Interior Storage

13 Unexpected Uses for Baskets

Practical and stylish containers for capturing clutter in the home, baskets are perfect for storing a surprising array of everyday items. Take a look at how these woven wonders solve an array of convenient containment for the stuff of our lives.

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Place a tall basket on your hearth to hold firewood. It keeps the logs off the floor while keeping them close at hand.

Remote Controls

Never again have to ask, “Where’s the remote?” It’s right here… in a small basket on a side or end table that all your clickers can call home.

Underbed Opportunity

If you need to keep something under the bed, do so with neat storage solutions like these. Lightweight with easy hand grips, the square baskets fit snugly under the mattress and, although visible, are very easy on the eyes.

Indoor Plants

Complement a plant with a basket woven of natural materials. A tall, round basket makes a perfect planter for a single potted plant; squares work equally well. Or host a collection of potted friends in a rectangular basket, mixing colors and shapes for an eclectic look.


Treat yourself to an attractive catchall to throw toys into when your mother-in-law calls you from the corner. A deep and spacious basket with a fabric liner can hold all those bits and pieces you don’t have time to put back in their proper places. You might want one for every room!

Everyday Essentials

Corral keys, wallets, phones, and whatnot in a cutlery basket close to the door. It will keep the mess off your counter, and it’s pretty enough to keep in plain sight.  There are plenty more ideas for repurposed storage.

Everyone's Stuff

Put each family member’s name on a basket, and keep the baskets on or close to the stairs. As you gather up all that stuff that your family leaves around, place it in the appropriate basket to be carried up and put away—a very pretty way to help control the clutter.

Bathroom Essentials

Keep essentials, such as toilet paper or fresh towels, in a simple, handled basket in the powder room. The basket will keep things collected while leaving them easily visible and accessible for any guests who might need them.

Pantry Items

Organize pantry items with a collection of fabric-lined baskets. Chalkboard paint labels give you the flexibility to easily reorganize as necessary while making it a cinch to find just what you need.


Don’t hide it! Revive your recycling by stashing it in a large basket rather than a utilitarian bin. Handles on the sides make it easy to take out when trash day comes.

Hang It All

Put your blank walls to good storage use by hanging baskets to keep you—and your entire family—well organized. If you’re providing them for your kids, be sure to hang the baskets at a height that’s easily reached, and consider personalizing each one to help your kids keep their stuff straight.

Root Veggies

Store root vegetables, such as onions, potatoes, and garlic, in square baskets that slide right into your cabinets. Baskets—among the most budget-friendly kitchen makeover tips— provide the airflow necessary to keep them fresh while creating a uniform and charming display.

Cellar Storage

Baskets have been used for centuries to transport everything from fruit to fish, cotton to coffee, so it’s totally fine to use them to store items that will be somewhat exposed to the elements. Oversize baskets provide useful storage in cellars, and they can do the same for you in the basement, garage, or patio.