Editors' Picks: 7 Tools to Wage War Against Leaves

In fall, we love the crisp nip in the air, the taste of freshly picked apples, and of course the vibrant hues of the changing foliage. But our enjoyment of the latter quickly gives way to woe, as we spend hours on the weekend removing leaves from the lawn. So long as you’re armed with the right equipment, however, leaf collection doesn’t need to be a backbreaking chore. These clever pieces of gear can save you both time and effort—check them out now!

  1. Pickup Rake

    Amazing Pickup Rake

    With the Amazing Pickup Rake Lightweight Ergonomic Yard Tool, you no longer need to bend and stoop over and over to clear the lawn of leaves. Really, it's three tools in one: a rake, a pickup tool, and a scoop. Undeniably ergonomic and light at 2.5 pounds, the Amazing Rake is also strong enough to handle soggy leaves. $39.99


  2. Leaf Scoops

    Gardex Leaf Scoops

    Sold by the pair and made of high-impact plastic, these giant Leaf Scoops from Gardex are great for picking up large bunches of grass, leaves, and lawn debris. Storage is a snap, too, thanks to their built-in hanging holes. $7.99


  3. Lawn Sweeper

    Lawn Sweeper

    The Lawn Sweeper holds almost twice as much as a conventional bagger, allowing you to clear the lawn quickly and easily. A patented offset hitch lets you sweep and mow at the same time. Plus, it collapses for easy storage. $299.99


  4. Garden Grabber

    Garden Grabber Pro

    In the ingenious Garden Grabber Pro, a cable-and-pulley mechanism opens and closes the circular tines so that you can rake, grab, and bag without bending or getting your hands dirty. $45.99

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  5. Gutter-Cleaning Robot

    iRobot Gutter Cleaner

    Everyone detests the seasonal rite of gutter cleaning. The iRobot Looj gutter Cleaning Robot makes the chore far less tedious (and perhaps even fun to witness). A powerful, four-stage auger blasts through tough clogs, cleaning a 30-foot section of in only five minutes. $299.99

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  6. Wet-Dry Leaf Rake

    Wet-Dry Rake

    With its wide, adjustable head, the True American Wet-N-Dry Leaf Rake by Ames effectively rakes both wet and dry leaves. Made in America, the tools features a cushioned grip and weighs just 2.25 pounds, making it a easy and comfortable to use throughout the fall season. $35.90


  7. Monster Leaf Bag

    Monster Leaf Bag

    The patented Monster Leaf Bag is up to 10 times larger than competing products and collects leaves in a fraction of the time. It can be used with five different machines: lawn tractors, commercial mowers, leaf blowers, wood chippers and lawn vacuums. $67.94


  8. Quick Cleanup

    Quick Cleanup

    The right tools make a job so much easier.


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