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7 Top Tools for No-Mess Painting

While before-and-afters of painting projects are often breathtaking, there tends to be a little bit of ugly at the end—specifically, the time-consuming cleanup. Fortunately, Hyde Tools is on a mission to design solutions that vanquish spills, splatters, smudges, and uneven application. The ingenious implements you’ll see here will speed you through your next DIY paint job, helping you get professional results with minimal mess and no tedious touch-ups. Top-notch tools like these just might make it fun to put on a fresh coat! This content has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of

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Pour to Perfection

Mess often happens before paint ever even touches a wall, due to spills from pouring and drips from overfull rollers. Prevent both with the Metal Can Pour & Roll Pour Spout and Roller Grid. Simply snap the spout onto a one-gallon can, and you’ll be able to pour paint precisely into the roller tray. Or, attach the adjustable grid to the rim of the spout to help you apply just the right amount of paint to a four-inch roller straight from either a full or partially used can. Available at; $3.95.

Whip It Good!

Poorly mixed paint won’t go on smoothly or wear well. So, to avoid gloppy application of old leftover paint, attach the HYDE® Stir Whip™ to your drill, and mix to the max. With its sturdy steel hex shank and flexible nylon fingers, the Stir Whip™ hits all the hard-to-reach places in any can or container to provide good-as-new color and consistency. But don’t stop with paint! This little beauty can thoroughly mix the thickest, most viscous fluids, powering through stain, plaster, concrete, and drywall mud, and the low drag means it won’t tax your drill battery. Available at; $8.79.

Keep a Helper Handy

Why juggle a bunch of different tools when you can rely on the HYDE® Painter’s Assistant™? Use this multipurpose wonder to open cans, and then snap it onto a one- or two-quart paint container as a handle. It hooks to your ladder to keep paint securely within reach—meaning zero drips between the can and the wall—and features a magnetic brush holder so you can put down the brush, confident that it will stay put. And, if you’re impressed now, just wait until you see how the built-in brush and roller cleaner speeds you outta there. Available at Home Depot; $5.95.

Cut In Cleanly

Taping off is such a time suck! Skip it and still achieve a meticulous paint job by using the 24½” Super Guide™ Paint Shield & Smoothing Tool as a straightedge. Just hold the shield steady against the surface you want to protect from paint, then cut in with a brush for a nice, neat edge. The stainless steel blade extends beyond the handle to reach into corners beautifully. Plus, this multipurpose marvel also smooths wall coverings and drywall compound, increasing the odds that it will become your favorite new go-to tool. Available at; $6.33.

Paint with Precision

For fast, smudge-free results on doors, drawers, shutters, molding, furniture, and a host of craft creations, the Painter’s Pyramid® 10-Pack Painting System lets you work on all sides of a piece with speedy efficiency. Instead of laying the piece on a flat surface and risking paint transfer when you flip it over, position it atop the minimal contact points of the pyramids. Paint the top sides, flip the workpiece, then paint the other sides—and you’re done! The chemical-resistant pyramids are sturdy enough to support up to 200 pounds and can be strapped to sawhorses via the convenient holes. Available at; $9.26.

Clean Brushes and Rollers Better

It’s a predicament for every painter: You want to clean up fast, but you also want to preserve your pricey brushes and rollers for the next project. The two-in-one Black & Silver® Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner is designed to help you wrap up cleanup speedily and thoroughly—without missing specks of color that could compromise the life of your painting equipment. Made of stainless steel, this handy tool boasts resistance to both rust and chemicals as well as a lifetime guarantee. Available at; $5.14.

Get Rid of Gunk Naturally

When you’re done for the day, power scour your tools and your hands with the Quickly Clean™ Glove. Slip the glove onto one hand, moisten with plain water (no harsh chemicals), and use the patented weave to easily scrub away paint from brushes as well as caulk, adhesive, grease, ink, marker, and more that might be on your equipment. The Quickly Clean™ Glove makes short work of scrubbing surfaces in your work area—and you won’t believe how well it banishes grit and grime around the rest of the house. Finally, use the glove to gently clean your skin, then rinse well and air-dry. Handy, huh? Available at The Home Depot; $3.97.