10 Ways to Decorate With Floor Mirrors That Are Right on Trend

Indispensable for creating ornate entryways, faux windows, and other decorative effects, floor mirrors are essential pieces of home design.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are crucial design elements in the home. Not only do they give you a place to check your reflection, they can also transform your home interiors, letting light bounce around and creating the illusion of larger spaces. Floor mirrors and other large mirrors combine practicality with grandeur and can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether mounted over a vanity, standing proud in an entryway, or incorporated into a gallery wall, floor mirrors combine practicality with grandeur and offer endless options for enhancing your home.

We tapped Kyle, style editor at Joss & Main, to learn more about ways you can upgrade your home with floor mirrors.

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Station a Gold Floor Mirror in the Bedroom

Joss and Main

A full-length mirror in the bedroom is a practical choice for checking your look and trying on clothes, but it can also amp up the room’s appeal. “Add a romantic touch by styling a gold floor mirror in the corner of a bedroom, behind a chaise or accent chair,” says Kyle.

Set the Scene at the Entryway


The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house. “Bring drama to your entryway by hanging a full-length mirror over your console table,” says Kyle. “For a style moment, layer with a mix of your favorite decor, like tiny lamps and vases.”

Hang a Floor Mirror Above a Vanity


Floor mirrors can strike a note of grandeur in the bathroom. “For something both practical and beautiful, hang the mirror above a bathroom vanity,” suggests Kyle. “Go vertical or horizontal, depending on what works for the space.”

Dramatize a Hallway


Hallways tend to be sparsely decorated, yet with a little attention, they can really shine. To keep it simple but dramatic, a floor mirror is the way to go. Kyle proposes leaning a large-scale mirror at the end of the hallway, noting that “it’s unexpected and adds length.”

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Dress Up Nightstands


Kyle suggests doubling up on floor mirrors in the bedroom to infuse the space with natural light and relaxed vibes. “We love hanging two mirrors behind nightstands on either side of a bed to reflect soft light throughout the room,” he notes.

Break Up a Gallery Wall


“Gallery walls aren’t just for art,” says Kyle. “Layer in a floor mirror for some visual interest. Don’t be afraid to mix finishes, either. We love gold paired with wood.” You could even create an entire gallery wall of just mirrors.

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Style a Home Gym


Home gyms are all the rage right now! Step up your fitness game with a sleek, generously sized floor mirror. Kyle recommends opting for fashionable floor mirrors instead of utility mirrors. “Workout areas can be beautiful too.”

Open Up the Dining Room

Shades of Light

Placing a large floor mirror in the dining room creates the illusion of a window and reflects the light from the chandelier. Kyle suggests hanging multiple mirrors along an open wall in the dining room for an even brighter, more window-like effect.

Complement the Closet


Rather than mounting a simple frameless mirror on a wall or on the back of a closet door, try placing a large mirror in a convenient spot instead. “Lean a long mirror in the back of a walk-in closet to make the space feel larger (and, of course, to help as you get dressed),” says Kyle.

Hang a Mirror Above Your Dresser

Pottery Barn

If you’re tight on floor space in your bedroom, try hanging a large mirror above the dresser. A round mirror is great for this!

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