Buy or DIY: 8 Instant Seating Ideas for a Full House

When entertaining a crowd it's important to have plenty of snacks, lots of ice and, above all, ample seating. However, all those extra chairs can clutter your space. For clever seating that folds out when you need it and out of the way when you don't read on. We've gathered some of our favorite ideas to buy or DIY.

  1. Bookniture


    Started as a Kickstarter project in early 2015, Bookniture raised almost $450,000 to make their small-space design a reality. The concept is simple: When not in use, each "book" folds up, and is easy to store on a shelf. Having friends over? Open it up to create a stool or side table! Available on; $86.

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  2. Hammock Chair

    Hammock Chair

    This hammock chair is a cinch to put together, and makes a perfect reading corner in any sunny spot. It is height-adjustable, simple to mount, and you can even customize your own canvas design. 

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  3. Camp Chair

    Camp Chair

    The classic camp stool has been a staple of outdoor recreation for generations. But when paired with a patterned fabric seat, it becomes an asset, not for the fishing hole or playing-field sidelines, but for the living room or den. Here, it can serve at a moment's notice as additional, surprisingly comfortable seating. Then, when not in use, the lightweight, collapsible stool tucks into a corner or closet. Available on Etsy; $69.

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  4. Macrame Hanging Chair

    Macrame Hanging Chair

    Nothing says summer like bright blues, nautical knots, and an afternoon on the front porch. That's why this hammock-meets-chair macrame design from eHow is perfect for your seasonal entertaining! Just pull out—and string up—an extra seat when guests come over to hang out. When you're ready to retire for the evening, simply wrap up your rope craft and head indoors.

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  5. Fold-Away Chairs

    Fold-Away Bench

    Though durable and designed to withstand the outdoors, IKEA's Tarno folding chair fits in wherever you need it to, on the patio or at the dinner table. Compact, with classic cafe styling, it's as versatile as it is stylish and practical. Available at IKEA; $15.

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  6. PVC Pipe Kid's Chair

    PVC Pipe Chair

    Even a local trip to the hardware store can inspire a creative DIY project. These easy-to-build chairs were constructed using just a few pieces of cloth and PVC pipes. Not only are the seats corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use, but they are super lightweight and can be easily transported for use on the go.

  7. Ben Franklin Library Ladder Chair

    Ben Franklin Library Ladder Chair

    This double-duty wonder functions as both a chair and a step ladder. When it's not being used as extra seating, just undo the hinge, and voila, you've got a sturdy step ladder to help get you to all those hard to reach areas. If you have no need for a step ladder, simply utilize the extra space as storage. Available at Amazon; $120.59.

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