The Best Soundproofing Materials for Muffling Noise

Find the right soundproofing material to improve acoustics in your home, workshop, or studio—whether you’re running loud equipment, starting a podcast, or trying to block out noisy neighbors. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option


Silence is golden for so many of us: DIYers who use loud power tools, night shift workers who must reduce noise for daytime sleeping, anyone recording music or podcasts, and students or entrepreneurs just trying to get some work done at home. Whether your goal is rest or activity, installing the best soundproofing materials is sure to help you achieve greater peace and quiet.

Cutting down on the decibels can be daunting, however, as there are different types of soundproofing materials, and each works differently. The best soundproofing materials catch and absorb soundwaves to control their passing through barriers, leaving your home quieter, and increasing audio quality. So read on to learn about the best soundproofing materials on the market—you’re sure to find a product that fits your needs, style, and budget.

Our Top Picks

From foam to acoustic panels to mineral wool and more, here are seven reliable soundproofing products selected for quality, price, and customer satisfaction.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: Mybecca 6 Pack Acoustic Foam Wedges


BEST OVERALL: JBER 6 Pack Acoustic Foam Wedge

Whatever your reason for banishing noise, consider these 2-inch thick panels that catch soundwaves before they can pass through walls. The JBER panels also do a great job of stopping echoes that would otherwise ruin audio recordings. Sold in a pack of six, the panels will cover up to 6 square feet and can hang on the wall horizontally or vertically, creating a cool and professional-looking background for a home office, podcast, or home studio.  Unfortunately, a common complaint about these panels is the foam’s unpleasant “off-gassing” odor. So after installing these panels, ensure that the room is well ventilated and stay out of the area for several days to let the air clear.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: SoundAssured Soundproofing Acoustic Studio Foam


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: SoundAssured Soundproofing Acoustic Studio Foam

Soundproofing is serious—but it doesn’t have to look that way! Affordable SoundAssured soundproofing studio foam wedge panels are available in a host of cool colors, including blue, green, and purple. The panels come in 1 square foot sections that are 2-inches thick to keep noise to a minimum. They’re sold in a set of four, and you can purchase several sets in different hues to create a fresh, exciting pattern at an attractive price.

Installation is easy with spray adhesive or double-sided utility tape strips, but if you hope to achieve absolute silence, these panels simply aren’t dense enough. So while they’re great for catching echoes and creating better sound quality in-home studios and offices, they won’t fully block that cacophonous garbage truck as it rolls down your street.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: BUBOS New Acoustic Panels


UPGRADE PICK: BUBOS New Acoustic Panels

If your home office or studio calls for something a bit classier than the egg crate look or a network of ridges, soundproof in style with BUBOS Acoustic Panels. The 12×12-inch squares (sold in packs of six) come in various solid colors as well as a variety of interesting patterns. Choose a simple client-friendly design or go patriotic with an American flag background.  They’re made from 100 percent polyester, so they’re completely safe for your family and pets, with no off-gassing, dust, or other possible harmful materials. Outfitting an entire room with these stylish squares could get expensive, as each package only covers 6 square feet. They’d make an attractive addition as an accent wall in a room you’re otherwise soundproofing with a more economical wedge product.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panel


BEST MINERAL WOOL: Roxul Rockwool Acoustic Mineral Wool

DIYers who prefer to make rather than purchase soundproofing panels will want to look at Roxul’s Rockwool. Mineral wool is quite rigid, so it will hold its shape when wrapped in fabric or hung on a wall, yet it also cuts easily to fit a stud bay or other gaps in your soundproofing project. This material is made from rocks, so it’s both fire- and water-resistant, and also provides a slight insulation boost that may even help with your heating or cooling bills. Pro tip: As a rock-based material, the panels can retain a lot of dust. Be sure to wear a mask, gloves, and safety glasses when working with mineral wool, and bear in mind that it’s best used behind a barrier, such as fabric or a wall, to help contain dust and tiny rocks from working their way loose and into your home.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: Roxul Rockwool Acoustic Mineral Wool


BEST POLYESTER: Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panel

Odorless and safe to touch, Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panels are made from 100 percent non-toxic, fume-free polyester—so they’re ideal for rooms where curious kids or pets may be around. Their high density makes them perfect for home theaters or podcasting, and they attach just as easily as any soundproof panels (double-sided tape will do). The panels come in a 16×12-inch size, however, so they don’t arrange as easily as squares, but they’re easy to cut with a utility knife and a sturdy straight-edge tool.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener


BEST RUBBER: FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener

If you’re a gearhead or a metalworking hobbyist, FatMat’s Self-Adhesive Rattletrap sound deadener is a great product to keep on hand. This roll of self-adhesive, aluminum-backed rubber will help reduce the racket generated by sheet metal and automotive projects. Automotive audio installers love it because it’s easy to use and cut, and it holds fast. Use a utility knife to cut it to any shape you want and then stick it anywhere it’s needed. Homeowners tend to use it to line the backs of foam acoustic panels, making them easier to hang and increasing their sound-deadening properties. By itself, the FatMax Rattletrap Sound Deadener won’t make a huge difference but teamed with another product, it should greatly reduce noise volume.

The Best Soundproofing Material Option: ATS Acoustic Panel



If you don’t find foam panels or rubber sheets especially attractive, these jute-covered acoustic panels are bound to please your eye. The 2×4-foot panels are 2-inches thick and have solid wood frames that make them a snap to hang or attach to a wall. Though available in a few different colors, neutral options like Ivory and Natural tend to suit homes and offices best. If you want a nice-looking all-around panel with excellent soundproofing qualities, regardless of price, these are a great option. But if you require echo-control, there are less expensive options that will do the trick.