The 9 Best Roofing Shingles Brands of 2024

Choose the manufacturer that offers the right shingle for your new roof.

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Replacing roof shingles is a major investment that can cost upwards of $10,000 or more, which is why taking the proper measures to ensure the roof lasts for a long time is crucial. While hiring the right company to install roofing shingles is one part of ensuring your new roof lasts a long time, so too is finding the right brand of shingle. But with so many shingle manufacturers and products to choose from, that’s not an easy task. While you can lean on your roofing company to help you decide, doing some research on your own is also a good idea. This guide will review the best roofing shingle brands and the products they offer so you can choose the best new roof for your home.

1. CertainTeed

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option CertainTeed

Price Range: $ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: Landmark, Presidential Shake, or Carriage House

CertainTeed, which is based just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a reputation for making some of the highest-quality shingles on the market. The company has been manufacturing shingles since 1904 when it was launched as General Roofing Manufacturing Company. Today, it offers a broad range of different asphalt roofing shingles along with siding, insulation, and drywall.

Its line of roofing products includes its affordably priced three-tab XT 25 shingles; its mid-level LandMark laminated architectural roof shingles; and the high-end Presidential Shake, Carriage House, Belmont, and Grand Manor product lines. CertainTeed’s Landmark line is both class A fire- and algae-resistant with multi layers to ensure durability. The company’s design options are also diverse, ranging from Slate to Shake to classic three-tab, and it boasts one of the best guarantees in the business with warranties on its products that range from 20 years to lifetime limited.

To find a CertainTeed retailer, visit the CertainTeed website

2. Malarkey

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option Malarkey

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Windsor Scotchgard, Vista AR, or Legacy Scotchgard

Malarkey Roofing Products, based in Portland, Oregon, has been making shingles since 1956, serving mainly the West Coast. The company’s product line runs the gamut, from its economically priced three-tab shingles to higher-end architectural shingles, which include its Vista AR, Legacy Scotchgard, and Highlander product lines. The company also offers Windsor Scotchguard designer shingles, which is one of our top picks due to its heavy cedar shake design that’s strong enough to endure harsher weather.

Malarkey stands out from the competition with its use of higher-grade rubberized asphalt in all of its shingles. Malarkey is also well-regarded for its sustainability. Its Ecoasis line of shingles is designed to reflect heat, helping to make homes more energy efficient, and the company uses old plastic bags and tires in the production of its shingles.

To find a Malarkey retailer, visit the Malarkey website

3. GAF 

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option GAF

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Timberline for $36.47 per bundle, Timberline HDZ Cedar Falls for $30.15 per bundle, or Royal Sovereign for $33.43 per bundle.

One of the oldest shingle companies in the country, GAF has been producing roofing products since 1886. Along with shingles, the company also manufactures a host of other roofing products, including solar roof shingles and roll roofing products. It’s one of the few roofing products to be found at local home improvement stores. The company’s shingle product line begins with its Marquis WeatherMax and Royal Sovereign 3-Tab shingles, which are some of the most affordable shingle options.

GAF is also well known for its popular Timberline line of high-end architectural shingles, which feature algae protection and the highest roofing fire rating: Underwriters Laboratories class A. And, the company offers a selection of uniquely shaped specialty shingles that include Grand Canyon, Camelot, and Grand Sequoia products. Along with shingles, GAF also offers products designed to provide further protection from the elements, including its Roof Deck Protection, which shields against water damage.

Shop GAF shingles at Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

4. Atlas

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option Atlas

Price Range: $ to $$$$
Our Top Picks: ProLam, Pinnacle Impact, or StormMaster Shake

Atlas Roofing Corporation was founded in 1982 in Meridian, Mississippi. Though younger than many of the other brands on this list, Atlas has quickly grown to become one of the largest shingle manufacturers in the country. Its product line runs the gamut from affordable to high-end. The ProLam shingle, the company’s budget-priced offering, comes in a broad range of colors to suit homes of various colors. Atlas’ Briarwood Pro architectural shingles offer high-definition contrast and shading to add to a home’s curb appeal.

Atlas also offers a premium line of shingles designed to endure harsh weather. They include StormMaster Shake, which can endure wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour; its Pinnacle Impact shingles, which have class 4 impact resistance (the highest rating); and its ImpactSun product, which resists fading and reflects the sun to help keep the home cooler.

To find an Atlas retailer, visit the Atlas website.

5. IKO

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option IKO

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Nordic, Crowne Slate, or Dynasty ArmourZone

Ontario-based IKO is familiar with how harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on shingles, so it’s little wonder that its product line is devoted to enduring whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. The line includes its Nordic shingles, which are made extra thick to endure winds up to 130 miles per hour and have a class 4 impact rating (the highest possible).

