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9 Extraordinary Uses for Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great material for packing, but it has a lot of other, very practical uses. When you get a box with bubble wrap in it, resist the urge to pop it all for stress relief! Instead, stash it away to use in one of the following genius ways.

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Insulate Windows

Those tiny bubbles of air in bubble wrap have insulating properties. Put this ability to good use by lining drafty windows with bubble wrap in the winter to keep the room warmer.

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Protect Plants

Protect your newly planted seeds and tender plants from frost during the colder seasons by covering them with bubble wrap. The air pockets will heat up under the sun’s rays during the day, acting like a mini greenhouse to keep the plant and soil warm.

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Pad Your Knees

Planting, weeding, and other yard work can require a lot of kneeling, which can be uncomfortable or even painful. Fold a large piece of bubble wrap into a rectangle, and use it as a kneeling pad. The cushioning will save wear and tear on your joints and your pants as well.

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Keep Your Toilet from Sweating

Is your toilet tank sweating with condensation? Condensation forms when the outside of the tank is cold while room conditions are warm and humid. You can correct that temperature difference by insulating the inside of the tank with bubble wrap. First, empty the tank and wipe it clean and dry. Then, affix the bubble wrap to the inside walls of the tank with silicone sealant.

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Keep Your Car Windshield Clear

Stash a piece of bubble wrap, just slightly larger than your windshield, in the trunk of your car. If you’re parking your car outside for the night and the weather’s turning foul, lay the bubble wrap across the windshield, and secure it with the wipers before heading to bed. This plastic barrier will help keep frost from forming and collect any snow that falls. In the morning, simply peel it back to reveal a clear windshield in seconds.

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Cushion Produce

Some fruits and vegetables, such as pears and peaches, are particularly prone to bruising. Line your crisper drawer with bubble wrap to cushion your produce. Avoiding bumps and bruises will help your fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.

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Insulate a Grocery Bag

Keep your cold things cold, even if you don’t have an insulated shopping bag. Just line the inside of a reusable grocery bag with bubble wrap, and it will keep ice cream and other frozen or refrigerated items cold longer.

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Make a DIY Padded Hanger

If you want to hang a sweater or some other delicate item but don’t own any padded hangers, you can quickly DIY one by covering a hanger with bubble wrap and taping it securely in place.

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Keep Things in Shape

Some shoes, handbags, hats, and other items lose their shape when you put them in seasonal storage. Stuff them with bubble wrap before stowing them away, and they’ll emerge neat and ready for use when you bring them out next year.

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