7 Mistakes Not to Make in Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether you are just replacing an outdated vanity or renovating the entire space, bathroom remodeling can be an expensive proposition. Read on to find out the 7 most common mistakes made during a bathroom renovation and how you can avoid them in your own home.

Ignoring the Bathroom Fan

Replace Bathroom Fan

Don't forget about this often-overlooked feature: an appropriately sized bathroom exhaust fan. Without proper ventilation, humidity gets trapped in the enclosed space. Over time, this moist environment becomes the perfect home for mold and mildew, and allows paint, grout, and metal to deteriorate. Whether you already have a fan or add one in your renovation, make sure to vacuum the vent clean of construction dust and debris before switching the fan on in your updated space.

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Lacking a Clear Plan

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Planning is everything! Instead of discovering your bathroom's specific needs after you've already ripped out the toilet, make a plan that takes into account precise measurements, anticipated cost, all materials, and your own personal taste. Map out your plan for any family members or contractors who will be helping you with the remodel.

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Remodeling your bathroom?
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Improper Spacing

Small Bathroom

If your plan for your bathroom renovation focuses on looks rather than function, that's a big problem. Leave the decorating for later and think about the layout and spacing first. If you're breaking down walls and moving plumbing fixtures, you'll not only want to make sure the new layout satisfies building codes for minimal spacing guidelines, but also be certain that the placement of fixtures and furnishings allows for comfortable everyday use.

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Choosing the Wrong Materials

Bathroom Materials

Bathrooms undergo some serious stress—from high moisture levels to quick temperature shifts. To prevent warped or mildewed floors, walls, or vanities, you'll want to choose materials designed specifically for the bathroom. When you're spending lots of money to redo your space, it's important to know that your wallpaper can survive high humidity and your wood vanity will stand the test of time. 

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Being Unrealistic About a Budget

Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

Be honest about the budget. If you have only a limited amount of money to work with, stick to what you can afford. If you overspend, you'll have to cut corners somewhere and won't be pleased with the results. Extra costs do arise, however, so err on the safe side by budgeting an extra 15 to 20 percent for surprise expenditures.

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Overlooking Small Mistakes

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Small glitches in a new tile job or a gap in a bathroom vanity might seem minor, but even the smallest errors will become eyesores down the line. As your renovation progresses, always fix mistakes, even the smallest ones. Don't persuade yourself to overlook work that's been done wrong—if you notice it now, you'll see it every time you use the space.

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Losing Focus Toward the End

Renovating a Bathroom

Any renovation is exciting in the beginning, but hard work and long hours cause most people to lose a little steam. If you're so eager to see the completed room that you start rushing, you can burn out. Instead, move at a steady pace at the beginning, then slow down at the end to be sure everything is done correctly. Patience definitely pays off.

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Reno Rules

bathroom remodel tips

Planning ahead will save you pain in the long run.

Remodeling your bathroom?
Get free, no-commitment project estimates from pros near you.


Remodeling your bathroom?
Get free, no-commitment project estimates from pros near you.

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