IKO’s Dynasty ArmourZone shingles have a wider nailing surface that ensures the shingles are held more securely to the roof in high winds. Then there’s the Crowne Slate product line, which mimics the look of slate and is designed to withstand heavy snow loads. Along with these higher-priced options, IKO also offers a line of affordable three-tab shingles.

To find an IKO retailer, visit the IKO website

6. Owens Corning

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option Owens Corning

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: TruDefinition Duration Colonial Slate Laminated Architectural Roof Shingles for $44.98 per bundle or Supreme for $32.98 per bundle.

Owens Corning makes a variety of building materials, including insulation, fiberglass composites, and roofing. This Fortune 500 company known for its mascot (the Pink Panther) was formed in Toledo, Ohio, 1938 when Corning Glass Works and Owens-Illinois, two glassworks companies, merged. The brand is also one of a handful that can be found in retail home improvement stores.

Its shingle product line ranges from affordable to high-end. The brand’s Supreme three-tab shingles are its most affordable along with its Oakridge product line. Both come in a broad range of color options. Owens Corning also offers Duration Architectural shingles, and its top-tier shingle, Berkshire Slate. Owens Corning shingles are among the most durable thanks to its SureNail technology, which consists of a reinforced fabric strip that creates more resistance to nail blow-through and pull-through.

Shop Owens Corning shingles at Lowe’s.

7. Tamko

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option Tamko

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Elite Glass-Seal, Metalworks, or Titan XT for $37.97 per bundle.

This Joplin, Missouri-based company has been producing shingles since 1944. It focuses on the low to mid-tier market with its line of three-tab and architectural shingles. It’s also the only company on this list that makes a line of metal roof shingles.

Tamko’s shingle product line includes its Titan XT shingles, which are designed to stand up to extreme weather with their ability to endure wind speeds of up to 160 miles per hour. The company’s Heritage line of architectural shingles, with their interesting color tones and contrasts, is its most popular. The brand also offers a budget Elite Glass-Seal, which is a three-tab shingle that’s available in a wide range of color options. Metalworks, Tamko’s line of steel shingles, are made to look like slate, tile, or wood. Along with shingles, the company also puts out a line of roofing accessories, including underlayment and waterproofing solutions.

Shop Tamko shingles at The Home Depot.

8. Pabco Roofing Products

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option Pabco Roofing Products

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Paramount Advantage, Cascade, or Premier

Pabco Roofing Products, launched in 1984, is a smaller roofing shingles company and one of the younger ones on this list, but that doesn’t mean the brand’s product line is scant. Pabco offers a full line of shingles products for the mid- to high-end market, including some unique products you won’t find anywhere else.

Its most affordable product is Premier, which is a laminated architectural shingle that comes with a lifetime warranty. The brand also offers a higher-end Prestige architectural shingle and produces a solar reflective shingle, which helps to prevent heat transfer into the home through its Radiance shingle. One of Pabco’s most interesting products is its diamond-shaped Cascade shingle. Its highest-end shingle is its Paramount Advantage product, which is thicker for better durability and creates an interesting look with its open-tooth design.

To find a Pabco Roofing Products retailer, visit the Pabco website

9. BP Canada

The Best Roofing Shingles Brand Option BP Canada

Price Range: $ to $$$
Our Top Picks: Mystique, Vangard, or Manoir

BP Canada provides building products to Canada and the eastern U.S. The company was founded in 1925 as Building Product Limited and manufactures insulation and soundproofing panels along with roofing shingles. It offers five different shingle products, all of which are designed to endure the harsh weather found in Canada and the northeastern United States.

Its Vangard shingle is laminated, giving it excellent durability and a high class 4 impact resistance rating. BP’s shingles also offer interesting designs. Its Manoir shingle, which mimics the look of natural stone, is as tough as it looks with its dual-layer construction. The company’s Mystique architectural shingles use shaded bands to create a three-dimensional look. Along with these higher-end shingles, BP also offers affordably priced three-tab shingles through its Dakota product.

To find a BP Canada retailer, visit the BP Canada website

How We Chose the Best Shingle Brands

We considered several criteria when making our top picks of the best shingle brands. Our selections include companies that have been manufacturing shingles for decades, with some having been in the business for well over 100 years. The brands we selected also cover the low and high end of the market by offering a variety of products to suit different budgets. Most of our selections sell affordable shingles along with high-end architectural shingles. Our picks offer product lines that cover a broad range of colors and styles. The brands we selected also have a reputation for making quality shingles capable of enduring harsh weather, and most stand behind their products with warranties that span 20 years or more.

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