9 Backyard Games to Make and Play This Summer

As temperatures warm up and we unglue ourselves from the television to head out into the yard, that hardly means we need to leave the fun inside. Before your next barbecue or party, craft a few of these classics, and let the backyard games begin!

  1. It's a Toss-Up

    DIY Cornhole

    A summer picnic isn't quite complete without beanbags and a pair of Cornhole boards. While a legitimate set is constructed of heavy plywood and 2x4s, you can hack a more travel-friendly version with stretched canvas from the local craft store, cardboard, and short wooden legs. By cutting the weight in half with this design from Brit + Co, you'll be able to tote this game anywhere!

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  2. Scaling the Ladder

    How to Make Ladder Ball

    Even a DIY beginner can make this ladder ball set when you work with PVC pipes, following this idea from Home Depot's blog. The materials will cost you less than $30—a small price to pay considering that you'll be playing this with friends from this weekend to the end of summer. (The set even collapses for storage until next season!) But first, good luck convincing Dad to sacrifice a few golf balls for the cause.

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  3. To the Letter

    Lawn Scrabble

    Wordsmiths, rejoice: This giant lawn version of Scrabble means the tiles to your favorite board game won't get lost in the grass. From the Carriage House shows you how easy it is to assemble—so start stocking up on cardboard now! The finished product will provide a workout for both your brain and your body.

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  4. An Instant Hit

    DIY Pinata

    A piñata can be the hit of your next backyard barbecue, whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart. Dust off your papier-mâché skills with this Instructables how-to, and you can craft your own rather than picking one up at the store—and then customize its contents to the likes of your partygoers.


  5. Total Horseplay

    Horseshoes Game

    Get everyone interested in the classic game of horseshoes when you brighten a standard set in the colors of your favorite team or in a hue to match the rest of your outdoor decor. It’s as simple as picking up some painter’s tape and using the right techniques, with help from Design Love Fest.

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  6. The Domino Effect

    Wooden Dominoes

    Ever since it originated in 13th-century China, dominoes has dominated the tabletop entertainment category. Bring a more modern version to your lawn with this project from Tauni of So You Think You’re Crafty using 1x4 lumber and adhesive dots.

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  7. Goooooal!

    DIY Soccer Goal

    One more reason PVC pipe shouldn't be limited to your plumbing: Your soccer career (or your child's) depends on it! DIY a soccer goal frame for backyard practice with this project from I Can Teach My Child, then fill with a store-bought or knotted net to catch all those winning shots on goal.


  8. Totally Twisted

    Lawn Twister

    When you're in the great outdoors, take advantage of the open space by crafting a Twister "mat" large enough for the entire family with this idea from You Plus Me for Always. Four colors of lawn-friendly spray paint and a cardboard template are all you need to bring this kids' classic to your own yard. Setup will take mere minutes, but you'll surely be laughing for hours.

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    youplusmeforalways.blog spot.com

  9. Zipping Along

    How to Make a Zipline

    No need to go on an adventure vacation to get the thrill of riding a zip line when you can put one in your very own backyard for about $10! That’s right. Some rope, a pulley, and a dowel for a handle are pretty much all you need for this genius project from How Does She. Get excited.

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  10. A Backyard Boost

    A Backyard Boost

    No one in the family can complain that there’s nothing to do at home this summer with these ideas on hand. Your backyard will become the spot for everyone to come over and play.


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