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20 Unexpected Spots for Accent Colors

When it comes to bringing new colors into your home, why limit yourself to the walls? Add accent colors in these 10 unusual places to brighten your living space.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Slapping a coat of paint on kitchen cabinets not only refreshes but also completely transforms the common gathering space. If you’re not up for the effort of an exterior cabinet door makeover, consider adding a surprise pop of color inside your cupboards.

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Colorful garage

Whether you use your garage to house your car or store an array of tools and knick-knacks, the entrance doesn’t have to be boring. Wield a paintbrush and use your imagination and artistic skills to enhance your garage door canvas.


This geometric pattern adds a touch of charm to a newborn’s nursery but is modern enough to stick around when baby grows older. The single accent wall delivers fun and whimsy without adding visual clutter.

Patio furniture

A few accents of color make all the difference in an outdoor space. Instead of purchasing a whole new patio set to match your vision, use a coat of paint to brighten up the space.

Books by color

Collections can add color to a neutral-colored room. Your possessions might display a subtle hue, or they might paint a bold brushstroke of color in an otherwise subdued space, like this carefully curated book collection. Choosing a work of art that incorporates the same color as your collection can be a pleasing addition to the arrangement.

Entertainment Center

Dutch Boy

Contrast neutral tones with an infusion of color. In this living room, the entertainment center is painted a soothing soft blue tone. Work Dutch Boy’s Quiet Breeze paint hue into almost any design scheme from coastal to contemporary.

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Colorful appliances

Stainless steel, white, and black are the usual choices as folks set out to replace their appliances, but there’s no set rule that monochrome is the only way to go. A bubble gum pink stove in this kitchen adds a unique design element and is the true focal point in the otherwise all-white space.


Painting the inside of a bookcase serves two decorating purposes: It adds color to a room in an unexpected way and also makes an attractive backdrop for whatever you put on the shelves. To increase visual interest, group books, and accessories by color or by theme.


When searching for an ideal spot to coat with color, the answer may lie beneath your feet. Painted floors are a fun and energetic decorating idea, whether you opt for a solid color or a lively pattern—like these bright, hand-painted geometric floor tiles.

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Dining Chairs

Many homeowners prefer to paint the walls in a dining area an inviting hue, like tomato red or apple green. Equally stunning, however, is a neutral space in which an everyday table is surrounded by brightly colored chairs. As an added benefit, mismatched pieces can be unified with the same color.

Half-Painted Door

If a solid bright yellow or orange door seems like too much of a commitment, consider using less paint to provide a similar impact. This half-painted door delivers a punch of color without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Storage Units

Practical storage cabinets don’t need to blend into the background. This IKEA dresser is painted in pink hues changes it from drab to cheery. When you can’t find the perfect piece in the right color for a room, use paint to match the unit to your decor. 

Painted pegboard

Garages are typically the last space where you’d think to add color, but these bold fire-engine red pegboards beautify an otherwise plain area. A visual improvement with a little bit of paint might make you more likely to keep tools and clutter in check.

Painted Patio Tiles

Add color to concrete or wood by using paint outdoors. Choose weather-resistant paints to prevent premature peeling and chipping. You only need to paint a few tiles to create visual interest!


A wall-mounted shelf quickly fades into the background when placed on a vast white background. Add heft with paint and create a focal point for your new shelf like this geometric paint job that attracts the eye as soon as you enter the room.

Interior Doors

Homeowners often give special thought to the color of exterior doors, but interior doors can also deliver a punch of color to a hallway or neutral room. The woodwork around windows and along floorboards can be painted to match the door or be kept white, allowing the door itself to command full attention.

Painted Furniture

A coat of paint can transform any wooden furnishing into an accent piece, whether it’s a dresser, side table, bed frame or armchair, just to name a few. Be creative—rather than painting the piece in a solid hue, try your hand at creating stripe or chevron patterns, or a combination of both.

Wall Art

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect piece of art for your living space. A bit of creativity and clever tape placement were all that was needed for this colorful painted wall art that adds interest to a dull mantel area.

Colorful wood planters

Among a sea of green, a collection of colorful planters stand out on a deck, patio, or other outdoor space. Buy yellow and orange planters to contrast your backyard foliage or paint DIY planters like these gorgeous wooden teal containers. If you’re painting boxes that will house edibles, be sure to select food-safe paint.

Bathroom vanity

In this bathroom transformation, an old dresser is painted a delicate blueish-green hue to become a farmhouse-style vanity. A bit of paint saves you from purchasing a pricey new piece of furniture and the dresser itself provides plenty of storage space for all your toiletries and bathroom accessories.

Make a Statement

You can add a splash of bold color almost anywhere in your home.