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Mirror Magic: 10 Ways of Using Mirrors to Your Design Advantage

Look to mirrors for stylish appeal and practical value in every room of the house.

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Top It Off

Set a large mirror on a tabletop, leaning it up against the wall. This is a casual yet sophisticated look, perfect for a console in the hallway or a dresser in the bedroom. To secure the mirror, use either a French cleat or picture wire and a nail.

Fill a Void

A lamentable result of so many staircase designs is “dead” wall space. It’s difficult to decorate this real estate, so why not try filling the void with a hodgepodge of mirrors? An added benefit: You’ll make the room appear more expansive.

Door to Possibilities

Repurpose an old door into an eye-catching leaning mirror. Paint the piece in a color that complements your decorating scheme, and for added functionality, attach vintage hooks to hang coats, hats, or bags.

Reflect on Your Thoughts

You don’t need to see yourself in every mirror! Devise your own piece of artwork by simply stenciling an inspirational quote on a mirror; strategically placed, it can still create the illusion of more space.

Unifying Factors

Antique mirrors, removed from their frames, have been hung together here to create a gallery wall. Each mirror is a different size, but the bare edges common to all somehow manage subtly to unify the look.

Make a Splash

You can easily purchase a mirrored tile backsplash or with a little DIY handiwork, you can recreate this distinctive look. It features reflective coasters and clear beveled tiles, with paint chips backing the latter for pops of welcome color.

Spread the Sunshine

Limited outdoor space? Consider adding a large mirror to a wall on your patio. This mirror with lattice inlay accomplishes a few worthy goals: While providing visual interest, it also makes the yard look bigger and brighter.

Reflections from Above

Ceiling medallions are primarily available in classic styles, and they can be expensive. Mimic this modern medallion at low cost by patterning honeycomb-shaped mirrors around a hanging light fixture. Hardware not required; use Liquid Nails to piece it all together.

Frame Your Style

Amp up the style quotient of your bathroom vanity mirrors—and boost storage in the process—by introducing a low-profile shelving unit. Complete the package by trimming the perimeter above the sink in white-painted molding.

Secret Storage

Put up a hinged mirror to conceal a recessed storage cabinet. In tight quarters, opt for a thin mirror that can sit almost flush to the wall. Own a truckload of shower products? Now you see ’em, now you don’t!