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11 Clever Ways to Capitalize on Awkward Corners

Awkward corner no more! Say goodbye to the unusual and unusable spaces in your home. Here are 11 ways to transform any problem area into your new favorite spot.

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Be Still My Cart

Those narrow spaces in your home, often the result of poor design, eat up usable storage space. All too often, the gap between the TV and the wall or the awkward space between two cabinets are forgotten and unused. To maximize storage in the smallest of spots, create a thin rolling cart that can easily slide in and out of tiny corners. It’s as simple as that to find extra space for spices in the kitchen or craft supplies in the family room.

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Order In The Corner

In many homes, the fridge serves as an informal memo board for important notes, calendars, and kids’ achievements. Now formalize your fridge‘s second function by turning one of its sides into a command center. Add a white board and some well-placed cubbies to create a landing place for family schedules and weeknight recipes.

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Kitchen Conundrum

If you have a corner kitchen cabinet, chances are it features a lazy Susan that spins to give access to out-of-reach supplies. While that design functions just fine, try this take on the corner cabinet: pie-shaped drawers. This approach adds both drawer space and depth to your current cabinet setup.

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Around and Around

Ever notice how postage-stamp-sized local shops can fit so many things into such a small space? The reason is the use of smart storage solutions—like revolving shelves. Take a cue from your favorite store and make your own turning shelf. Place it in a do-nothing corner and suddenly you’ve got storage.

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Clean Palette

Try this artful endeavor the next time you cringe at a big blank corner in your home. Use your favorite prints and photos to create your very own gallery wall. Start by planning where your favorite prints will hang: Cut out paper in the shape of the frames and tape the pieces to the wall. Take up as much wall space as you need from floor to ceiling. After all, there’s aren’t rules when it comes to art.

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The Space Between

Corners are tricky to decorate, doubly so when they’re positioned in that awkward space between two windows. Turn this design challenge into an opportunity by creating a corner shelf that nestles perfectly in the dead space. Not only does it unify the space between each window, but it adds endless function as well.

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Cut Corners

For less than $100 and a few hours of work, this rustic corner cabinet could be yours. The genius design might be your favorite piece of furniture for the way it adds style and function to a previously empty corner. The open shelving on top and closed cabinet on the bottom work together to give a home to all the things you want to display and everything you don’t.

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When One Door Closes

Another solution to the corner dilemma? This clever door-turned-bookcase. All it takes to DIY your own is a salvaged door, a circular saw, and some metal brackets. A coat of paint can make the piece as bold (turquoise anyone?) or as subtle (think off-white) as you want. Use it to display heirlooms in the living room or toys in the kids’ bedroom—be sure to anchor it to the wall to prevent tipping.

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Calling all coffee lovers! If the gadgets you need to make your morning cup of joe are taking up too much counter space, turn a small corner of your kitchen into your very own cafe. Create a counter using a small table you already have on hand, or build your own with wood for the base and concrete for the top. Then add a few floating shelves to stash your favorite beans and mugs.

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Shelf Life

The greatest thing since sliced bread may have been the humble box used to store it. That said, bread boxes have fallen out of fashion in many homes. Before you discard an unused box, consider upcycling it into wall storage. Screw the base of the box onto the wall, then use it as both a shelf and a mini cabinet.

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Go Horizontal

A corner shelf is difficult to find in stores, but it’s easy enough to make your own. Here, an old ladder does double duty as a storage shelf and a unique focal point for the room.

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