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Dive Into These 12 Luxurious Pools

A pool is a perk many homeowners long for, and most imagine soaking up the sun while dipping their toes in the water. But indoor pools bring a whole new level of luxury to a home. Not only can you use it all year long, but it can become a design focal point, as well as a nexus of entertainment and activity. Here are some of our favorite indoor pools to inspire your imagination.

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Circular Under the Stars


For those who fancy a swim by starlight but love the climate control that an indoor pool offers, there’s nothing better than this design by Platinum Pools. When paired with a stunning mural and a large clamshell accent, the indoor pool takes on an otherworldly look and feel. 

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Space-Saving in the Atrium

Design: Rasmussen / Su ; Photo: Halkin Mason Photography

This next pool is hiding inside a stylish home in downtown Philadelphia. Slim enough to fit into the narrow city house, the plunge pool is sandwiched inside the atrium. The architects at Rasmussen/Su thought up the scheme for the slim pool, the blue water of which perfectly complements the floor-to-ceiling chestnut paneling.

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Contemporary with a Fireplace

AZD Associates, Inc.

All eyes are on the indoor pool in this bright and modern home. The living spaces, glass-encased spiral staircase, and outdoor area face the swimming pool where recreation and relaxation reign. The glass windows are more than an aesthetic choice; they help keep the rest of the house free of moisture, while providing visual continuity between distinct spaces. Michigan architects at AZD Associates, Inc. even included a modern fireplace at the end of the pool room—a perfect place to get warm after a dip in the water.

Integrated with the Exercise Room

Patterson Homes

This indoor lap pool by Patterson Homes blends seamlessly into an otherwise ordinary exercise room in an Ottawa, Canada home. The water feature is the perfect addition for fitness fanatics, whether when used to train for a triathlon or simply as a refreshing spot to cool down after a workout.

Surrounded by Wood & Stone

Design: Kung Sauna; Image: Prestige Saunas, Ltd. 

The sauna at far end of the room turns this space into far more than a place take a dip. Designed by Kung Sauna, the straight and sleek design perfectly matches the clean, geometric lines of the pool itself. Surrounded by dark wood floors and a stone wall, the space feels cozy yet masculine.

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Perfectly Private

Design: Spaces Architects@ka / Kapil Aggarwal ; Photo: Bharat Aggarwal

The designers at Spaces Architects@ka prove that less is more when it comes to indoor pools. Though it may be small in size, this pool offers a lot of luxury. Washed in natural light from the windows above and flanked with landscaping rocks and a leafy tree, this indoor oasis feels like a personal retreat from the cares of everyday life.

Reflected in the Ceiling

Inspired Dwellings Ltd, UK

Clever design by Inspired Dwellings Ltd. UK makes this pool look like a perfect reflection of the ceiling above. A relaxing retreat by day, it can be transformed into party central at night, with music pumped in from the in-wall speakers.

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Rustic Beams Overhead

Jett Thompson Antiques & Interiors

Beach bums living in landlocked Denver can get their saltwater fix at this indoor pool. Designed by Jett Thompson Antiques & Interiors, the saltwater pool’s surroundings evoke the natural setting of a beach, from the rustic, wind-worn wooden ceiling beams to the four-panel wall art reminiscent of a sand dune. 

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Waterfall Accents

Peskuski Home Design

Located just off the kitchen, and separated by four panels of plate glass, this beautiful pool by Peskuski Home Design has two water features that provide added ambiance in the form of both sound and movement. Subway tile on the walls, and the wood ceiling overhead, create a look that’s both contemporary and inviting.

Basement Lap Pool

Zone Architects

Even though this pool is underground, it feels alive with light, thanks to the sun streaming in from a well-positioned skylight. Designed by the team at Zone Architects, the basement lap pool allows residents to get in a workout no matter the weather while the window keeps them feeling connected to the world above. 

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In the Trees

Design: Rill Architects ; Photo: James Ray Spahn

Rill Architects in Bethesda, Maryland have provided a virtually seamless indoor-to-outdoor experience in this home. Despite this pool’s indoor location, it seems to be situated amid a lush canopy of trees. And with that enormous sliding glass door for a wall, wildlife is only steps away.

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Modern Roman Bathhouse

Hydrofloors® / Twinscape

Who says you don’t have room for a pool? When not in use, the floor of this pool, designed by Hydrofloors, actually rises up to meet the tile surround, creating a level surface. So, this room can go from being a ballroom to a modern Roman bathhouse in no time.