35 Great Things You Can Get for Free Today

Sure, there's no such thing as a free lunch, but there are definitely other freebies out there just waiting for you to claim them. How about a no-charge exercise class? Or a free donut? Or even a no-payment-required treat for your dog? All of these and more can be yours without your ever having to break out your wallet. Here are 35 super bargains you can put dibs on today.

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Get free admission to the National Parks

Save yourself the $10 to $30 per vehicle admission fee by visiting any one of the nearly 60 National Parks in the United States on one of the remaining free admission days for 2019 (August 25, September 28, and November 11). For absolutely nothing, you’ll be able to take in the awe-inspiring sights of natural wonderlands like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Everglades National Park.

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Get free children’s books

Country legend Dolly Parton wants every young child to learn to love reading. To help them along, she founded an organization, Imagination Library, that will send a free, age-appropriate book each month to children age 5 and under.

Let kids bowl for free

Sign up at Kids Bowl Free, and your child can bowl two games for free every day of summer at one of the many participating bowling alleys across the country.

Sweeten up for free with a stevia sample

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that has zero calories. Try it out for free–aside from a $1.25 shipping charge–by signing up at Terra Sweet for a free half-ounce sample.

Get free pet supplements

Your dog, cat, or even ferret needs healthy vitamins and minerals in its diet, just like you do. Sign up at Nupro for a free sample of the company’s high-quality pet vitamins.

Order a free credit report

By federal law, you are entitled to a free credit report from the three big companies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, once each year. Go to for your free report, and don’t delay! Getting regular reports is the best way to be sure there is no incorrect, outdated, or fraudulent credit activity associated with your name and social security number.

Get a free donut

Can’t get enough donuts? The next time you visit Dunkin’, make sure to get and keep your receipt. At the bottom, you’ll find a URL that takes you to the Dunkin’ website, where you can complete a brief customer satisfaction survey. In return, you’ll receive a validation code. Write that code on the receipt, and the next time you visit Dunkin’ and order a medium or large drink, hand over the receipt with the validation code and enjoy a free donut. Best of all, you can do this every day if you choose.

Get a free treat for your dog

Don’t forget your faithful pooch the next time you head to Starbucks for your favorite coffee drink. At most Starbucks locations, if you order a Puppuccino along with your own beverage, you’ll receive a free cup of whipped cream for your dog.

Breathe easier for free

If nighttime congestion, snoring, or allergies are interfering with your sleep, it’s time to send for a free sample of Breathe Right Nasal Strips. No drugs needed—just a sticky strip that helps keep your nasal passages open while you slumber.

Try some free workout sessions

Get a free three-day pass to 24 Hour Fitness, and you can attend classes or exercise on your own in any of the 400+ clubs around the country. They’re open 24/7, so you can get in a workout whenever your schedule permits.

Pick up a DIY skill for free

Most Home Depot locations offer a wide range of free classes on DIY skills and projects, such as laying tile, building a raised garden, or constructing a nightstand organizer. Check with your local store for dates and details.

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Get a free sample of Truvia

You can get a free sample of the plant-based sugar substitute Truvia simply by filling out the application on the company’s website.

Try Animal Whey for free

Looking to build muscle and increase exercise endurance, or are you interested in adding some extra protein to your diet? Then maybe you should give Animal Whey from Universal Nutrition a try. Mixed with water or milk, it’s a creamy and tasty drink.

Get Calm for free

Pour powdered Natural Calm into a glass of water for a delicious magnesium supplement that helps your mind relax and your body perform at its best. If that sounds appealing, you can get a free sample to try before you buy.

Order a free sample of peanut-free butter

If peanut allergies are a problem in your family, Wowbutter might be a welcome alternative. This peanut-free soy-based spread looks, tastes, and spreads just like peanut butter, so you’ll be able to enjoy your “PB”&J without the worries.

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Get a free sample of pet treats

You’ll need to pay $3.99 shipping, but the .3-ounce sample of Ageless Paws all-natural freeze-dried treats for cats and dogs is free—and your pet’s happiness will make the small expense well worth it. Choose turkey, bison, chicken, or salmon.

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Score free coffee grounds for your garden

Coffee grounds add valuable nutrients to your garden soil and are an especially good soil amendment for acid-lovers like azaleas and camellias. Many Starbucks locations give away bags of used coffee grounds for free, so check with your local barista to see if that location participates in the Grounds for Your Garden Program.

