18 Paint Colors You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2018

When it comes to predicting the most popular paint colors of 2018, industry experts are seeing red—and blue, and black, and gold. Strong, saturated shades are poised to dominate interior design schemes in the New Year. "People today have a growing sense of adventure and it's making its way into even the coziest corners of our homes," reports Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "We are craving colors that remind us of bright folklore and expeditions across continents." If your own style leans more towards softer shades, don't despair: A sprinkling of creamy neutrals has also made its way into the mix. Whether you're planning a complete color overhaul in your home, or simply looking to refresh a single room, consider these 18 inspirational hues.

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Oceanside—Sherwin-Williams SW 6496


Chosen as Sherwin-Williams color of the year for 2018, Oceanside is an opulent peacock blue. “Deep green-blues like Oceanside respond to changes in light, which creates intense dimension,” says Sue Wadden. A tremendously versatile color, Oceanside pairs well with bright yellows as well as more subdued navy, and is also an ideal companion for corals and copper metallic tones.

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Black Flame—PPG 1043-7

PPG Paints

Classic black infused with indigo undertones distinguishes Black Flame, PPG’s color of the year for 2018. “Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the indigo offers a deep hopefulness,” says Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketing manager. Try the color on an accent wall, a ceiling, or to add a modern vibe alongside whites, blush pinks, or soft pastels.

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Caliente—Benjamin Moore AF-290

Benjamin Moore

“Strong, radiant, and full of energy!” That’s how Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s director of strategic design, describes Caliente—the company’s color of the year for 2018. If you’ve ever dreamed of using red in your home, this is the shade to try: on an accent wall in a modern room, on cabinets in a country kitchen, or balanced with white wainscoting in an elegant dining room, bedroom, or bath.

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Deep Onyx—Glidden 00NN 07/000

Glidden Paint

Embrace black as a neutral, advises Misty Yeomans, color marketing manager for Glidden Paints. “Using black paint like Deep Onyx, our color of the year for 2018, can seem intimidating at first,” Yeomans admits, “but it’s actually easier than you think.” Black pairs well with many colors from primary reds and blues, to earthy browns, to crisp white. Try it as an alternative to white paint on doors, trim, and cabinets.

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Bahia Grass—Kelly-Moore KM4782


Bahia Grass, a subtle green that evokes wild grasses swaying in the breeze, has been named Kelly-Moore’s color of the year for 2018. “Bahia Grass is the epitome of a modern neutral,” observes Mary Lawlor, Kelly-Moore’s manager of color marketing. Serene when mixed with white and cream, “it’s also the perfect companion to the 1970s-inspired palette that’s become influential today.”

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Heron—Pratt & Lambert 27-18

Pratt & Lambert

Create elegant, restful rooms with Pratt & Lambert’s 2018 color of the year, Heron. “Heron promotes tranquility, inspiring homeowners to declutter, unplug, and reconnect with family and friends,” says Ashley Banbury, senior designer for Pratt & Lambert. To emphasize a relaxed atmosphere, pair Heron with crisp white or soft gray, or layer natural materials such as wood, metal, and terra cotta.

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In the Moment—Behr T18-15


Combining elements of spruce blue, soft gray, and lush green, In The Moment represents Behr Paints’ first-ever color of the year. “This restorative blue-green is a grounding neutral that evokes a sense of sanctuary in our always-on lives,” says Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Creative Services for Behr. Invigorate the color with spice-red accents or pair with a warm gray to create a more tranquil atmosphere.

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Black Magic—Olympic OL116

Olympic Paints & Stains

With so many shades of black on the radar for 2018—like Olympic’s color of the year, Black Magic—dare to use the dramatic hue throughout the house. “Black perfectly juxtaposes trending grays, blush pinks, and warm whites,” says Olympic’s Dee Schlotter. “It’s also a flawless complement to distressed wood elements and works especially well in a dining room with a bold light fixture.”

