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11 Unusual Uses for a Bungee Cord

Bungee cords aren’t just for securing luggage and equipment. Bungees—those stretchy elastic bands covered in a woven cotton or polypropylene sheath, with metal hooks on each end—are handy for myriad household tasks. Here are 11 clever ways to use a bungee cord in the house, garage, yard, and car.
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Bundle Up!

Bungee cords are great for bundling objects together, making them easier to store and transport. Consider using bungee cords to package firewood, extension cords, hoses, lawn and garden tools, wooden dowels, and rugs. Additionally, anyone heading off on a camping trip should tote along bungee cords to secure sleeping bags, air mattresses, and fishing tackle.

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Chair Repair

Homeowners can use bungee cords for quick furniture fixes, such as replacing broken straps on a lawn chair. First remove any cushions, then weave a lattice of bungee cords across the back or bottom of the chair. Replace the cushions, and no one will be the wiser!

Keep the Junk in the Trunk

Sometimes large items simply won’t fit in the trunk of your car. Recruit bungee cords to hold the trunk shut when transporting oversize items like lumber, skis, bicycles, or sporting gear. You can even use them to hold smaller items, such as gas cans, firmly in place. Simply hook one end of the bungee cord onto the trunk latch, and hook the other end underneath your vehicle’s bumper.

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Corral Car Parts

Even the best drivers sometimes suffer a fender bender. If you get into a minor car accident, you can use bungee cords to temporarily hold car parts together until you can get to the garage. This trick works for loose bumpers, headlights, hoods, trunk lids, and car doors.

Fix a Handle

Few things are more annoying than breaking the handle on an otherwise perfectly good tote bag or backpack. Instead of throwing away the bag, rely on bungee cords to replace the old handles or broken straps. You also can use bungee cords to attach several bags together, making it easy to transport your belongings when you’re traveling.

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Close It Up

After you’ve finished doing yard work, use a stretchy band to close large bags of potting soil, charcoal briquettes, mulch, grass seed, or fertilizer. You can also use bungee cords to attach tender climbing plants to a stake or trellis; the flexible cords won’t cut into the stems as the plants grow.

Elevate Your Exercise

Why spend big bucks on specialized “resistance bands” when you probably already have a cheaper equivalent in your garage? Bungee cords are an inexpensive and readily available alternative that elevates any workout. You can use small dowels or plastic rods to make handles for the ends, or simply wrap the bungee cord hooks in several layers of duct tape.

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Dining Alfresco

While you’re enjoying a dinner out in the fresh air, unexpected gusts of wind can blow your table accessories into the yard. Homeowners can secure their tablecloth by hooking together a pair of bungee cords, then hooking them underneath the table from one end to the other. The tablecloth will stay put in even the windiest weather!

Wall Hangings

Bungee cords can serve as temporary hangers for lightweight items, such as photos, holiday cards, figurines, and decorative towels. Stretch the cord, and attach each hooked end to the wall with a fastener (such as a drilled-in screw). Then hang items from the cord using string, paper clips, or other appropriate items.

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Tidy Your Trash

Keep garbage cans from toppling over by holding them against a wall with bungee cords. You can also use cords to fasten the garbage can lid tightly to the can, which will stop unsightly trash from scattering all over your yard during windy weather. Another plus: A firmly attached lid will prevent raccoons, opossums, and stray dogs from raiding your garbage.

Protect from the Elements

Bungee cords are the go-to tie-down for tarps of all shapes and sizes. By covering patio furniture with a tarp secured with bungee cords, you’ll ensure it stays clean and ice-free during the winter months. You can also rely on this method to keep firewood dry, to hide yard debris, and to protect a trailer, boat, or RV from the elements.

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