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8 Foolproof Places to Find Extra Storage Space at Home

No matter the size of your house or how many closets it has, at some point you're going to wonder in exasperation, “Where can I put this?” Fortunately, with a little out-of-the-box strategizing, you can find all sorts of under-utilized storage spots around your house, some tucked discreetly away and others on bold display. In this article, you'll find 8 stealthy, handy ideas for stashing your stuff—so get clicking and start stowing! This content has been brought to you by LP Building Products. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com.

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Get over it.


In many places in the house, there’s often a good two feet between the ceiling and the top of shelving units, bookcases, and cabinets. Rather than squander that space, dedicate it to attractive items such as baskets (which are themselves useful storage spots), cutting boards, pottery, or other collectibles that need a place to call home. Group together large, similar pieces up there—small, random objects will only look like clutter.

Go under it.


Slide out-of-season clothing and shoes under your bed to keep them out of view yet within arm’s reach so they’re easy to grab when the weather changes. Short, sturdy rectangular baskets are perfect—they hold a ton and look nice too. You’ll also find a number of roll-away under-bed storage options on the market. Feeling handy? Head out to the work shed and build your own solution from a pallet and a set of casters.

Take it outside.


Even a small backyard can accommodate a shed to safely shelter all kinds of possessions, from seasonal decorations and outdoor gear to boxes of old family photos and furniture that just doesn’t fit anywhere (for now, at least). Just be sure that the outbuilding you put in is made of quality materials, like those from the leader in high-performance building solutions, LP Outdoor Building Solutions. For instance, LP® SmartSide® lap siding features the exclusive SmartGuard® process, which relies on a protective zinc borate-based formula along with a proprietary edge coating to withstand fungal decay and termites. With remarkable woodgrain-like texture, this engineered wood siding looks as great as it performs and is sure to make a handsome addition to your outdoor space for years to come.

Use stairs to stow.


Untapped storage space lies beneath virtually any set of stairs. The stair wall can accommodate a built-in shelf or, if you open up the wall, an actual closet, while individual steps can accommodate built-in drawers. The sturdy exposed underside of a staircase is ideal for heavy-duty hooks to hang sports equipment, garden gear, and other bulky items that require easy access.

Use doors to store.


Talk about an open and shut case! Get a door to do double duty by attaching hooks or slim shelves, or by hanging organizer units. Doors to bathrooms are great for towels or toiletries, and closet doors can hold belts and scarves. One caveat: Too much weight can be hard on hinges and can even damage a door, so stick to lightweight items.  

Employ vertical thinking.


Check your house for untapped wall space. Don’t waste it! Any blank expanse of wall has the potential for vertical storage—for instance, open shelving, which not only accommodates all sorts of stuff, but also encourages you to be tidy and organized. Don’t limit yourself to obvious spots like the living room wall, though. Vertical storage lurks everywhere, from the sidewall of a closet to the pegboard-clad interior wall of a well-made backyard shed.

Take a seat.


Wonder why the banquette has become such a popular kitchen addition? Part of the attraction is that banquettes create space-smart seating as well as crucial storage. A long bench seat can hide a lot inside, including tablecloths, infrequently used small appliances, and pet food. When planning your own breakfast nook, you can opt for a custom unit with built-in drawers or fashion a do-it-yourself version by adding hinges to the back edge of the bench—lift and store, then close and sit!

Be creative with containers.


All sorts of interesting flea market and thrift store finds can serve as sneaky storage. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. For instance, fill up three different-size vintage valises, then stack them to create a bedside table. Or turn a steamer trunk into a combined coffee table and linen closet for your sleeper sofa. Recruit a distressed metal ice chest to hold spare toiletries in the bathroom. From the bedroom to the backyard office, these repurposed pieces replace clutter with character and organization.