated doorbell on your front door to have plenty of fun with this season's visitors. In addition to its eery iridescence, the device also periodically cycles through the spooky sounds of creaking doors and sinister laughs. Available at Target; $15.

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Scary Spiders

Realistic Plastic Spiders

Summon spookiness to a swath of decorative cobwebs hung over the entry or sprinkle something creepy on the drinks table at your next kid-friendly party. Wherever you need a dose of fright, these lifelike plastic critters will do the trick. Sold in a pack of 144 pieces, you'll have more than enough to display in the dark corners of your haunted Halloween house or to hide in a candy bowl for a scary-fun surprise. Available on Amazon; $4.99.

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Worse Than Weeds

Skeleton Lawn Ornaments

As you're winterizing your garden beds this October, be careful not to trip over any skeleton bones. These plastic skeleton limb stakes are sold as a pair of feet and a set of arms. Fortunately, this skeleton seems to be a nice one and just wants to give you two thumbs up for your Halloween decor. Available from Target; $10 for each pair.

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Flying Bats

Flying Bats

While you typically wouldn't want to see a colony of bats hanging around your house, these paper bats are an exception. This set of bats comes with five large, six medium, and five small bats that can be attached to your wall with tape or hung with string. Give your visitors a spook by dangling the bats from chandeliers or hovering over the fireplace. The creepy effect will make it seem like bats are swooping around the house. Available on Etsy; $9.85. 

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Skull Candy Dew Drop Lights

Skull Lights

Add a colorful glow to an otherwise eerie Halloween with these Sugar Skull string lights. With a flexible wire, the color-changing skulls can be wrapped or draped around almost anything. No need to plug them in, either. Because these beauties run on a battery-operated power pack, you aren’t constricted to using them only in areas closest to an outlet. Available from Target; $6.

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Stretchy Spider Web

Stretchy Spider Web

Give your porch or living room a creepy haunted-house look with Stretchable Spider Web. The web comes packaged as a rope that you can spread out to cover up to 800 square feet. Attach it to trees, walls, or posts with tape or thumbtacks for a spectacularly spooky and spidery effect. Available from Target; $10

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Freaky Fingers

fake fingers

These gnarly severed fingers are the ultimate in unnerving accents—they're actually soap! You get five realistic soap fingers that can be customized as clean or dirty and bloody or non-bloody. Available on Etsy; $6.50.

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Hanging Around

Hanging Ghost

Hang this five-foot ghost from your porch. The creepy grin and layered jute body will startle neighbors and the mailman as the pass by.  Available from Target; $9.99.

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Heads Will Roll

Halloween Table Runner

At first glance this looks like a traditional lace table runner, but if you look more closely you'll notice the skeleton motif. It's the perfect accent to celebrate Halloween while fitting in with the rest of your everyday decor. Available on Etsy; $14.99.

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Witch's Ingredients

Apothecary Labels

A well-respected witch always has the pantry stocked with Bat Eyes, Moldy Grapes, Brain Juice, and other questionable ingredients to create the perfect brew. Delight—or gross out—guests with these printable Victorian Apothecary labels that will make one question what’s really in your jars and containers. Available on Etsy; $5.75.

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jackolantern candle holder

Paired with tea light candles, these jack-o-lantern candle holders will illuminate a darkened window or table with their smiling grins. Measuring 5.5 inches high and wide, they’ll fit just about anywhere, adding delightful detail to your Halloween decor. Made from resin, these jack-o'-lantern candle holders won’t melt, but like all sources of flame, keep them away from little fingers. Available at Factory Direct Craft; $1.19.

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Magical Display

halloween light bulb

Welcome guests and little goblins with a magical light show. The Philips Projection Bulb puts on a dazzling display of orange and purple effects. With the flip of a switch, your Halloween decor is ready. Available from Target; $10.

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Set the Scene

Halloween Taper Candles

This 2-pack of taper candles will fit standard taper candleholders to create the perfect gothic centerpiece for your Halloween dinner table. Alternately, use them for mantle or windowsill decor. Each candle measures seven inches in height and will provide hours of spooky illumination. Available on Etsy; $8.50 for a set of two.

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Hide and Seek

zombie hands

Is there something hiding behind the tree? Luckily no, but these fun zombie decorations give the illusion that your yard has been overtaken. The Halloween accessory includes four pairs of green zombie hands that easily tie around a tree or post with the attached string. Available from Target; $10.

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Spooky Shadows

Halloween Sign

Artistic renderings of Halloween images outlined against a contrasting background, these painted wooden plaques make a perfect addition to your festive decor. Choose from a winged bat, a black cat, a leafless tree, a wise old owl, a witch in flight, or a spooky graveyard scene. All plaques feature black paint on a yellow-orange background reminiscent of a full moon. Available on Etsy; $8 per plaque.

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Jack-O'-Lantern Leaf Bags

Pumpkin Leaf Bags

If the first autumn leaves have already fallen in your neck of the woods, try this: Rake some into heaping piles, then instead of bagging them up like you normally do, pack the leaves into festive, bright-orange jack-o-lantern lawn bags. Hey, if you're going to be cleaning up outdoors anyway, why not do a little decorating in the process? Not only do you a save a little time, but you also stand a chance of getting your kids to help out with the lawn work for once! Available on Amazon; $5.25.

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