9 Little Tricks to Make Trash Day Less of a Chore

Taking out the trash is a routine we’re all too well acquainted with. But believe it or not, you can actually make trash day easier—perhaps even pleasurable —with these brilliant hacks. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

  1. Line the Can with Newspaper

    Trash can liquids


    Moisture from food scraps and wet paper towels can drip right out of the trash bag and into the garbage can. Be proactive! Catch those messy spills by lining your garbage can—or even a fresh trash bag—with a layer of yesterday’s newspaper. The newsprint will absorb much of the liquid from your soggy rubbish and keep your trash can cleaner.

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  2. Drill Holes to Prevent Suction

    Drill holes in trash can


    Sometimes the suction between the bag and your trash can makes it difficult to pull the bag out. Even worse, all that tugging can strain a weak trash bag, making it susceptible to leaks and spills. Put an end to this tug-of-war by drilling a couple of holes in the bottom of the garbage bin for easier trash bag removal and fewer garbage mishaps.

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  3. Keep Extra Bags at the Bottom

    Plastic bag in trash can

    Reddit via Hayroth

    Take a tip from hotel maids, who have been using this cleaning trick for years. Keep extra trash bags in the bottom of the can, so you can simply pull a fresh bag into place after you remove the old one. 

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  4. Command Hooks for Drawstrings

    Trash bags command hooks

    Reddit via MildandFire

    Adhesive hooks aren't just a storage solution—they're the perfect fix for slippery trash bags. Stick a few upside down on the sides of your garbage can so you can loop the trash bag drawstrings over the hooks. The hooks will keep the drawstrings securely in place and prevent the trash bag from falling into the trash can—even if the bag isn't a perfect fit for the can.

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  5. Binder Clips for No Slips

    Trash bags binder clips


    If your trash bags don't have a drawstring, you can keep them in place by attaching a couple of binder clips along the lip of your garbage can. Secured by the clips, your bag will stay snug and secure, and will never leave a mess.

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  6. Deodorize with Dryer Sheets

    Dryer sheets in trash can


    For a truly fresh-smelling kitchen, you should clean and dry the inside of the trash can on a regular basis. But you'll be able to put off this unpleasant task a little longer—and keep your trash can smelling fresher—with a strategically deployed dryer sheet. The next time you take out the trash, throw a dryer sheet into the bottom of each new trash bag to help counteract that familiar garbage can funk we all know so well.

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  7. Let It Roll

    Add casters garbage can


    So, you've loaded your kitchen trash bin to the brim, and now it's too heavy for you to drag out to your curbside trash can. Here's a helpful hint: Add casters to the bottom of your kitchen garbage can so you can easily roll it outside, no matter how full it is. You’ll minimize the potential of a massive bag break and save strain on your back as well.

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  8. Recycling Center for Grocery Bags

    Tissue box store plastic bags


    If you like to recycle plastic grocery bags into tiny trash bags, keep them neatly tucked away in an old tissue box. Store your stash in the pantry or under the sink, where you can easily grab a bag as needed.

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  9. Take It on the Road

    Tissue box car trash can

    Instructables via kcli

    If you spend any amount of time commuting to work, chauffeuring kids, or running errands, your car probably needs a trash can. A tissue box is the perfect size, and you won't have to fuss with the top of a container while you're driving. Remember, a clean car is a happy car.

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