8 Brilliant Ways to Get More Space—Without Moving

If your possessions have outgrown your home, you have a few options. If downsizing your stuff doesn't seem possible, another likely choice is to consider moving, to give you (and your stuff) a chance to spread out. But why move to a bigger house to make room for your stuff when you can simply reorganize it? These surprising storage solutions will help you escape a cluttered life—all while keeping the same address.

  1. Beam Me Up

    Basement Rafter Storage

    You might know of rafters as the trusty structures that support the ceiling of your basement. But did you know that the hollow space between the rafters offers the perfect hiding place for seldom-used seasonal supplies? Secure durable shelves to the base of the rafters, then fill them with toys, decorations, and other necessities to keep them off the floor—and out of sight.

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  2. Seal the Deal

    Vacuum Seal Plastic Bags

    Double your shelf space—and cut closet clutter in half—with this airtight storage solution. Fill plastic bags with bulky bedding and clothing, then vacuum-seal the closed bags with the suction hose of your vacuum cleaner. Now, simply stash the compressed pack on the top shelf of a linen closet where it will occupy little space or attention.

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  3. Stare-worthy Staircase

    Storage Under Staircase

    Have an awkward alcove beneath the staircase? Put the idle space to work as a sleek cubby-style shelf for books, knickknacks, or entryway essentials. For an extra dose of sneaky storage, set your narrow under-stair shelves on caster wheels, to reveal (and conceal) a secret stash behind the bookshelf, perfect for storing bulky blankets and off-season outerwear.

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  4. The Shoe Fits

    Drawers Under the Steps

    Don’t have room for a shoe rack? This ordinary wooden staircase offers a space-smart—and stylish—alternative. Each step doubles as a spacious pull-out drawer, large enough to fit homeless boots, sandals, and heels. With this hidden shoe rack underfoot, you’ll have more space at the entryway—and less chance of tripping over footwear on your way up the stairs.

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  5. Never Board of Cooking

    Pegboard on Kitchen Island

    You don’t need ample shelf space in the kitchen to DIY this storage station. Simply mount pegboard to one side of your kitchen island, then line with wooden spoons and other lightweight utensils to reduce countertop clutter and achieve a more fabulous and functional focal point for the kitchen.

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  6. Full Tilt

    Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet

    Banish the sight—and scent—of an overflowing trash can in the kitchen with a tilt-out trash cabinet like this creation built by Ana White. The rustic receptacle with a tilt-out door offers not only a hidden home for a standard trash or recycling bin, but a coveted work space up top for set a cooling cookie rack, utensils, or other supplies. 

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  7. Inside Secret

    Floating Shelves with Drawers

    You know that installing floating shelves provides a prominent perch on which to display plants, decor, or daily supplies, but consider its potential to store everyday items away from prying eyes. This space-smart shelf has a hollow core fitted with drawers—the perfect entryway storage solution for stashing loose change, keys, and mail.

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  8. Electric Personality

    Faux Outlet for Valueables

    While this faux electrical outlet may not be able to power your home, it can empower you to keep small valuables safe. Buy or make the vanity vault, then fill it with money, trinkets, or keys and mount it on a wall in the bedroom for easy (and totally secret) access to your prized possessions.

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  9. Don't Miss!


    Even if you've got your heart set on hardwood flooring, it's worth considering the alternatives. Sometimes, materials that only look like wood can be just as good as—or even better than—the real thing. Explore your options now!