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9 Paint Color Trends You Might Regret

Few decorating tricks transform the feel of a room as easily, quickly, and inexpensively as a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps because painting is so easy—a bit inconvenient, true, but well within the reach of even a novice DIYer—it’s tempting to go all-out with the color trend of the day. After all, if you get tired of the color or decide it isn’t really you, change is just a paintbrush away. Still, most homeowners don’t want to repaint walls on a regular basis, so if you are considering one of the following nine trendy colors, keep in mind that it might feel like yesterday’s news—or have you wondering, “What was I thinking?”—sooner rather than later.

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Once considered taboo, black walls have taken the decorating world by storm in recent months. The trendy paint color certainly sets a dramatic tone, but when the trends change you’ll need several coats of paint to cover it up. Keep in mind as well that dark colors can make a room feel small and cramped. If you are determined to go black, consider painting just one accent wall in this darkest of all hues.

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Moody Darks

Whether it’s the moody blues, the deepest of purples, or the darkest of greens, intensely saturated, ultra-dark colors are in. Like black paint, these darks set a dramatic tone, but also like black, they can make a room feel close and small. If you’re keen on the look, try painting one accent wall in the dark color of your choice, or decorating with accessories in your favorite moody hue.

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Too Much Gray

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Not that long ago, gray was a less-than-popular choice for a wall color. That changed in a big way over the past decade. Gray has earned a place among the classic neutrals and is particularly in vogue for bedrooms, where it sets a relaxing mood for a restful sleep. Be careful, though, in selecting a gray for your home. Gray paints with cool undertones can make a room feel cold or inhospitable, while warm grays can make a room feel small and warm. Whichever hue you choose, complement your gray walls with cheerful accent colors.

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Millennial Pink

Blush pink for today’s generation, millennial pink has been everywhere over the past couple of years. But like all of-the-moment trends, its fall from favor will be just as quick as its rise to ubiquity. Go ahead and paint if you must, but hang on to your paintbrushes, as you’ll probably be wanting them again before too long.

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A touch of bright color adds excitement and fun to a room. An abundance of bright color in a small room, however, can easily overwhelm the space. The key here? Don’t overdo it. Paint a bright color on an accent wall, trim, or even drawer pulls for quirky flair.

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Sterile White

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It’s hard to go wrong with white walls—unless the color is super-white, with no hint of undertone. These intense whites can create a sterile and cold environment that’s hard on the eyes and unflattering to some skin tones. If you like the look of white, choose a paint color with either warm or cool undertones to create a more comfortable ambience.

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Pantone Color of the Year

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Every year, the Pantone Color Institute chooses the color that it feels will be most influential in the decorating, fashion, beauty, and graphic design worlds. The chosen color—it’s Ultra Violet for 2018—generally shoots to the top of the decorating charts but declines in popularity just as swiftly. If you’re caught up in the moment, go ahead and paint, but be prepared to swap colors next year.

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A little bit of gleam is a beautiful thing, adding sheen and luxury to a room. Having too many metallic elements, however, looks tacky—unless you’re decorating a casino rather than a home. If you love all things gold, silver, brass, or copper, bring in these shiny shades as accents, but keep them off your walls.

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High-Contrast Combinations

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Red and yellow. Purple and green. Turquoise and orange. High-contrast color combinations make an undeniable statement. But while these dramatic combos are fun, they can also overpower your decor. Try sticking with one intense color at a time, or painting walls a neutral color, then accenting with decorative elements in contrasting hues.

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Picking a Palette

So what color should you paint your room? If you’re feeling unsure about these current colors, consider a classic shade that is timeless regardless of trends.