Go to the museum for free

Most major museums in big cities, including the Norton Simon in Los Angeles and the Field Museum in Chicago, have free admission days at least a couple of times per year, and some even monthly. Before you visit a museum, check to find out when it’s offering a free day; they’re generally on weekdays, and often on Tuesdays.

Get free homework help

If your child needs some extra help to get that math homework done (or if you need some help figuring out how to explain it to him!), head straight to Khan Academy. This no-charge website offers easy-to-understand instructional videos on just about every type and level of mathematics and also covers other topics like science, history, engineering, and test preparation. 

Get a free car inspection

Most Firestone Complete Auto Care locations are happy to provide a free car checkup, which includes testing the battery, checking fluids, checking the belts and hoses, and checking tire condition and alignment.

Obtain free pet care

Rover and Fluffy need regular health checkups, and you can get one for free at any of the 800+ VCA Animal Hospitals across the United States. To receive a coupon for the exam, all you have to do is fill out the online application.

Learn your correct bra size for free

According to Victoria’s Secret, nearly 80 percent of American women are wearing the wrong size bra. Remedy this situation by heading straight to your local Victoria’s Secret store and requesting a free fitting from one of their bra fit experts. The service is free, quick, and not at all embarrassing.

Send for a free sample of puppy shampoo

Puppies are undeniably adorable, but they need regular baths to keep their fur and skin fresh and clean. You can get a free sample of oh-so-gentle CannaLove Puppy Shampoo just by asking. Even the shipping is free.

Add free flavor to your pet's meals

If your cat or dog is a picky eater, make its dinner more tempting with a free sample of pawPairing’s Superfood Seasonings. Sprinkle these nutrition-packed powders over your pet’s meal for a burst of healthful flavor cats and dogs just can’t resist. While the sample is free, you’ll need to pay a $2.95 shipping charge.

Add free fiber to your diet

To keep your digestive system happy, it’s important to have enough fiber in your diet, but many of us simply don’t eat enough roughage. You can bulk things up with a free sample of NuSyllium, an organic fiber supplement that mixes easily into water or juice.

Treat nasal congestion and allergies for free

Nasal irrigation is an effective and easy way to reduce the discomfort of nasal congestion, runny nose, and other allergy symptoms. Get a free NeilMed sinus rinse bottle by completing a brief presentation on its use and benefits and then taking an easy quiz.

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Test your pool water for free

If you have a backyard swimming pool, you know that properly maintained water is key to keeping your family healthy and your pool looking its best. Start the summer off right with a free pool water test kit from the Water Quality & Health Council.

Get a free eczema treatment sample

If you or someone in your family suffers from the itchy misery of eczema or dermatitis, you’ll find sweet relief with Exederm’s moisturizing treatment, which is formulated to help relieve skin irritations. Head to the company’s website for a free sample.

Try two healthy seasoning mixes

Amp up your food’s flavor and health benefits with free sample packets of sea kelp and nutritional yeast seasonings from Bragg Seasonings.

Get a free burger at Johnny Rockets

Score one delicious burger from Johnny Rockets when you join their email list, and then another one on your birthday. That’s two tasty meals from this classic burger joint.

Sign up for a free trip to Mars

OK, it’s only your name that will make the trip, but it’s still pretty cool. Send your name to NASA by September 30, 2019, and it will be etched onto a microchip that will travel to the red planet on the Mars 2020 Rover.

Take a free Yale course on happiness

The Science of Well-Being is one of the most popular courses ever offered at Yale University, and now you can take it online for free. The course is self-paced, takes around 19 hours to complete, and teaches you how to feel happier and develop good habits.

Get your hair soft and smooth for free

Garnier Whole Blends products treat your hair gently, leaving it smooth, soft, and frizz-free even if you use heated styling tools. You can get a free sample of Garnier Honey Treasures Repairing Rinse-Out Hair Mask by filling out an online form.

Enjoy a free cup of coffee

Download the Peet’s Coffee app and you’ll get a free cup of your favorite beverage after your first check-in, as well as a free drink on your birthday. Plus, you’ll enjoy a variety of other bonuses that will add up to even more free drinks.

Get a free scoop of ice cream

When you download the Baskin-Robbins app, you’ll get a free scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream. You’ll also be the first to know about new flavors, coupons, and special deals.