5 Vintage Travel Trailers Transformed

The picture-perfect 4-bedroom house with the white picket fence is not everyone's ideal. If you’ve got a hankering to cut loose and see the country from the comfort of a mobile abode, get some inspiration from these super-successful makeovers of vintage travel trailers.

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Nov 26, 2016 02:47 PM

A Log Cabin on Wheels - Before

Cabin on Wheels

When it comes to vintage travel trailers, plenty of people think first of the Airstream. With their distinctive, rounded-aluminum body, Airstream are bona fide American classics. In fact, in business since the 1930s, Airstream was the only travel-trailer company to survive the Depression. Blaine and Mackenzie, of The Local Branch, started with this vintage-but-depressingly-derelict interior and ended up with...

thelocalbranch.word press.com 

A Log Cabin on Wheels - After

Tiny Cabin

... a work of art. They rolled the whole interior with crisp white paint and built new cabinets and work surfaces from reclaimed redwood. Then the pair outfitted the Airstream with decorative items collected on their cross-country travels. The result is a spectacular "mobile workshop" that serves as their home and studio while they explore the country.

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thelocalbranch.word press.com

Cacti and Kitsch - Before

Small Travel Trailer

Water damage and road wear are not atypical in vintage travel trailers like this 1973 Bell. The wood veneer decor was in particularly poor shape. Mandi of Vintage Revivals took on this beast of a renovation project and turned out...



Travel Trailer Kitchen

... an absolute beauty that she’s dubbed “The Nugget.” From refinished countertops and a cantaloupe-hued powder-coated stovetop to a custom-painted exterior and DIY midcentury door, this reinvigorated "roadhouse" is ready to roll again.

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For Sleep and Study - Before

Airstream Interior

Sometimes the RV life is about wandering; at other times, it's all about knowing where you’re headed. David Emett Adams definitely knew where he was going when he made over this 1967 Airstream by...


For Sleep and Study - After

Airstream Makeover

... swapping dark wood paneling for fresh white walls, and adding saturated accent colors and Southwest-style trimmings. Removing one of the beds made room for a long desk that provides this tiny house on wheels with a home office too.

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Extra Comfortable - Before

Camper Makeover

Vintage travel trailers were never designed to be lived in full time. But if that’s your goal, you’ll want your mobile home to be extra comfortable. Stephanie and J.O. have done just that in their 365-square-foot camper with...


Extra Comfortable - After

Camper Makeover - After

... a plush daybed, fresh flooring, a cabinet makeover, and a massive storage overhaul. Now the couple can live simply and snugly in their roving retreat.

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Very Vintage - Before

Vintage RV

Melissa and Robert set out to update and personalize this 5th wheel RV for themselves and not one, not two, but THREE...


Very Vintage - After

RV Makeover

... beautiful kids as they travel the country working and living a life of adventure and purpose. The couple replaced all the furniture with vintage favorites, and installed wood countertops and a washer/dryer combo. Add efficiently maximized storage to that list of amenities, and the family is ready for the ultimate traveling life—family style.

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