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Metal .05—Colorhouse


Known for its commitment to eco-friendly paint mixtures and recycled packaging, Colorhouse is equally passionate about its carefully curated palette for the home. For 2018, the company has chosen four hues to represent the coming trends. Among them is Metal .05, a strong graphite gray that looks equally stunning as an accent or on all four walls, and is an ideal backdrop for warm wood tones.

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Air .07—Colorhouse


Inspired by the earthiness of lavender fields, Air .07 is another of Colorhouse’s 2018 selections. This delicate purple defies classification in one style, looking just as fresh and current in an urban living room as in a country kitchen. Using lavender as a neutral lets homeowners play with the other colors in a room, from calming white and cream to a bolder mix of sky blue or apple green.

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Wide Sky—Behr T18-17


Part of Behr’s 2018 color trends palette, Wide Sky is a vibrant blue that promises to wake up any space it’s in. “We want to encourage homeowners to use color to enhance the energy of a space,” Erika Woelfel points out. Wide Sky fits the bill, pairing perfectly with a strong yellow to evoke a classic French country look, or facilitating a fun twist on Americana with white, chambray blue, and faded reds.

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Incense Stick—Benjamin Moore 2115-20

Benjamin Moore

Deep browns have become a go-to neutral in the home, and that trend is on course to connote in the New Year. Part of Benjamin Moore’s color trends 2018 palette, Incense Stick provides a strong backdrop onto which homeowners can play with patterns and textures. Try mixing in graphic black-and-white prints, warm yellows, or honey toned wood finishes.

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Ibis White—Sherwin-Williams SW 7000


Part of Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast for 2018, calming Ibis White brings classic neutrals to a new generation. “Our colors are inspired by youth culture,” says Sue Wadden. “A modern, playful way to approach neutrals is to balance them with watery tones of blue.” In this room, Ibis White walls are paired with Billowy Breeze (SW 9055) on the crown molding and ceiling.

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Water .06—Colorhouse


“The world is more fun in color,” says Colorhouse president Puji Sherer, who believes in paint’s ability to inspire creativity in the home. Water .06 is a shade that is sure to spark countless ideas. Combining hints of blue, green and gray, Water .06 would be a classic choice for a bedroom and or bath, but imagine it in a home office or craft room as a backdrop to colorful paints, papers, and fabrics!

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Bisque .02—Colorhouse


Not so long ago, creams and beiges had fallen out of favor as an everyday neutral, but they’re coming back strong as homeowners rediscover their ability to add warmth and beauty to any room. Colorhouse’s Bisque .02 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a cool white that’s not cold. This wax-paper hue perfectly balances earth tones and would ground bolder hues like red, navy, or pumpkin.

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Pearl Gray—Sherwin-Williams SW 0052


Botanically-inspired hues can be found throughout Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 Colormix Forecast, like the barely-there green of Pearl Gray. “Hushed tones, complex grays, and hazy botanicals blend together fluidly to create a peaceful space,” says Sue Wadden. In this airy living room, Pearl Gray walls are punctuated by a ceiling painted in Homburg Gray (SW 7622), another Colormix selection.

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Pleasant Pink—Benjamin Moore 2094-60

Benjamin Moore

Proving once and for all that pale pink isn’t just for kids anymore, Benjamin Moore has added Pleasant Pink to its 2018 color trends palette. The inviting, seashell shade acts as an ideal neutral backdrop for any decorating style. Layer on graphic black-and-white prints for a modern look, position weathered wood furnishings for a more country feeling, or combine influences for a lively mix.

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Life is Good—Behr T18-05


Cheerful yellow is turned up to full volume for Life is Good, part of Behr’s 2018 color trends palette—a collection of colors chosen to “rejuvenate the spirit, inspire joy, and restore balance to our lives,” says Erika Woelfel. The bold color invites playful mixtures of texture and pattern, from throw pillows to carpets to curtains, reflecting the international influence so prevalent in home design today.

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