Dream It, Do It: DIY Kitchen Makeover

One home blogger tells us how she pulled off a low-cost, high-impact, total kitchen transformation.

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  1. Getting Started


    Hunting down inspiration for her kitchen remodeling project, Brenda McDevitt of cottage4C hopped online: "I was considering white cabinets, but when I came across beautiful 'cottage' blue cabinets, I knew that that color was more suited to our little stone house. It felt so cheery and welcoming to me, which is exactly how I want my home to feel."

    Brenda McDevitt

  2. Reaching Completion

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    "Projects in our house don’t usually get our full attention from start to finish," Brenda added. "It’s not uncommon for days (even weeks) to go by with no progress. This project was no exception and took approximately 40 hours over two months to complete." 

    Brenda McDevitt

  3. Choosing a Color

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    "It took me weeks to pick a paint color for the cabinets." Brenda continued, "There is so much involved in painting kitchen cabinets. I absolutely didn’t want to have to re-paint just because I was unhappy with my color." She finally settled on "Rain" by Sherwin Williams.

    Brenda McDevitt

  4. Chalkboard Panels

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    The unique DIY details that Brenda brings to the makeover really make the transformation a success. She created these panels for her refrigerator by painting plywood with chalkboard paint, trimming them with lightweight, premade molding, then attaching the panels to the fridge with strong magnets.

    Brenda McDevitt

  5. Dishwasher Cover

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    "I love to find solutions to design dilemmas—in this case, how to update my white appliances so they enhance the makeover rather than detract from it." Brenda attached beadboard to the front of the dishwasher, trimming it with 1x4s and adding a 1x8 on hinges to cover the control panel.

    Brenda McDevitt

  6. The Next Step...

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    Moving forward, Brenda will be replacing the countertops with this beautiful edge-grain counter. The dark stain contrasts with the light blue in a lovely way and will introduce another pleasing aesthetic dimension to the space.


  7. All Done


    Ta da! "The advice I would give someone considering a similar kitchen makeover is to be patient," Brenda added. "Take as long as you need to choose a color. Unless you’re using a sprayer, remove only a few cabinet doors at a time. It’s much easier to tackle the project in sections."

    Brenda McDevitt

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    Brenda McDevitt