8 High-Tech Bug Zappers for Your Backyard

Summertime, and the livin' is easy—until stinging winged arthropods crash your backyard BBQ. Standard protocol calls for lighting a few citronella candles and rubbing on some repellent. Unfortunately, these classic solutions are not foolproof and can sometimes be toxic. What's someone in this bug-bitten bind to do? Get your hands on a bug zapper! Modern innovations in bug-zapping tech make quick work of pests that invade your property's airspace. Browse through these 8 great bug-zapping devices to find yourself a temporary refuge from the swarm.

Solar-Powered Bug Zapper by Hammacher Schlemmer

Solar Bug Eliminator by Hammacher Schlemmer

Those without an outdoor power outlet may breathe a sigh of relief with this bug zapper from Hammacher Schlemmer, which sources its energy from the sun. Solar cells soak up enough rays for up to eight hours of 300-volt, bug-attracting UV light.


Bug Zapper Pro Air Ionizer

Bug Zapper Pro Air Ionizer

With its high-voltage DC charge and filter-like mesh, this tool will make bugs drop dead, then purify the air in close proximity—which means less buzzing, less sneezing, and a more serene summer soundscape.


Code Red Zap Racket

Code Red Zap Racket

Buying batteries for handheld zappers can take a bite out of your wallet. If that doesn't fly with you, check out the Code Red Zap Racket. It stands out from the pack with a plug-in charger. Give it a charge and prepare to say "en garde!"


Stinger BKR200 Portable Bug Zapper

Stinger BKR200 Portable Bug Zapper

For picnics in the park and excursions to the beach, a handheld bug zapper is one surefire way to keep the bugs at bay. The BKR200 racket from Stinger is a contemporary twist on the classic zap racket. It features an LED on/off indicator light and a slide-and-hold switch for superior safety.


INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Mosquito Killer (and Night Light)

INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Mosquito Killer and Elegant Night Light

If you're averse to the grim decor of a standard bug-zapping device, this discreet bug trap doubles as a chic lamp. Coated with a thin layer of titanium dioxide to mimic human breath, it lures its prey into an isolated chamber, all the while shining a soothing evening glow.


Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer with Photocell Timer

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer with Photocell Timer

This beaming blue bug zapper is equipped with photoelectric cells to sense the sun and can turn itself on or off per your particular programmed settings. These smart features keep energy operating costs low and extend the life of the unit's 40-watt bulb through more of the long, hot days of summer.


DynaZap Extendable Insect Zapper

DynaZap Extendable Bug Zapper

Bugs seeking refuge up on the ceiling or behind a dresser are guaranteed to succumb to the DynaZap. Its extendable handle makes catching hard-to-reach bugs shockingly easy. Give one a try, and you're sure to extend your bite-free streak this summer.


VEX Electric Bug Zapper with Blue Light

VEX Electric Bug Zapper with Blue Light

Swat away your pest problem and kill bugs on contact with the VEX Electric Bug Zapper. With an LED blue light and a racket that administers 3000 volts to mosquitoes, flies, moths, and wasps, bugs won't be able to resist "going toward the light."


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