Before and After: The 13 Best Home Makeovers of 2015

It’s not too late to start on that 2015 New Year’s resolution to spice up the kitchen, refresh an old bath, or give your garage a new lease on life. So get going! But first take some inspiration from the top 13 design makeovers of the year, featuring rooms throughout the home.

  1. BEFORE: Boxed In

    Living Room Makeover Before

    Cold, monochromatic walls, an unloved love seat, a general lack of storage, and a dearth of decor made this room a bust for the blogger at Hi Sugarplum.

  2. AFTER: Artful and Open

    Blue Living Room

    Ceiling-to-floor turquoise shelving and a mahogany secretary add warmth and storage, while a tie-dye-bright floor rug and gold pendant light strike a playful contrast. Guests seated on the vivid blue chaise have a prime view of the room’s focal point: a stunning abstract painting.

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  3. BEFORE: Shabby Shed

    Messy Garage

    The blogger at Polished Habitat had a garage that was beginning to look like a hoarder’s paradise—complete with cluttered rolling shelves and a barely visible cement floor.

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  4. AFTER: Utilitarian Chic

    Organized Garage

    A clearly defined storage area and workshop maximizes space and cures the clutter. The rolling shelves stand perpendicular to the wall, with tools and supplies neatly grouped and stored, while an inspiring decal above the slick, epoxy-coated floor guarantees style on every surface.

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  5. BEFORE: Vintage Vice

    Ugly Living Room

    This living room and entryway from Vintage Revivals took the shabby-chic mantra far too literally—its barren walls, industrial fan, worn sofas, and homely floral portrait practically cry out with gloom.

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  6. AFTER: Loft-Style Luxury

    Exposed Brick Living Room

    A luxe leather three-seater, geometric prints, and a statuesque cactus that stands tall against wall-to-wall brick lend an earthy, lived-in feeling to the room. The dark floor and brick veneer are attractively balanced by the ivory-toned rug and a positively luminous pendant light.

  7. BEFORE: Kitschy Diner

    Off White Kitchen Cabinets

    The yellowing cabinets and chintzy tile backsplash in this kitchen left the blogger at And Christina with a bitter taste.

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  8. AFTER: Light and Airy

    White Kitchen

    The walls, ceilings, trim, and cabinets are rejuvenated with crisp milk white paint and a new subway tile backsplash to match. A whitewashed maple floor brings an additional lightness to the space, while a vintage rug adds lived-in style.

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  9. BEFORE: Retro Regrets

    Living Room Before

    This living room from Old Brand New had its roots in shotgun-style homes of the 1800s, but its dreary walls, nailed-shut window, and lack of color and texture were uninspired and depressing—in any century.

  10. AFTER: In Living Color

    Colorful Living Room

    Wide-open windows and pendant lighting illuminate the airy white walls. An energizing orange entrance, lush greenery, and a rustic coffee table bring jazzed-up New Orleans style to a once colorless room. Photographs and other artwork liven the walls and nestle in the spaces of the shelving unit, while a wool shag carpets the room in comfort.

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  11. BEFORE: Creativity Fizzled

    Cluttered Home Office

    The blogger at Craving Some Creativity was weary of her cluttered craft room with its jam-packed filing cabinets, overstuffed boxes, and cramped work surfaces.

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  12. AFTER: Fun-Filled Workshop

    Organized Craft Room

    In this crafty makeover, a children’s art station with a gallery wall offers shelter for unruly materials, while a nearby grown-up wall organizer puts art and ideas on colorful display. The pegboard above the computer is both hardworking and playful.

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  13. BEFORE: Dining Drudgery

    Empty Dining Room

    The blogger at In Honor of Design hungered for a makeover in her dining room. With its bland white walls, unappetizing ceiling fixture, and lack of seating options, it was ripe for a change.

  14. AFTER: Sumptuous Sensation

    Blue and Gold Dining Room

    Whimsical embroidered wallpaper, a modern chandelier, and a regal, peacock blue rug create a feast for the eyes in this remade dining room. A table-side bench doubles as a lounge for post-meal relaxation.

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  15. BEFORE: Case of the Blues

    Boring Kitchen and Dining Room

    Snooze-worthy teal wallpaper, a cramped dining table, and an uninspired plate-glass focal point made the blogger at Bigger Than the Three of Us want to dine out rather than contend with her eat-in kitchen.

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  16. AFTER: Let There Be White

    Offbeat Banquette Breakfast Nook

    Freshly installed plank walls and a wide banquette lengthen the space, allowing diners to stretch out in modern sophistication. The brightened space expresses a whimsical country personality through the Highland cow painting and faux cowhide rug.

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  17. BEFORE: Ramshackle Retro

    Cluttered Room

    The peeling paint, haphazardly strewn furniture, and '80s-style floral couch in this living room turned guest room weren’t fit for the homeowner and blogger at Home Made By Carmona—let alone guests!

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  18. AFTER: Modern and Multipurpose

    Guest Room Daybed

    By day, this living room is wrapped in harmony and order. By night, a linen futon strewn with throw pillows and comforters lets the living room become a dreamy pop-up bedroom with soothing, custom-tinted walls.

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  19. BEFORE: Dowdy and Dated

    Dated Wood Kitchen Cabinets

    With its dark wood cabinets, rusty pendant lighting, and closed-off breakfast bar, this kitchen was just a savorless blast from the past for the determined blogger at Dear Lillie

  20. AFTER: Industrial-Strength Style

    Industrial Style Kitchen

    Freshly painted cabinets paired with industrial-style lighting, a new stainless steel stove, and updated cabinet hardware add light, space, and modern function to the kitchen. Plush stools give diners the best seat in the house at the breakfast bar, which is now open to the rest of the space.

  21. BEFORE: A Cold Bath

    White Bathroom

    Plain-Jane white walls in this bathroom from Home Polish offer all the warmth and personality of a lackluster hotel room.

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  22. AFTER: Tropical Paradise

    Green Wallpaper for the Bathroom

    Refreshing palm-tree wallpaper transports these homeowners to a lush island getaway. The vanity is revitalized with tropical foliage and outfitted with bath essentials that soak the senses in relaxation.

  23. BEFORE: Behind Bars

    Tiled Bathroom

    Worn floor tiles and a shower stall equipped with a clunky, wraparound metal curtain rod did little to optimize style or function in this diminutive bath from Sweeten.

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  24. AFTER: A Place in the Sun

    Black and White Bathroom

    A new wooden vanity, oversize black floor tiles, and a tile tub surround wrap the bath head-to-toe in style. A climbing vine accentuates the height of the space and injects a touch of nature into the decor.

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  25. BEFORE: Lonely Artist

    Bare Artist Studio

    Between the worn linoleum floor, the empty walls, and the quirky pendant, you could almost feel the desolation and hear the swirling tumbleweed in this abandoned art studio from The Jungalow.

  26. AFTER: Elegant and Eclectic

    Eclectic Dining Room

    Texture and color dominate in this transformation, evident in both the faux fur- and fabric-draped vintage-style furnishings and the imposing pastel hutch. The studio throbs with vitality, thanks in part to hanging plants arrayed at varying levels for dynamic flair.

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