6 Pumpkin Carving Tools to Put the 'Jack' in Your Lantern

Mix and match these tools to turn your regular pumpkins into Halloween masterpieces.

  1. Template Transfer

    Template Transfer

    You can easily draw your own template (or find one on the internet) to make sure your 'Jack' comes out looking exactly as you planned. Use any sharp object you might already have—an awl, an ice pick, or even a ball point pen—to trace the pattern onto the pumpkin.


  2. Template: After

    Template: After

    Once the outline of the template has been marked on the pumpkin, the rest is a matter of carving—rather than coloring—within the lines.


  3. Pumpkin Saw

    Pumpkin Saw

    A pumpkin saw is a short, thin saw blade attached to a small handle that fits nicely in your hand. It's much easier (and safer) to use than a kitchen knife when carving a pumpkin, and the tool will enable you to tackle far more intricate designs.


  4. Pumpkin Saw: After

    Pumpkin Saw: After

    A classic saw for a classic 'Jack'. The rounded curves and small cuts in these jack o’ lanterns were made by using a pumpkin saw, whose compact blade gives you the control to make your scariest squash dreams come true!


  5. Power Drill

    Power Drill

    A power drill will make quick work of a jack o' lantern's eyes, or you can attempt a more ambitious design by combining your drill with a variety of bits and attachments.


  6. Power Drill: After

    Power Drill: After

    This freehand design of circles demonstrates the detail and precision that using a power drill affords. It is a crisp look, quick and easy to produce.


  7. Dremel


    A classic woodworking rotary tool, the Dremel can really bring your pumpkin carving to the next level. In combination with different attachments (from drill bits to blades to sanders), the tool is able to cut, carve, and even etch or engrave.


  8. Dremel: After

    Dremel: After

    This intricate Celtic knot design was achieved with a 1/32" drill bit and a Dremel, capable of far more detail than a regular power drill.


  9. Linoleum Cutter

    Linoleum Cutter

    Linoleum cutters are used by artists in block printing, but they can also help you carve details into the surface of your jack o' lantern, leaving the remaining flesh to "glow" once the pumpkin is lit.


  10. Linoleum Cutter: After

    Linoleum Cutter: After

    The floral motifs on these pumpkins were carved with a linoleum cutter. The range of depth in the carving creates a shaded effect, enhancing the design's three-dimensional quality.


  11. For more...

    For more...

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