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7 Painting Tools You Never Knew You Needed

When you're after a polished-looking paint finish, it's tempting to call in the pros—after all, that's one way of eliminating those DIY “oops” moments that lead to dropped brushes, spills, stains, or sloppy stippling. But another, less costly approach is to up your painting game. Fortunately, you can remedy—or altogether avoid—many common painting pitfalls simply by arming yourself with professional-grade tools. Keep this collection of industrious instruments from HYDE on hand in your home to achieve a top-dollar paint or drywall finish for a bargain price. This content has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of

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17-in-1 Painter's Tool

Stop scraping by with your old scraper—you can get more than a dozen additional functions for free with this 17-in-1 multi-tool! This handheld for all handiwork scrapes, opens cracks, pulls nails, patches, and cleans paint rollers, while its built-in nail puncher and screw bits make installing, screwing, and unscrewing fasteners a cinch. Finished with your DIY to-dos? Use the tool to pop open an ice-cold one! Available from HYDE; $17.43.

15-inch Aluminum Paint Shield

This next paint project, be it indoors or out, ditch the painter’s tape with confidence and still create crisp edges. The secret: This spring aluminum paint shield masks window glass and other splatter-prone zones for you. Featuring an offset handle and 15-inch blade, the protective painting pal is sure to keep your hands—and unwanted paint runoff—away from the work area. Available from HYDE; $2.40.

Quickly Clean Glove

Your next cleanup job is in safe and spotless hands when you pull on the Quickly Clean Glove. Soak the superhero scrubber in water and slip it on; its patented, chemical-free weave will remove oil-based paint, caulk, adhesive, algae, soap scum, or dirt and grass from any indoor or outdoor tool or surface—even your own hands! Available from HYDE at The Home Depot; $3.97.

Metal Can Pour & Roll Pour Spout and Roller Grid

Do your metal cans bear the stains of paint projects past? It won’t happen again with this reusable paint pour-and-roll spout. When snapped to the edge of any one-gallon paint can, the adaptable attachment prevents paint runoff while its dual-position roller grid lets you use a four-inch paint roller right out of the can and cover it with a perfectly even coat of paint. Available from HYDE; $5.53.

Painter's Assistant

When you need an extra pair of hands on the job to hold your paintbrush or paint can, simply call in your Painter’s Assistant. Fortunately for you, this one doesn’t charge by the hour! Attach the grip to a paint can, ladder, or tool belt to turn it into a multifunctional tool that travels with you, high and low. It also serves as a paint can hook, paint bucket carrying handle, and brush and roller cleaner, and its built-in magnetic strip can hold your paintbrush when you take five. Available from HYDE at The Home Depot; $4.97.

Paint Brush & Roller Spinner Cleaning Tool

Whether you need to switch colors mid-project or deep-clean your painting accoutrements at the end of a long day, take those grimy paintbrushes and rollers for a spin in this steel-constructed tool that credits its incredible cleaning powers to centrifugal force. The push-and-pull motion of the tool slings paint off rollers or any brush up to six inches—all without damaging a single bristle. Available from HYDE; $40.86.

Corner Ease Lambswool Roller

Even hard-to-maneuver jobs like painting corners, gutters, soffits, eaves, or corrugated roofing come naturally when you equip yourself with this multi-use roller and its handy replaceable tray. The roller’s all-lambswool design and V-shaped roller hub push paint into corners and crevices that no ordinary brush can reach, all without leaving gaps or edge marks. Available from HYDE; $34.79.